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Commentary: Is eating meat the new smoking?

In vintage films, deadly cigarette smoke wafts through the glitz, glamour and gray tones like a poisonous fog. But that was considered normal. Smoking was once a popular activity endorsed by doctors. Times change — but not without resistance. The world’s biggest tobacco companies notoriously conspired to deceive the public...
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Grilled Ribeye

Here are all the tricks I’ve learned for making the perfect grilled ribeye steak, after making hundreds and hundreds of them. Follow these tips for the most juicy, tender, and flavorful beef!. There is truly no greater food on Earth than a perfectly grilled or smoked piece of beef, and...
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“Two years ago if you would have asked me, ‘Would you become a vegetarian?’ I would’ve been like, ‘You’re crazy! I love meat!’ … I am not eating meat at all, and I feel amazing. … My cholesterol is stable …. My head is clearer, I sleep better, my energy is where it needs to be.”
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Easy ways to cut down on your meat consumption and fight food waste

The Covid-19 pandemic has forced the climate crisis into sharp focus – and with that, our diet. The strong link between food consumption and climate change carries inevitable implications for our dietary habits. Without drastic changes to what we consume, our current food production systems will not be able to feed the mounting world population which is expected to reach 10 billion by the year 2050.Food production accounts for a quarter of global greenhouse gas emissions, and as it stands, about a third of the world’s food goes to waste. Tons of vegetables, fruits, grains and animal products are spoiled...
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New Documentary Hopes to Bring Vegans and Meat-Eaters Together

The rise of veganism in recent years has been matched by an increase in documentaries that highlight the various reasons why we should stop eating animals. Almost simultaneously, meat has become a central tenet of today’s climate culture wars, meaning conversations surrounding animal products are eliciting increasingly heated reactions. Meat...

The Case for Beef

The narrative on beef is constantly changing. From paleo to veganism, we are continually told conflicting information about the healthiness of beef and whether or not it should be in our diets. Former vegetarian and environmental lawyer turned rancher, Nicolette Hahn Niman, makes the following case for beef: “I also...

Zoglo’s Incredible Food Corp IPOs to pursue global meat substitute vision

Zoglo’s Incredible Food Corp has listed on the Canadian Stock Exchange under the CSE:ZOG ticker. The newly listed company is entering the fast growing marketing for viable meat alternatives, with plants afoot for expansion and white label partnerships in Europe and North America. Zoglo’s will be leveraging already established Israeli...

Beyond Meat boss Ethan Brown calls for tax on eating meat

Ethan Brown, the founder and CEO of US alt-meat company Beyond Meat, has said he is in favour of taxing meat consumption. In an interview with UK broadcaster the BBC, Brown argued such a levy could encourage people to cut their consumption of animal-based products. Brown argued he is in...
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Meat Is A Liberal Issue. It Shouldn’t Be.

The political discourse around meat consumption has become increasingly polarized in recent decades. And given that cattle production in 2021 is forecasted to represent a whopping 17 percent of the $391 billion in total cash receipts for agricultural commodities, no wonder meat is a politically charged topic. Reducing the consumption...

4 Easy Ways to Eat Greener for a Leaner Body

The link between a plant-based diet and a leaner, healthier body is well-established. You can take one look at BodyRock Trainer Edith, above, and see that for some people, the plant-based lifestyle is the only way to go!. Plant-based diets have been linked to faster metabolisms, less body fat and...

The Ancestral Diet: Should You Eat Like A Caveman?

The Ancestral Diet (or variations of it) is quietly becoming more popular…but does that mean you should eat like a caveman?. That doesn’t mean adopting poor table manners and spit roasting a freshly caught mammoth over the fire you patched together with flint and straw, but should you be eating what your ancestors ate? After all, the human body evolved in a world without Pop-Tarts and Cheetos.

Environmental concerns drive college student protein choices

55% of surveyed students have tried a meat alternative. Poultry brands can help ease Generation Z’s concerns about the environmental impact of the global food supply chain by sharing more information about sustainability and animal welfare goals with consumers. “College students are still interested in eating meat. They’re interested in...
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The Boneless Butcher took Texas barbecue and made it vegan

C rystal Gomez started experimenting with fake-outs a few years ago, after becoming vegan in 2017. “My husband started out vegan with me and fell off the wagon because he felt like he was missing something from his diet,” she says. “So he started eating meat again on the weekends.”
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Quorn champions nuggets with back-to-school campaign

The campaign will launch on 23 August and include a 30-second TV advert and in-store and social media activity, designed to “encourage people to think more about their protein choices”. It is set to reach more than 22 million shoppers throughout September and October. Gill Riley, marketing director at Quorn...