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Opinion: Why Washington state needs emergency powers reform

Jason Mercier of the Washington Policy Center offers thoughts and a video on the need for emergency powers reform. Washington state ranks among the bottom for states that provide legislative oversight of executive emergency powers. What’s Washington doing wrong? We explore the problem and need for reform in this new video:
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New Carolina Journal Online Features

A new Carolina Journal Opinion explains why lawmakers interested in limiting the governor’s emergency powers might need to start thinking about 2025. Jon Sanders’ CJ Opinion reminds us that the “unvaccinated” who face so much criticism include those who are naturally immune to COVID-19.
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Senate schedules special session for extension of Gov. Lamont’s emergency powers

The Connecticut Senate has set a date for a special session on September 28, according to the Connecticut legislative website. Although there has been no formal announcement as to what the General Assembly will be considering during the special session, one issue is certain — the extension of Gov. Ned Lamont’s emergency powers.
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The perils of public-health emergencies

We all have issues that we wish Congress or our state governments would prioritize or address with the policy we “know” to be better. But marshaling emergency powers to get around deliberative democracy is corrosive and likely to make the status quo more, not less, dysfunctional. Every time politicians say “We should treat this like a public-health emergency,” the public should reflect on whether their intention is to wield power they couldn’t otherwise get. Even during an emergency, officials should not deploy their extraordinary authority in ways that the polity would reject if it had more time and knowledge. How the people are represented may be temporarily altered. The ideal of government by the people should not be.

Over half of states have rolled back public health powers in pandemic

Republican legislators in more than half of U.S. states, spurred on by voters angry about lockdowns and mask mandates, are taking away the powers state and local officials use to protect the public against infectious diseases. A KHN review of hundreds of pieces of legislation found that, in all 50 states, legislators have proposed bills […] The post Over half of states have rolled back public health powers in pandemic appeared first on Daily Montanan.

COVID-19 committee to provide greater oversight of government powers

ACT Opposition Leader Elizabeth Lee will lead a new COVID-19 select committee to increase oversight and transparency of the ACT Government’s actions. Ms Lee said the re-establishment of the committee is integral to scrutinise the emergency powers being utilised by the government, especially after the current lockdown already resulted in the loss of one ACT Legislative Assembly sitting week.
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State lawmakers asked to support Lamont, extend pandemic emergency powers

I ask my state legislators, Senator Paul Formica and Rep. Kathleen McCarty, to extend Gov. Ned Lamont’s emergency powers to respond to the coronavirus crisis. Connecticut is maintaining the battle against this deadly disease thanks to the hard and risky work of health care and essential workers, the vaccinated and those who follow Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines, and the leadership of the Lamont administration. Sensible minds have prevailed to keep our citizens safe and children out of hospitals.