El Alamein, Dresden and a cold war spy: the incredible life of Victor Gregg

I first met Victor Gregg on a freezing afternoon in 2009 when we were to talk about his experiences in the second world war. He was 90 and had sent me an email saying he would pick me up at Winchester station. When I arrived there was no sign of him. After 10 minutes a car parked up the road flashed its lights. It was Vic practising a routine he had learned more than 50 years earlier in the Western Desert, when Rifleman Gregg was assigned to Vladimir Peniakoff, the founder of “Popski’s Private Army”, a unit of British special forces. Vic’s job was to drive thousands of miles, alone, through the dunes, carrying stores and intelligence to Popski’s contacts. Vic said Popski had told him: “Before you go in, suss out how you are going to get out.” This was a life lesson for Vic, I had just been “sussed out” by him before going further.
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Book to feature haunted tale of Gretchen’s Lock

EAST LIVERPOOL — East Liverpool business owner Brian K. Little is expanding his skills with age. After establishing a successful lawn mower repair service, he has developed his inner artist. Brian’s mother Mildred witnessed her son explore drawing, carving sculptures and crafting knives. Now, Little can say he is a...
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10 Scary Realities Of Corporate eLearning [eBook Release]

What's More Frightening Than Missed eLearning Opportunities?. Forget about things that go bump in the night. eLearning Designers have more horrifying things to worry about, like learner boredom, cognitive overload, and extended seat time. Fortunately, this eBook is here to bring the most common eLearning terrors into the light and provide tips to avoid them at all costs.
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‘Just unsubscribed from this newsletter’ and other tales from my inbox

This is an adaptation of Looking Forward, a weekly email from our editor-in-chief sent on Friday afternoons. Sign up here to get the Forward’s free newsletters delivered to your inbox. Download our free printable eBook about the Pew study of American Jews. The email arrived at 2:07 p.m. last Friday,...

Vivial Launches eBook to Help Local Businesses Improve Facebook Ad Campaigns This Holiday Season

Vivial Launches eBook to Help Local Businesses Improve Facebook Ad Campaigns This Holiday Season. With holiday eCommerce sales expected to rise another 11.3% this holiday season, local businesses need to make finding ways to promote and sell their products online a top priority this year. Facebook Ads are one of the best avenues to capitalize on this trend and make sure local businesses are front and center while consumers research, browse, and shop this holiday season.

SplashChristo Releases New eBook Titled, ''Christo Clear Combative Concepts''

SplashChristo is an up and coming artist who has been gaining popularity lately with a new song on all digital streaming platforms like Spotify and Apple Music. Recently, SplashChristo has released an ebook called "Christo Clear Combative Concepts " which is about self protection stray pieces, contentious strategies, basics, moving perpetually, looking at other hand to hand battling styles using your body and not having a particular style.

Virtual, in-person events lined up for library week

The Timmins Public Library is excited to celebrate Ontario Public Library Week (OPLW) from Oct. 17 to 23, 2021. The week was proclaimed by Mayor George Pirie in Council Chambers on Oct. 13. We encourage all residents who don’t already have a library card to drop in and register for a membership, free of charge. Celebrate with us at both branches of the Library for a chance to win amazing prizes. One card, one million possibilities.

Are You Audit-Ready? How To Deliver A Seamless And Scalable Compliance Training Program [eBook]

Launch A Scalable Compliance Training Program For Your Team. Compliance training is often perceived as a "necessary evil" in the corporate world. Every organization must maintain compliance to avoid costly fines and keep their staffers safe. However, these training programs are usually dread worthy for employees who already have a lot on their proverbial plates. They may not have time to complete everyday tasks, let alone participate in hour-long courses that bore them to tears. That's where this eBook comes into play. It can help you create scalable compliance training programs that provide a seamless experience for your team and equip you with the insights you need. Not to mention, empower and engage your remote workforce.

Why (and how) to use mind maps for online teaching

COVID-19 has directly affected 90% of the world’s students. The complete shift to online classrooms has, arguably, been the most significant challenge for teachers and students. This eBook will explore the side effects of this shift to online teaching and highlight the challenges and potential solutions. Read more to learn...

The Gut-Started Guide Review: Real Digestive Gut Health eBook?

When you have good gut health, your intestinal bacteria are in perfect balance and working correctly. Conversely, numerous health issues might be triggered when the gut flora is out of balance. As per well-known Greek health physician Hippocrates:. “All diseases begin in the gut.”. Many chronic metabolic diseases have their...

Evolving strategies to win the war on opioids (eBook)

In this eBook, we explore the scope of the epidemic by looking at the evolving tactics of law enforcement response to the opioid crisis — Sponsored byThermo Fisher Scientific. While COVID-19 became public health enemy number one in 2020, a familiar foe continued to claim thousands of lives. Over 81,000...

Gardening Resources from our Ebook Collections

Learning how to garden this fall? Check out an ebook from our digital collections to help get you started! Here are some of our picks, available in either the Greater Phoenix Digital Library or our cloudLibrary Digital collection. Visit the Downloadables and Apps page for more details about using the library on your phone, tablet, or computer.

How Did Jeff Lerner Make His Money?

Jeff Lerner made his money through entrepreneurship. He has started multiple online based businesses and raised them to be on the Inc. 5000 (most recently Entre Institute). Jeff Lerner is an internet marketing entrepreneur who began his internet business initially to help others. It was then a high risk business in terms of being profitable due to its all-important subject matter. Jeff Lerner however has since broadened into various other niches too. In this article, I take a look at how he is doing so and how you can succeed, too!

Discover the best success stories of Digital Transformation in Spain [eBook gratis]

Our colleagues at MCPRO have published the second edition of a free eBook where they review the best success stories of Digital Transformation in Spain in 2021. After a first edition in which they reflected how companies had been forced to accelerate their digitization processes to ensure their business continuity processes, in this second we verified how companies have invested more resources in establishing and maturing them, orienting them to the improving your competitiveness.

News Round-up Week Ending 15 October 2021

Here’s a small selection of the horror and genre news that caught our eye during the last week …. October Nights, featuring four interconnected Halloween-themed stories by Kevin Lucia, coming 22 October from Crystal Lake Publishing. Halloween is a night when anything seems possible. This is true everywhere, but nowhere...

Free English Book For Children | Download free Fiction, Health, Romance and ... is the internet's #1 source for free eBook downloads, eBook resources & eBook authors. Read & download eBooks for Free: anytime!. pinkmonkey.com460+ Free Book Summaries and Study Guides. Updated: 5 hours ago. Oct 18, 2019 · The World's largest library...

$35 Amazon find gives you 4 power outlets without an ugly power strip

We had no idea how excited people out there get about cable management solutions. Seriously, it’s pretty crazy. We recently told our readers about an awesome device called the Sleek Socket, and they totally flipped out. As a matter of fact, thousands of BGR Deals readers swarmed to get their hands on this brilliant device. Power strips are popular on Amazon, but definitely not this popular. The Sleek Socket plugs into any standard wall outlet. Then, a single cable runs down to a power strip with four or more outlets. This way, you can eliminate all those cumbersome cables sticking out of your wall and hide them behind a piece of furniture. you can also do the same thing on your kitchen counter and hide the cable behind an appliance.