ATOMSTACK M50 Review – Upgraded Fixed-focus Laser Engraving at $349.99 From Banggood

ATOMSTACK M50 is ideal for amateur laser engraving usage with Higher laser power, faster engraving speed! NEW ATOMSTACK M50 50W double ultra-fine compressed spot Laser Module: can be used for laser cutting machine, laser engraving machine, CNC, DIY laser. Upgraded high-quality fixed-focus laser, no need to focus. Engraving speed is 200% higher than other 5W lasers.
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Queensland native cutting bark.

Very rare engraving from the original edition of The Illustrated Sydney News, which was published from 1854 to 1889 and included a number of high quality engravings in each issue. Each engraved illustration would take an engraver between one and … Read Full Description.

A Tea Mart in Japan.

Engraving of a tea market in Japan. From the original edition of the Illustration for The Sea by F Whymper.

Corona Engraves the Lemon Ritual onto the Bottle’s Neck

Do you really live the Corona beer experience if you don’t add a slice of lemon or lime to it? This ritual that consumers have adopted when enjoying a cold cerveza is “one of the most essential elements of the identity of Corona,” says Miguel Merino, Global Communications Director, Anheuser-Busch InBev.

Shine a Light: How Does a Laser Engraver Work?

Did you know that the first functioning laser was unveiled over half a century ago in 1960?. You may assume that lasers are a technology of the future. The good news is that the future is here. Lasers have applications in many industries, from industrial and medical to the arts.

They discover a geometric engraving made by Neanderthals

The bone of a giant deer (Megaloceros giganteus) engraved dating back 51,000 years it is the oldest ornament in the world and it shows that Neanderthals were already very concerned with aesthetics. The bone was skillfully etched with spaced markings and neatly stacked in a chevron pattern, according to the Lower Saxony State Service for Cultural Heritage in Hannover, Germany, where this artifact has been discovered.

What Is Leather Engraving?

Have you ever seen an engraved leather purse or wallet and thought, “Wow, how did they do that”? Well, the process for embedding words and designs on leather is known as leather engraving. It’s a very intricate technique that creates beautiful designs. If you’re interested in learning more about engraving...

Personalized Wedding Date Engraved Serving Tray | Wedding Gift | Wedding Favor Idea

The perfect wedding gift is the one that incorporates the couple in some way. You can get them the gift they will hold onto for years to come with a personalized wedding date engraved serving tray. These trays are high quality bamboo serving trays customized with the wedding date and the name of the bride and groom. The custom engraving allows you to add a touch of love to your gift that the bride and groom can appreciate for the rest of their life.

Weekly Quiz: What’s Known as ‘Poor Man’s Engraving’?

This is a cost-effective alternative for achieving a raised effect similar to that of engraving, which is why it’s often called “imitation engraving” or “poor man’s engraving.”. Thermography is a heat activated process. A special unit is attached to the offset press and, after the original printing process (while the...
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Cricut Metal Engraving: Make Bracelets with Your Cricut Maker

I get all sorts of questions about Cricut metal engraving. So I thought we would make some bracelets today with the Cricut Maker. This project is actually really easy and it is a great way to make personalized gifts for everyone on your list. Make your own metal cuff bracelets with any phrase or font that you would like. I am even offering up tips and tricks for locating your etching on the Cricut Maker mat so you don’t waste as many blanks.
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Buffon - 6 Woodpecker Engravings

This beautiful originally hand-colored engraving is from Georges Louis Leclerc, Comte de Buffon's Naturgeschichte der Vogel. The work was published by Joseph Brunn between 1786 to 1807 in Vienna. The plates depict birds artfully arranged on the page. Buffon's work became one of the most informative sources as far as...

Diamond Ring Crystal Award

Our Diamond Ring Crystal Award features a round piece of crystal in the shape of a ring. It includes a solid crystal diamond mounted on the top with an engraving area in the middle of the ring. This crystal award includes free engraving, free shipping & comes in a deluxe gift box!