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Stephen Colbert Celebrates Results Of Arizona Election Audit – WM Leader

On tonight’s episode of Late Night With Stephen Colbert, Colbert celebrated the results of Arizona’s election audit, reaffirming Joe Biden’s victory in the state. The late-night host described this as “a crushing humiliation for the GOP,” before summoning Steve Kornacki, political correspondent for NBC News, claiming he’d been standing by since last November. Unfortunately, nearly 10 months after the close of the election, Kornacki had withered away into nothing more than a prop skeleton, patiently waiting for these results to arrive. “I forgot to feed him!” Colbert joked.
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Idaho Lt. Gov. McGeachin wants 50-state election audit

BOISE, Idaho (CBS2) — Idaho lieutenant governor Janice McGeachin wants a nationwide election audit in all 50 states. McGeachin made the announcement on Monday -- days after Arizona finished up its election audit, which lasted six months and millions of dollars. The Associated Press reported the audit, conducted by Cyber...
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Democrats are racing to discredit Maricopa-style election audits

Welcome to The Cybersecurity 202! The Great British Baking Show is back and seems more vital then ever. Below: The Trump administration pondered hacking WikiLeaks and Germans voted under threat of a Russian cyberattack. Democrats see a new opening to halt partisan election audits. Democrats are rushing to capitalize on...

Senate spokesman: Draft audit report calling for Arizona election decertification is fake

The Arizona Senate spokesman for the Maricopa County 2020 election audit said that a draft report calling for the decertification of the November general election is fake. "This is a fake document," Senate audit spokesman Randy Pullen sent in a text message to the Arizona Capitol Times. The "fake" report in question was previously posted to conservative news site the Gateway Pundit.

Texas Secretary of State’s Office Releases New Information On Audit of 2020 Election

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – CBS 11 News is pursuing details behind the Texas Secretary of State’s decision to conduct forensic audits of the 2020 election in three North Texas counties. On Monday evening, Sept. 27, a spokesman with the Texas Secretary of State’s Office issued a statement to CBS 11 about the nature of the audit so far: “Election audits have been underway for several months to identify and remove illegally registered voters, and we refer these cases to the Attorney General’s office.” No other details were provided by the Secretary of State’s Office but a spokesman said there are more aspects of the...

Late night hosts laugh at Trump, Arizona GOP's 'crushing humiliation' in Biden-boosting audit

"You guys remember that weird election audit that the Republican-controlled Senate of Arizona hired some Stop-the-Steal folks to do in Maricopa County?" Stephen Colbert asked on Monday's Late Show. "Well, we finally got the results, and the Republican-led audit reaffirmed Joe Biden's win." In fact, he said, "this audit is a crushing humiliation for the GOP, because not only was Biden found to be the winner again, but the search for fraudulent ballots actually yielded 99 additional votes for Biden and 261 fewer votes for the former president. Wow —wow! He really did get tired of winning."

Arizona 2020 Vote Audit Finds Potentially Election-Shifting Numbers of Illegal Ballots

By The Federalist. On Friday, the Arizona State Senate released the final reports on the results of the Maricopa County Forensic Election Audit. While the reports made several significant findings supporting former President Trump’s complaints about the 2020 election, the corporate media ignored those aspects of the audit to focus instead only on the results of the hand recount. . .