'FIFA 22' vs 'eFootball 2022': Which one’s better? The (not so close) virtual soccer race

Every year soccer fans have only one question: FIFA or PES? Which game’s the best? In 2021, this question is just slightly different, as Konami thought it’s a good idea to change the franchise’s name – a move EA is apparently mulling over, too. But the core question stays the same: is FIFA 22 better than eFootball 2022, or vice versa? Virtual soccer has always been a tough challenge to pull off, but this time the answer might be a little easier, though.
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I Finally Tried eFootball — Please Don’t Make The Same Mistake

I played eFootball so you don’t have to. It’s not worth the money. I’ll admit, I was curious. With PES fully rebranding to eFootball and going free to play — something I’ve long thought FIFA should do — I was willing to give the franchise another shot. And yet, I cannot even recommend downloading this janky game right now.

FIFA 22: Why do people buy the game every year?

FIFA 22 is flying off shelves already - both physically and digitally speaking, with 9.1 million players playing the game in its opening weekend. To some, it's one of the biggest events of the year, while others really don't get the hype. The FIFA series is criticised in some circles for repackaging essentially the same game every year, with similar branding and small updates, while charging a lot of money - especially as its core demographic is a younger audience.

Konami announces first big eFootball update after fiasco

From its announcement in July, we felt that things were going to be delicate for eFootball 2022, replacing the legendary “PES” (Pro Evolution Soccer) license. Despite everything, we did not expect such a fiasco for the game’s launch a few days ago. The Japanese publisher is trying somehow to turn...

FIFA vs eFootball. A Battle On The Pitch Analysed

Well, fans of football have a duo of games out now. The competition is between EA with its latest installment in the FIFA franchise vs what was Pro Evolution Soccer and is now eFootball. The other contender is UFL hasn’t launched yet. But let’s dive into FIFA vs eFootball. FIFA...

FIFA Is Asking EA To Pay $1 Billion For Naming Rights To Football Series - Report

As many might have guessed, the reason EA and FIFA are having a difficult time coming to terms on a new agreement for the football series is money. The New York Times reports that EA and FIFA have been in negotiations for at least two years about the future of the lucrative video game series, which the site reports has brought in more than $20 billion for EA over the past 20 years. The series has paid dividends for FIFA, too, which makes about $150 million per year from EA's games due to its licensing agreement; the game is FIFA's most valuable commercial deal overall.

Pes 2021 Local Multiplayer Download Free Not Steam Game

LITE | PES - eFootball PES 2021 SEASON UPDATE Official Site. Available for download now, PES 2021 LITE gives you unrestricted access to all the features of myClub mode. In myClub, you'll build your very own dream team ... eFootball PES 2021 LITE REVEALED, AVAILABLE TO DOWNLOAD ... Updated: 5...