SOLVE Volunteers Clean up 51,000 Pounds of Trash in Downtown Portland

Portland, OR. Volunteers have collected a total of more than 51,000 pounds of litter in Downtown Portland over the past year. SOLVE’s monthly ‘Downtown Portland Cleanup Days’ started in September of 2020. More than 5,000 volunteers have pitched in during the coordinated, downtown-wide, litter cleanup effort. SOLVE officials say, “Think about it, more than 5,000 community members have worked together to lift Portland back up, one piece of litter at a time.”
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MOOCs: What are they and why are they so popular?

When recent graduates start job-searching they often realize that college didn't properly prepare them for the job market. Lacking skills required to land a job in their industry, some turn to massive open online courses (MOOCs) to fill in the gaps. MOOCs are most popular with younger generations. Almost two-thirds...
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How to Learn Python for Free

Python’s popularity has seen a massive boom in recent times, and for good reason. Python's syntax is simple and easy-to-comprehend, especially when compared to many other popular programming languages. Python boasts an exponentially growing community centered around trending technologies like data science, AI, and web development. As more companies apply...
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The Science behind MLB’s Sticky Stuff Scandal

One of Major League Baseball’s worst kept secrets is that pitchers have always used foreign substances on the ball to gain an advantage over hitters—a practice that has been against the rules since the beginning, but was rarely enforced. First they used pine tar, which helped pitchers grip the ball harder and spin it faster. Later, they graduated to a combination of rosin (a sticky powder made from pine tree sap) and sunscreen, which produced a sticky layer on a pitcher’s fingers. Today, with the advent of computer tracking technology, baseball statistical programs can home in on exactly which substances, commonly referred to as “sticky stuff,” produce the most spin on the ball. Higher spin rates resulted in what was described as a “hitting crisis” in baseball: hits plummeted and strikeouts skyrocketed, causing MLB to introduce new foreign substance enforcement rules midseason, stating that any pitcher caught using them would face a 10-game suspension. (Early results showed steep drops in spin rates from pitchers and fewer strikeouts from hitters.)
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RapidSOS Boosts Data-Sharing Power for Emergency Dispatchers

The startup RapidSOS has launched a data-sharing tool designed to help emergency dispatchers from multiple agencies communicate across platforms. The Emergency Data Exchange, or EDX, “represents a new way for RapidSOS to enable data sharing across disparate platforms and unites emergency communication center operations by providing data interoperability and a common understanding of an incident requiring multi-agency response,” wrote Jessica Reed, the company’s vice president for strategy and global partners, in an email to Government Technology.

Lane 8 Helps Usher in Fall with New Mixtape

It wouldn’t be a change of seasons without a new Lane 8 mixtape. The This Never Happened boss dropped his seasonal mixtape yesterday, after hinting it was in the works last month via social media. As usual, the mixtape delivers a beautiful blend of progressive and deep house, and highlights both well-known and up-and-coming artists off TNH, Anjunadeep, and beyond.

Senior News Line: Engage your brain with podcasts

Have you ever listened to a podcast? A podcast is a digital audio or video file that you can access from the internet. They’re often in a series that you can tune into one at a time, almost like radio on demand. They’re usually associated with a website where you can find out what’s available and a schedule for new ones.

MOOCs Market 2021 Increasing Demand, Growth Analysis, and Strategic Outlook -2026

The latest research report on MOOCs market consists discusses the future of the business sphere with respect to the sub-markets and competitive landscape. It highlights the major growth drivers and remunerative prospects of the industry over the forecast duration 2021-2026. It also mentions limitations and restraints along with methods to mitigate their impact.

Lane 8 Officially Says Goodbye to Summer with His Fall 2021 Mixtape

Lane 8 blessed fans near and far with the Fall 2021 Mixtape that ranks among our favorites of the year with three hours of fantastic tunes. It is no secret that Lane 8 has been steadily rising to new heights as he finds significant success with every new release that graces our eardrums. He’s built up a loyal and loving fanbase around the globe and fans awoke this morning to the best news possible – the arrival of the Fall 2021 Mixtape. Spanning nearly three full hours of gorgeous, progressive, and melodic house, the seasonal mixtape series is the perfect window into the mind of this esteemed producer. The seasonal mix series has become a tradition for him at this point, and after a massively successful Summer 2021 Mixtape, this fall’s edition may just be his very best yet.

TripActions launches industry-leading VIP offering

LONDON and PALO ALTO, CA - TripActions announced the launch of an exclusive Reed & Mackay-operated offering for global VIPs. Combining the user-first experience of TripActions technology with expert consultants from Reed & Mackay, the new offering is the first customer-facing collaboration from the recently joined companies and sets a new standard for modern, premium VIP corporate travel and spend.

Accelerated battery analysis through connected microscopy

Connecting different microscope types opens up completely new possibilities in quality assurance. In this way, the combination of light, X-ray, and scanning electron microscopes allows batteries for electric vehicles to be efficiently and accurately analyzed for faults. ZEISS solutions with coordinated hardware and inter-compatible data sets play a pioneering role here – and reduce previously time-consuming analysis workflows to just a few iteration steps.
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This Six-Year-Old Became The World’s Youngest AI Programmer, Thanks To Lockdown

Earlier this year, a six-year-old child from the UK was awarded a Guinness World Record for being the youngest Python programmer, thanks to the amount of time spent inside during the COVID-19 pandemic. Kautilya Katariya comes from Northampton, England, one of many areas placed under lockdown regulations which included the...
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Learn something new this fall with these great sites

Learning a new skill is a popular hobby nowadays, with people turning to online classes for cooking, business, photography, design, and more. One of the reasons these classes are so popular is that unlike in-person classes, they’re often available around the clock to suit your schedule. Early bird? No problem. Night owl? Light that candle.

TripActions launches global VIP offering

TripActions has launched a global VIP offering for its clients with the service operated by its recent acquisition Reed & Mackay. The company says the platform will offer high-end, worldwide support paired with a cloud-based technology platform and will be aimed at C-suite leaders and executives. Services offered as part...

A New Normal For Online Education

The headline appeared in the New York Times on February 21, 1994: “Computers and Phones Pave New Path to College Degree.” The article characterized how the future of the college classroom “may be no classroom at all.” It went on to describe rising demand among students for “long-distance study” (the term online education hadn’t yet entered our vernacular). Among many faculty members quoted in the article, however, there was skepticism about teaching over a computer.