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Nevada Man Who Claimed Someone Voted As His Dead Wife Charged With Voter Fraud

Donald Kirk Hartle, a 55-year-old Republican voter who publicly protested a 2020 ballot being cast in his dead wife’s name, has been charged with voter fraud. The Nevada Republican Party and other conservative groups cited Hartle’s claim as proof of “widespread” voter fraud hyped by then-President Donald Trump. However, Nevada prosecutors now say that Hartle himself submitted the fraudulent ballot under his dead wife’s name.
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Opinion: Abolish the Electoral College

In 1968, republican Richard Nixon defeated democrat Hubert Humphrey to become president of the United States. In the Electoral College, Nixon defeated Humphrey 301 to 191, with American Independent George Wallace coming in third with 46. In the popular vote, Nixon only defeated Humphrey by around 500,000 votes out of...
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The Electoral College: Dysfunctional relic or stabilizing framework?

When the Electoral College was established in the 18th century, the president of the United States was to be elected by a majority of electors, not by Congress, states or a popular vote. Robert Amyot, professor of political science at Hastings College, spoke Friday about the Electoral College during a...

GOP lawmakers: National popular vote proposal would give big cities ‘veto power’ over Michigan

LANSING, MI — Awarding Michigan’s 15 electoral votes to whichever candidate wins the national popular vote in presidential elections would be “disastrous,” dozens of Republican lawmakers argue in a letter opposing a potential ballot initiative. Fifty-seven members of the Michigan House and Senate, including Republican leadership in each chamber, signed...

Michigan GOP lawmakers: National popular vote idea ‘disastrous’

LANSING, Mich. — Republican lawmakers who control the Michigan Legislature say they “vehemently reject” the plan for the battleground state to award its presidential electors to the winner of the national popular vote. Seventeen of the 20 Republicans in the state Senate and 40 of the 57 GOP lawmakers in...

57 Mich. Legislators Sign Letter Opposing National Popular Vote Compact

According to the Detroit News, 57 Michigan state legislators have signed a letter opposing efforts to effectively eliminate the Electoral College by having states sign on to the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact. The scheme, being promoted by several blue states, which award by default all the state’s electoral votes...

Ryan Williams gets official nod as BofQ election winner

Canada’s chief electoral officer Stéphane Perrault has confirmed Conservative MP Elect Ryan Williams as official winner of the Bay of Quinte riding in the Sept. 20 federal general election following the return of election writs this week in Ottawa. Story continues below. This advertisement has not loaded yet, but your...