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Madden 23 Servers Down: How to Check

Madden 23 is one of EA Sports biggest games each year. The NFL game always has a lot of fun modes for players with many involving online play. Some of those modes include Ultimate Team and online versus going up head to head against an opponent. With the more popular modes in Madden 23 involving online play, what happens when the servers are down?
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FIFA 23 Serie A Player of the Month: November POTM winner & SBC requirements

EA Sports have revealed the November POTM winner for the FIFA 23 Serie A Player of the Month, and here’s how to complete the SBC. FIFA 23 continues to dish out rare Ultimate Team items, and the POTM SBCs are a great way to bolster your squad. Serie A teams played key fixtures in November and EA Sports have revealed the winner for the Serie A POTM.
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When is EA’s College Football Game Coming Out?

EA Sports has a new major football game coming out in the near future, but this time it isn't Madden. EA Sports hasn't released a college football game since 2013, with the release of NCAA Football 14. Up to that point, EA Sports NCAA games were a normal occurrence, but since then there hasn't been a release. As it stands, players might have to wait a bit longer before the next EA college football game comes out.
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Madden 23 Cyber Monday 2022 Deals

Target - $29.99. Every deal is different for each version of the game, from the Xbox to the PlayStation, but the best time to buy is definitely now. Madden 23 has some of the biggest players available around the league in their game, with roster updates coming out each week.
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Madden 23 Harvest Ultimate Team Pack: How to Claim

Madden 23 always has some fun giveaways and rewards available for players to keep them entertained throughout the season. EA Sports constantly updates its latest Madden game, providing fans with additional content to keep them entertained. For Thanksgiving, they recently had a turducken reward available in the game to take your Madden Ultimate Team to the next level. This time around, an exclusive Harvest Ultimate Team Pack has been made available for players to claim.

Best video games Christmas 2022 gift ideas for gamers

The Holiday season is nearly upon us. We’re sure you’re already looking forward to spending quality time with your loved ones and eating all the delicious food you will prepare. In case you’re still not done with your gift shopping, we’re here to help you. Remember, video games for a Christmas 2022 present are an excellent idea if one of your loved ones is a gamer.

FIFA 23 World Cup Swap tokens: How to achieve all 40 tokens released in November

World Cup Swaps have been an incredible addition to FIFA 23 Ultimate Team, providing gamers with an engaging and rewarding way to play and grind gameplay. It revolves around the concept of earning tokens by completing objectives in FUT and redeeming them for various untradeable rewards through the FIFA 23 menu.These rewards can be pack-based or in the form of untradeable special player items, including World Cup Icons like Patrick Vieira and Cafu.

EA limits FIFA 23 to 10 games per hour

Controversy hits the FIFA 23 community this Monday (28), along with eight new World Cup tokens in Ultimate Team mode. EA Sports has limited the number of friendly matches to complete the World Cup objectives. Now you can only play 10 games per hour. Consumers did not like the decision.

EA patent AI system for banning players for teaming up with enemies

Electronic Arts is going full old school by patenting an AI system that prevents players from befriending opponents. The "Detecting Collusion in Online Games" patent will potentially ban players for teaming up with enemies. QUICKTAKE: View the short-form version of this news or swipe up to keep reading. Exputer pointed...