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There's A New Reason To Love The Polestar 2

There are a lot of reasons to love the Polestar 2. The Swedish automaker's first EV looks great and stands out on the road next to the more common Tesla Model 3. It also has arguably the best infotainment system in the business powered by Android, and Polestar's experience with tuning Volvos means the electric sedan handles and performs like a sports car. And now there's another reason to love the Polestar 2: it now comes with two years of complimentary free fast charging.
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Can You Flat Tow EVs to Recharge Them? Yes, but There Are Asterisks

Can you flat tow an electric vehicle to recharge it? We recently put this question to electric-vehicle makers Rivian, Ford, and Lucid and got some interesting answers. Flat towing an electric vehicle (or pushing it) is no different than coasting it down a hill, as far as the EV's electronics are concerned. So the short answer to the question, "Can you flat tow an EV to recharge it?" is yes, you can. But there are some crucial asterisks.
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Sunday Drive: Volvo adds some electricity to the XC90 SUV

Our annual Rocky Mountain Driving Experience, an event put on by the Rocky Mountain Automotive Media, had us headed to Denver once again this year. It was great to get out and travel again; this was our third trip to the Mile High City since the first of the year.
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Rivian R1S Price, Specifications and Highlights

Rivian, a new electric car manufacturer based in Michigan, will release its second production vehicle in 2022, a seven-passenger Rivian R1S sport-utility vehicle. The company currently produces two electric trucks, the Rivian R1S, and the Rivian R1T. Rivian R1S Price. Rivian R1SStarting from $70,000 est. The Rivian R1S is the...

Fiat E-Ducato: Expensive electric van in the driving report

Electrically powered vans anticipate a future in which delivery services will no longer be allowed to drive into city centers with the help of an internal combustion engine. Such a scenario may seem distant to some, but I think that we are closer to it than many people suspect. Suppliers and manufacturers may be well advised to adapt to these conditions. Despite the not entirely successful start at the Post, the industry is delivering more and more offers in this direction with the Street Scooter, which it developed in-house due to the lack of alternatives. We were able to test drive the first battery-electric Fiat E-Ducato.

Ongoing Development

Our location on I-75, in the heart of the Bluegrass Region, provides access to a labor market of over 745,000 adults, and each year colleges and universities within a one-hour drive produce over 12,000 graduates. Meanwhile, our local school systems have embraced our “Work Ready Certification” to ensure that the...

Rivian’s Tank Turn Feature Has Been Delayed

Rivian is an up-and-coming automaker that’s ready to make some waves in the EV world, pickup truck, and SUV segments. Not only does the upcoming Rivian R1T have a ton of power, but it also has some cool features. Unfortunately, one of Rivian’s most remarkable features, Tank Turn, has been delayed, and it won’t be ready for launch.

Spotted: 2022 Mercedes AMG GLC 63 and 43: price, specs and release date

Spy shots have come in of the Mercedes AMG GLC 63, and it’s highly likely that it’ll share its drivetrain with the AMG C63 saloon. The alternative to the BMW X3 M and Alfa Romeo Stelvio Quadrifoglio is predicted to get a 2.0 turbocharged engine with hybrid technology. 2022 Mercedes...

Creating The Sustainable Electric Vehicle Revolution

Jim Witham is CEO of GaN Systems. Since the first mass-market electric vehicle (EV) was introduced a decade ago, the drumbeat has been loud and persistent around the social, business and environmental promise of the electrification of transportation. Yet, we’ve fallen short many times despite high hopes and the best of intentions. Revolutions are difficult.

Tracing The Ancestry of Today’s Electric Vehicles (Part 3)

This article is part of a short series on the history of electric vehicles. You can find Part 1 here and Part 2 here. Wikipedia and most other sources will state that GM’s Impact (the EV1’s prototype) grew out of GM’s Sunraycer project. This is definitely true, but the Sunraycer is just one of Impact’s parents. Before we get to that other parent, let’s talk about the Sunraycer for a bit.

ALYI Understanding The Cryptocurrency Backed EV Ecosystem Behind The EV Company

Alternet Systems, Inc. has recently announced that it expects to generate its first revenue this year from the sale of electric vehicles. Specifically, ALYI intends to generate $2 million by year end from the sale of electric motorcycles. The company yesterday announced it might add to the $2 million figure with the additional sales of three wheeled electric vehicles under a second contract.

Volkswagen ID.4 review

The ID.4 is expected to become Volkswagen's best-selling electric car around the world. Is this midsize SUV up to the task?. The ID.3 might be the ‘electric Golf’ for a new era, but the larger ID.4 is expected to be Volkswagen’s best-selling EV worldwide. It’s roughly the same size as a Tiguan SUV, albeit with more interior space and much lower running costs.

No Identity Crisis for the new VW ID.4 Electric SUV

I was getting my hair cut in Hamilton a few weeks ago when the owner came sprinting over to my chair and said, “Give me the keys.”. He’s considering what to buy for his next car and was intrigued with what I had parked in front of the salon: The Volkswagen ID.4.

Detroit Bikes E-Sparrow review: an affordable e-bike with quality parts

Bikes alone tend to cost a hefty sum, particularly if you want a quality build you can rely on throughout the years. Adding in the expensive electronics and battery of an electric bike just drives that price up further. So, the E-Sparrow from US-based Detroit Bikes offers a tempting product coming in at $1,099/£795/AU$1,462. Also note that while they do ship internationally, it could cost almost as much as the bike again to do so.