Watch Daniel Craig's Emotional Speech From His Last Day Filming As James Bond

Throughout his career as James Bond, Daniel Craig has had his ups and downs with the pressures of playing 007. Who could blame him? Being the sixth actor in the official franchise to play Ian Fleming’s espionage hero is a mantle that comes with intense scrutiny. However, there’s also an intense pride, especially when it comes to how No Time To Die will close off the era that saw Bond become a truly modern hero. That pride caused Daniel Craig, and anyone who could fit on the set during that last night, to share an emotional moment.
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New Mexico education department launches social-emotional learning portal

The New Mexico Public Education Department announced the launch of the New Mexico Cares portal, giving parents, students and educators free access to a tool that helps better understand, teach and support social-emotional learning (SEL). “The goal is to teach students how to manage their emotions, express empathy for others...
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Houston Texans’ Marcus Cannon: The Emotion, The Rust, The Return

HOUSTON -- Marcus Cannon experienced a lot of emotions during his first game in two seasons after opting out of last season due to medical concerns amidst the first year of the coronavirus pandemic. Starting against the Jacksonville Jaguars in a 37-21 win last Sunday, the Texans’ veteran right offensive...


Flames prospect Johannes Kinnvall brings wealth of experience from Sweden's top tier. By now, Johannes Kinnvall is no stranger to these parts. His earlier, welcome-to-the-big-leagues moment came in 2019 when he arrived at Flames Development Camp as an undrafted invite. Then, he had a monster showing across the pond in the months after and parlayed that into an NHL contract the following spring.

Why Do Some Primate Mothers Carry Their Dead Infants?

Infant corpse carrying by mothers (ICC) has been observed in 80 percent of primate species for which records exist. ICC was more likely when the infant’s death was due to illness versus traumatic causes, and when the mother was younger. Infants who were younger at time of death were carried...

The Covid Requiem review – an emotional eulogy for the pandemic’s victims

We’ve read about it in the papers. We’ve seen it analysed on TV. We’ve chatted about it in Zoom meetings. But it’s only now, after 18 months, that we can give voice to our experience of Covid-19 in the company of others. For many people, the pandemic dealt a triple blow. It took away their loved ones, it prevented them being present when they were most needed, and it denied them the chance to grieve in public.

If You're Doing Any of These 5 Things, Try Self-Compassion

The act of self-compassion helps in specific recurring scenarios when one experiences emotional stuckness. Self-compassion can improve situations such as putting off a small task or being worried about offending someone. Self-compassionate actions include acknowledging all of one's emotions and giving oneself kindness for any emotional pain. Many times people...

5 Strategies to Cope With Difficult Emotions

Suppressing, avoiding, ignoring, and pushing away difficult emotions doesn't work so well for our long-term psychological health. Changing how we relate to unpleasant emotions and learning to approach our emotions mindfully can help with our long-term well-being. Asking who, what, why, where, and when with the strategies provided can help...

Emotion AI Software Market Research Report, Growth Forecast 2025

A Research study on Emotion AI Software Market analyzes and offers ideas of exhaustive research on ancient and recent Emotion AI Software market size. Along with the estimated future possibilities of the market and emerging trends in the Emotion AI Software market. The report on Emotion AI Software market is...

Thursday Guidance for September 16th, 2021: Pick A Tarot Card

Let the rain this weekend cleanse your cluttered soul. If you feel like life has been overwhelmed with work, stress, and darkness, let this be your light. You should never feel like you are closed in. Life is a beautiful thing and I hope you fill it with all the positivity you can.

[TIFF] ‘Saloum’ review: Exciting genre mash up filled with emotion & scares

Saloum is a horror movie that uses lore in the genre. The movie is about an elite group of mercenaries who become stranded in the titular tiny island community. As they attempt to ingratiate themselves to the people of the village, something far more sinister is happening right before their eyes. As the apprehension rises the trio have to make tough decisions.
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Kayliox & Rachel Woznow Drop Energetic Summer Banger, ‘Homesick’

That Homesick feeling that we’ve all experienced in our life at specific moments where we just crave the safety and comfort of home. Especially during this crazy time of the last 2 years where families and friends have been separated. Today, we have an incredible and energetic banger to capture this emotion perfectly from Canadian talent, Kayliox together with the growing catalogue of upcoming label, Tipsy Records. Kayliox and his radio friendly, deep house sound have always been favourites of ours. Matched today with the incredible and melodic songwriting of the talented Rachel Woznow. On ‘Homesick’ you can expect bouncy basslines, clean radio friendly vocals and a clean danceable drop for any summer playlist. Enjoy this great track below.

Fan captured in tears after goals at Liverpool reflects on ‘disbelief and emotion’ of the moment – video

An AC Milan fan went viral on Wednesday night after being spotted by the cameras in tears after the team took at 2-1 lead at Liverpool. The man in question is called Claudio, a 50-year-old Milan fan who was filmed crying like a child after the second goal went in right in front of the 500 Rossoneri fans who made it to Anfield for the team’s Champions League return.