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House Dem calls for course correction or GOP could win 2022 majority

The House Democrat in charge of making sure the party retains control of the chamber after next year’s midterm elections is warning that a course correction is needed or they could find themselves the minority again — with current polling showing the Democrats would lose the majority if elections were held now.
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U.S. services sector growth accelerates despite supply constraints

WASHINGTON, Aug 4 (Reuters) - A measure of U.S. services industry activity jumped to a record high in July, boosted by the shift in spending to services from goods, but businesses continued to pay higher prices for inputs because of supply constraints. The Institute for Supply Management survey on Wednesday...
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This is the most stimulus money you can possibly get in 2021

Good news: Tens of millions of Americans are getting a pretty sweet bonus year, the strained economy and ongoing coronavirus pandemic notwithstanding. It’s just that, well, the bonus isn’t coming from your employer — at least, not the bonus we’re referring to. No, this one is the sum total of all the stimulus money that the federal government is parceling out through the end of this year. Encompassing things like stimulus checks, and at least two tax credits (the earned income tax credit and the expanded federal child tax credit). It’s all part of a somewhat frantic effort by government leaders...
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Lebanese protest impunity one year on from deadly blast

Thousands of grief-stricken Lebanese on Wednesday marked a year since a cataclysmic explosion ravaged Beirut, protesting impunity over the country's worst peacetime disaster at a time when its economy was already in tatters. Mournful tunes rang out above central Beirut, as crowds walked towards the dockside, many brandishing posters demanding accountability over the disaster.
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5 Best Cupcake Places in Idaho

Cupcakes were a huge trend back in 2008-2009, their popularity soaring at the same time as a significant economic downturn hit America. For most people, treating themselves was no longer an option.

What freight rail tells us about the economy

Warren Buffett was once asked which economic indicator he would choose if he were stranded on a desert island with access to only one set of economic statistics. There are lots of indicators out there — consumer confidence, inflation and unemployment. But Buffett picked freight rail traffic. And for good...
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New bill proposes sending monthly $1,200 payments to American adults

WASHINGTON, D.C. (WTVO) — A bill proposed in Congress would send monthly payments of up to $1,200 for American adults and $600 for children, after a period of testing. The Sending Unconditional Payments to People Overcoming Resistances to Triumph (SUPPORT) proposal was introduced on Friday by progressive Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn).
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Waste collection industry struggles with staff shortages

The garbage company Waste Connections reports quarterly earnings later today. The company, with headquarters in Texas and Ontario, Canada, is one of many in the industry finding itself short on help. It’s snake season in Shreveport, Louisiana, and the reptiles are loving all the bulk trash lingering on curbs for...
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US Stocks, Oil Prices Stumble As Jobs Report Disappoints

Wall Street and oil prices slipped on Wednesday as a disappointing private US jobs report and the coronavirus Delta variant weighed on investor sentiment. European stock markets closed higher but the Dow fell after a report showed that hiring by American firms had been far smaller than expected in July.
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The legacy of Enron in California’s power challenges today

The term “rolling blackouts” is commonly used now. But it has a history — one that involves Enron, the energy giant that ended up in scandal two decades ago. Steve Weissman was on a camping trip in central California when he learned that the president of the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) was urgently trying to reach him.
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Tunisia is on the Brink of a Civil War that Could Be Disastrous for Europe

ROME—A few months after the Arab Spring kicked off in a market square in Tunisia in late 2010, the blue wooden boats started dotting the horizon of the Mediterranean Sea. They were headed for the island of Lampedusa, a tourist enclave that has since become synonymous with Europe‘s disastrous approach to migration. More than 20,000 refugees crossed the sea in just two months, and then things got worse. As the Arab Spring burned its way across North Africa, the boats started coming from different directions: Libya, Egypt and then Syria. By the end of 2011, nearly 130,000 people had made it to Italy. The years that followed saw an uptick in irregular migration and the death of more than 10,000 people desperately trying to cross the sea. The carcasses of dozens of boats, many still strewn with clothing and water bottles with Arabic writing, dotted the island’s coastline as Italy begged Europe for help and Europe largely ignored not only Italy but the crisis at large.
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These 2 Wednesday Winners Prove the Value of Diversification

Markets were mixed on Wednesday morning. Earnings reports lifted some stocks. Two in particular from very different parts of the market showed the value of diversification in your portfolio. The stock market remained choppy on Wednesday morning, as investors tried to figure out whether they should start to pull back...
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'It's Exploded' An Interview with Ember Sword's Loren Roosendaal

Ember Sword’s Land Sale has finally come to a close, but for Bright Star Studios, their work has just begun. In an interview with Founder and Executive Producer, Loren Roosendaal, we leave no aspect of the land sale untouched, from the initial and ongoing funding of the project, to when players can expect to get their virtual feet on the ground of Solarwood.

Corsair Stock Is Cheap, Here Is Why

Corsair Gaming reported second quarter earnings on August 3. The company, which has been gaining popularity on the main Reddit forums, posted results that lagged analysts’ expectations. However, Wall Street Memes believes that Corsair stock (CRSR) - Get Report might be attractively priced, after being down 25% for the year...
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Amazon Now Offers Free One-Day Brazil Delivery

Amazon has rolled out free one-day delivery to Brazilian Prime members in 50 cities across the Latin America hotspot. With the offering, Amazon stays in the lead in its battle for retail customers across the region with would-be rivals like Mercado Libre and Magazine Luiza. Free one-day shipping for Prime...