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I took a Kia electric car on a 2,000-mile road trip and here's what I learned

The all-American road trip is the last bastion of the internal combustion engine. While electric cars are seen as a valid solution for inner-city driving, taking one across the country is not something many would try, for two main reasons. First, there’s the range. Most electric vehicles give a range of figures of anywhere from 200 to 300 miles, and while that’s enough to get you between most cities in the UK, it won’t even get you out of most states in America. Then there’s the charging. Are there enough stations to keep your EV charged up on those longer journeys, or do you run out of options once you leave the safety of the city?
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Riverhead Town wants to remove electric cars from EPCAL

Riverhead Town officials plan to ask Insurance Auto Auctions to remove electric cars from the runway and taxiway at Enterprise Park at Calverton, where IAA has been storing flooded cars in the aftermath of two recent hurricanes. There were 30 electric cars at the site as of Thursday morning, officials...
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Electric scooter maker Silence unveils cheap two-seater electric car with removable batteries

Barcelona-based Silence has just unveiled its Silence S04 electric car, which will be produced in two models with varying power and speed levels. Silence is best known for multiple models electric maxiscooters, the S01, S02 and S03. The 60 mph scooters are larger than most in the industry, but now Silence is going even bigger. And adding two more wheels.

Watch: Pinanfarina Shows Off the All-Electric Sedan It Designed With Foxconn

Earlier this week, Apple manufacturer Foxconn announced it was getting into the car business with a new line of electric cars. The EV line is called Foxtron, and the most promising of the trio is the Model E luxury sedan designed by Pininfarina. Now, the legendary Italian coachbuilder is sharing a guided video tour of the upcoming battery-powered saloon, led by the brand’s chief creative officer Kevin Rice. And, while we still have plenty of questions, we’re even more intrigued by the EV than before. At a glance, the Foxtron Model E doesn’t look entirely dissimilar from Lucid’s eagerly anticipated debut...

Tesla Announces HQ Move to Austin

At a shareholder meeting on Thursday, Oct.7, Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced Tesla’s decision to relocate its headquarters from Palo Alto, California, to Austin, Texas. This announcement comes after previous statements tweeted by Musk in 2020 foreshadowing a move. “Frankly, this is the last straw,” Musk said. “Tesla will now...

This Solar Electric Car Is as Aerodynamic as the Tesla Roadster

The Tesla Roadster is set to break electric car records, assuming it’s ever produced. It’ll have the longest range of any electric car, at 620 miles per charge. And one of the factors is its coefficient of drag, which sits at just .20. Currently, the Tesla Model S has the lowest coefficient of drag for any production car, at .24. But the Lightyear solar EV matches the Tesla Roadster in terms of aerodynamic efficiency, bringing solar cars to the masses.

EVs In 60ish Seconds: This Week's Top Electric Car News, Oct. 23

It's hard to keep up with all the unique and exciting EV news popping every week. Check out some of this week's top EV headlines below. At the very least, you’ll be the smartest person at the water cooler when it comes to major headlines in the industry, and at best, you’ll win one of our free prizes!

Take A Look Inside iPhone Maker's New Electric Car

Just yesterday, we reported on three new electric vehicles that were revealed by iPhone maker Foxconn, or more specifically, its subsidiary, Foxtron. There's the Model C, an SUV akin to something like the Tesla Model Y, and the Model T, a huge bus intended for use as public transport. Finally, there's the Model E, a car that doesn't look too dissimilar from the Lucid Air luxury sedan.
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Most (and least) reliable electric cars

Electric cars are at the cutting edge of technology, but does that make them more or less prone to faults, and which are the most and least dependable models?... Electric cars are still relatively new to the mainstream, so you might be a bit worried about whether their technology can be relied on. Fortunately, the answer generally appears to be 'yes', with owners of most models rating them very highly in our 2021 Reliability Survey.

Our economy requires cars, and parking is vital for Cambridge’s struggling small businesses

Our economy requires cars, and parking is vital for Cambridge’s struggling small businesses. “The bicycle’s biggest wave of popularity in its 154-year history,” gushed Time magazine in 1970 at the start of America’s five-year love affair with the bike. “Some 64 million fellow travelers are taking regularly to bikes these days, more than ever before, and more than ever [they are] convinced that two wheels are better than four.”

Covid: Should I get rid of my car and join a car club?

You take your mobile phone out, walk up to a car, press your screen and the door opens. Yes, yes, it's 2021, we know phones can do magic, right? But here's the catch: It's not your car. The wonders of modern technology have meant that for those wanting to opt...

Foldable electric cars join emergency response fleet in Israel

An emergency medical service (EMS) group in Israel is adding hundreds of foldable electric cars to its fleet in an attempt to speed up its response times and protect its workers. Why it matters: The speed at which first responders arrive at the scene of a serious medical emergency can...
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Just Like George Jetson: Fly To Work On Your Electric Plane

The morning news is reporting terrible traffic into the city. Waze has no workaround, and you’re needed in the office for an important client meeting. “No problem,” you smile. “I’ll just fly to work.”. Literally. That’s the promise of the AIR ONE from Israeli startup AIR, which began taking pre-orders...