Pound hits all-time low against dollar

The pound has plummeted to its lowest level against the dollar in history, falling more than 4 per cent, as the markets responded to the announcement of Britain’s biggest tax cuts in 50 years.Sterling tumbled to $1.035 on Monday in early Asia trading before it regained some ground to a 20-year low of $1.05 before recovering further to $1.075 just after 10am this morning.The drop brought the Sterling to its lowest level against the dollar since decimalisation in 1971.The collapse of the pound comes after chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng hinted that more tax breaks could come after his mini-Budget on...
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Recession clouds gather in Germany, Europe's largest economy

FRANKFURT, Germany (AP) — Europe’s largest economy is sending recession signals. Germany’s key future indicator, the IFO survey of business confidence, pointed down for the fourth month in a row as high inflation fed by astronomical natural gas prices undermines consumer pricing power and imposes heavy costs on businesses. The index compiled by the Munich-based Ifo institute dropped to 84.3 in September from 88.5 in August, to its lowest level since the global financial crisis more than a decade ago. “High energy and commodity prices are weighing on demand and putting pressure on profit margins,” said Carsten Brzeski, chief eurozone economist at ING bank. “Companies can no longer pass through higher costs to consumers as easily as in the first months of the year.”

This Has Not Happened Since 1929

U.S. monetary policy continues to tighten while signs of recession are abound and a major speculative bubble unwinds. This was last attempted in late 1929 and exacerbated the ensuing stock market crash. History Doesn't Repeat Itself, but It Often Rhymes. - Mark Twain. We find ourselves in the midst of...

An uncertain economy threatens startups–but caution and pessimism have no place in the tech industry

President and CEO of the Consumer Technology Association Gary Shapiro delivers a keynote address at CES in January 2022. New businesses are the secret sauce for economic growth, catalyzing innovation, and shaking up industries. Globally, startups create nearly $3 trillion in value (more than the GDP of France) and attract billions in venture capital funding. And it’s not just about the money. Startups are also responsible for driving tech advances that make our lives easier, safer, and more productive.

NYC’s economy is growing. So why is Mayor Eric Adams bracing for a fiscal crisis?

Eric Adams, Mayor of New York City speaks on stage during The 2022 Concordia Annual Summit - Day 1 at Sheraton New York on September 19. Adams is bracing for a "financial typhoon" whose impact is impossible to predict. An array of uncertainties threaten to slow or thwart the ongoing recovery and drive up the city’s budget shortfalls in the coming years. [ more › ]
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Kerr: 7th District race is a new ballgame

How did over 200,000 residents of Prince William County, and several hundred thousand more in Stafford County and points farther south and west, end up in Virginia’s 7th Congressional District?. It’s also fair to ask, “How many of these voters even know that they’re in a new district?” And,...

In Business: Stearns Bank community development coordinator appointed to state board

Stearns Bank Community Development Coordinator Mohamed Farah has been appointed to the Minnesota Emerging Entrepreneur Board. The board "works to reduce disparities in small business ownership by people in minority groups, diversify the Minnesota economy and help shape the Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development programming," Stearns Bank said in a press release. ...

Pa. lawmakers can, and should, create pathways to work for the formerly incarcerated | Opinion

Flagger Force employs over 1,000 workers across Pennsylvania who bring diverse backgrounds, ethnicities, and experiences, including a significant number who are justice-involved. As a believer in fair chance employment and giving individuals who want to work the opportunity to do so, I support the bipartisan House Bill 1826, sponsored by Rep. Sheryl Delozier, R-Cumberland.

The resurrection of Hiware Bazar

As a young boy in the 1970s, Vishwanath Thange knew hunger. He usually lived on one meal a day, not enough when you’re working construction. But Thange had to take the work — or starve. He was born in Hiware Bazar, a village tucked deep inside the western Indian state of Maharashtra. Back then, the hamlet was a crime-ridden backwater, desperately poor and largely abandoned by government agencies. Thange’s family owned seven acres, but chronic drought prevented them from growing food to eat or sell. So Thange left, when he was 15, to look for work in nearby cities. About 20 years ago, he returned to Hiware Bazar, and today he is one of the 89 farmers there who have assets worth more than a million Indian rupees — a fortune in a country where 90 percent of the population makes less than 300,000 rupees a year. In the past 25 years, every farmer in Hiware Bazar has prospered, says Thange. “Today,” he says, “not a single person goes to bed hungry.”

Danny De Gracia: Time To Stop Making Excuses And Just Get Started Already

When I think about the many problems we have here today in Hawaii, I can’t help but find my mind always drifting back to my time as a young boy growing up in Guam. Childhood experiences, if we pay attention to them, can often teach us important lessons when we become adults. And unlike many of my fellow GenXers, one thing I escaped the wild 1980s and ’90s without ever experiencing as a youth was a broken bone.

Next Big Altcoin Gem! Bigger than StepN.

Imagine this. Most trending concept + 100 million existing users But something can’t be new if 100 million people are using it, right? But in this case yes. The app is not new, but the token and your chance to invest in the project it is now. It could be a huge potential opportunity.