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Collard & Rice Dumplings with Mamba 9 Sauce

To the African Diaspora, Collards Mean Prosperity & Good Health. I am always taken aback when people use judgment-laden terms such as greasy, unhealthy, fatty or "eat with caution" when talking about traditional African American foods or our diet (relating to the cuisine that has evolved from enslaved Africans in pre-emancipation America). Phrases such as "slave food" absolutely make my skin crawl, because although many of the foods that are consumed by African Americans were sustenance for enslaved people, those foods were—and still are—a source of nutrition for all races throughout the entire world. When movies like Soul Food, based upon an African American family in Chicago, are seen by non-African Americans, many of them note how many dishes were deep-fried or looked as if they were drowning in gravy. Yet this movie is only a single small peek into the African American diet and the way food is truly consumed in its communities. African American cuisine is not monolithic, after all.
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The Art of Asado with Chef Sebastián Benítez

Cooking with fire is an essential part of Argentina’s culture. By emulating his mentor Francis Mallmann, chef Sebastián Benítez is sharing his country’s traditions at Faena Miami Beach’s Los Fuegos restaurant The post The Art of Asado with Chef Sebastián Benítez appeared first on Aventura Magazine..
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Environmental Benefits of a Plant-Based Lifestyle

There are a variety of environmental benefits associated with a plant-based lifestyle. Worldwide, food production is responsible for 30% of human-generated greenhouse gas emissions. Meat has been identified as the food source that produces the most greenhouse gas. Studies show that decreasing meat consumption could reduce greenhouse gas emissions while also improving overall health outcomes and reducing chronic disease.
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Here's how we fell in (and out of) love with bacon

It's no secret that bacon — America's must-have breakfast staple — continues to dominate both our cravings and wildest food dreams. Take it from television host and celebrity food expert Padma Lakshmi, who shared online that the smell of cooked bacon was enough to send her "whole household into a frenzy."

The Health Benefits of Jackfruit Will Inspire You to Eat More of It

In the last few years, the vegan community has quickly adopted the jackfruit as one of their own. However, it's actually been eaten by certain cultures for hundreds of years. Not only does it somehow mimic meat in sandwiches, tacos, bowls, and more, but eating jackfruit also comes with a slew of health benefits. It's easily become a staple in many people's weekly meal rotations, because of its versatile nature as well as the advantages that come with consuming it.

The Future of Food Is Vegan

The future of food doesn’t involve slashing the throats of chickens while their eyes are open and their wings are flapping, mother cows crying out when someone takes their babies away, or flaying open fish while they struggle to breathe. That’s because all signs point to a vegan future! We’re fast approaching a world in which plowed farmland will be restored and biodiversity will be re-established. What may sound to some like a benevolent person’s utopian dream is edging its way into reality: Vegan eating is the future of food.

Foods to Avoid With Diverticulitis

Research shows the foods you eat may affect your chances of developing diverticulitis. Certain foods may worsen or improve symptoms, such as abdominal discomfort, constipation, diarrhea, or gas. Specific diet recommendations depend on your symptoms or if you are trying to prevent a diverticulitis flare. A healthy diet high in...

Plant-based meats often lack essential nutrients, and can be high in sugar, study finds

Plant-based meats have become more popular in recent years, with consumers being able to find alternatives to everything from hot dogs to breakfast sausages. And though plant-based meats are generally considered the healthier option, they sometimes lack nutrients found in their meat equivalents, a new study found. In testing 132...
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Smashburger's New Jackfruit Burger Tastes Like Another Popular Veggie Patty

Like many industries, the plant-based meat business is in free fall. The two big names in plant-based protein, Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods, have been laying off workers amid dwindling sales. Bloomberg went as far as to declare their products “just another fad.”. Plant-based business may not be booming,...
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As Early as Day 3 on a WFPB Diet, I Noticed I Had So Much More Energy

I grew up believing that eating meat was necessary. I was encouraged to follow the family traditions and not question them. Why would I? Everyone around us was eating the same foods. My diet consisted of red meat, chicken, fish, eggs, lots of saturated fat, butter and buttermilk, obscene amounts of sugar, and just a handful of vegetables.

Replacing red meat with other protein sources may prevent heart disease, death

Scientists from Soochow University and elsewhere found that replacing red meat with other protein sources may prevent heart disease and early death. Red meat is commonly red when raw and has a dark color after it is cooked, in contrast to white meat, which is pale in color before and after cooking.

30 Traditional Pakistani Food In Pakistan You Must Try

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Spring 23 New Releases

Here’s everything new that’s coming to a bookstore near you this season from all our imprints: Sasquatch Books, Spruce Books, and Little Bigfoot. From the author of This Life of Mine and This Family of Ours comes a new keepsake legacy journal, My Baby’s Book. This gorgeously crafted book provides a place for a proud parent or grandparent to record and reserve the memories, moments, and milestones of a new baby’s arrival—beyond the first year! Something truly special that will be cherished throughout their life.

Yoga & Veganism: How Meditation Made Me Quit Meat Forever

I grew up in the epitome of a midwestern home. Meat and potatoes every night for dinner. My uncle was a dairy farmer and my family wouldn’t dare stray outside of their comfort zone, especially when it came to food. If there wasn’t meat on the table, it wasn’t a balanced meal.