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‘You don’t look disabled’: UC Berkeley students with disabilities grapple with being seen, understood

“Feel better soon,” said one UC Berkeley professor to campus School of Social Welfare graduate student Rosa Enriquez upon discussing her disability. Amid the flurry of hellos and farewells exchanged by students and instructors are a general unawareness and misconception about disability, according to Enriquez. Crossing visual boundaries, disability...
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She built her business on Amazon. She’s suing because she says Amazon made it impossible.

In May 2019, Ahaji Amos set up in a limited liability corporation to create a delivery company for Amazon packages in Durham, North Carolina. Nearly three years later, Amos is suing Amazon Logistics, alleging that the company misled her about the potential for success in the partnership and claiming that Amazon designed the program to make it nearly impossible for the LLC to be profitable or independent.
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Double Homicide Investigation Continues as Families Mourn

GEORGETOWN, Del. - Two families are united and seeking for justice after the deadly shooting at El Nopalito restaurant that took the lives of Armando Vicente Chilel Lopez of Georgetown and 28-year-old Honorio Velasquez of Bridgeville. Chilel Lopez only had an aunt and cousins in the area as his mother...

Texas Health and Human Services Commission offering $5,000 hiring bonuses for certain health care positions

AUSTIN, Texas (KWTX) - The Texas Health and Human Services Commission is offering hiring bonuses for certain positions at state hospitals and supported living centers. The commission is offering up to $5,000 for registered nurses (RN) and licensed vocational nurses (LVN) at SSLCs and state hospitals, as well as psychiatric nursing assistants (PNA) at state hospitals and direct support professionals (DSP) at SSLCs.

Michael ‘Blue’ Williams Resurrects Family Tree for New Management and Record Label

Michael “Blue” Williams is resurrecting his company Family Tree Entertainment with a new management and full-service record label called Family Tree Services. The new venture is in partnership with Outback Presents. Specializing in artist management with a focus on artist development, the label’s services includes music production, DSP...
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New DSP PLatform For Eurorack Modules

Electrosmith announces Daisy Patch Submodule 26/01/22. Electrosmith have announced the Daisy Patch Submodule, a new DSP platform which the say promises to reshape the Eurorack landscape with powerful, high fidelity audio products. They tell us that the Daisy Patch Submodule builds upon the successful Daisy Kickstarter campaign with a new dev board specifically catered to the creation of Eurorack modules. Here's the details that they have supplied...

Solid State Logic launches Fusion Transformer coloration effect plugin

Solid State Logic has completed the Fusion Plug-in family with an emulation of the 600-ohm, 1:1-wound under-damped transformer found in the critically acclaimed Fusion analog coloration hardware. The SSL Fusion Transformer plugin offers a unique combination of high-frequency phase-shift, harmonic distortion and natural low-frequency roll-off. The controls and parameters of...

#FullKick Lyrical | Khiladi​ Songs | Ravi Teja, Meenakshi Chaudhary | Ramesh Varma | DSP

Watch & Enjoy #FullKick Lyrical Song From #Khiladi​ Movie. #Raviteja​ #MeenakshiChaudhary #RameshVarmaPenmetsa #DeviSriPrasad Singers: Sagar & Mamta Sharma Lyrics: Shreemani Keyboards: Vikas Badisa, Benny R Rhythm: Kalyan Frets: Subhani Brass: Babu & Maxi Live Rhythms: Laxmi Narayana & Raju Chorus: Abhishek Album Mixed & Mastered by A. Uday Kumar @ "Brindavan–The Garden Of Music" Album Recorded by A. Uday Kumar, T. Uday Kumar & Suresh Kumar Taddi. Orchestra In-Charge: Murugan Studio Asst: Pugalendhi, Dhinakaran V, R Raja Album Co-ordinator: B. Manikandan Production House: A Studios Movie Name: Khiladi Producers: Satyanarayana Koneru, Ramesh Varma Penmetsa Hero: Raviteja Heroines: Meenakshi Chaudhary, Dimple...

DMP Audigent Tests A New ID As It Aims To Face The Cookieless Future

Cookieless tech is coming out of the woodwork. With third-party cookies on the road to nowhere, data management platform Audigent has been working to develop its own cookieless identifier, which it’s calling the Hadron ID. Audigent hopes the new identifier will keep the company competitive in a world where DMPs are being supplanted by customer data platforms.

TASCAM Announces Availability of its Portacapture X8 Multi-Recorder

Santa Fe Springs, CA – January 2022… TASCAM is pleased to announce the availability of its recently announced Portacapture X8 High Resolution Adaptive Multi-Recorder. Featuring 192kHz/32-bit float point recording technology, a 3.5 inch color touchscreen display for enhanced operational visibility, large format internal detachable mics to accommodate a variety of recording applications, six setup modes each with instant optimized settings, internal 8-track recording, and more, the new Portacapture X8 provides the new standard for portable multitrack recording, podcasts, music capture, voice capture for interviews and vlogs, and field recording to name a few applications.

Woman who ran package delivery for Amazon files lawsuit over its labor standards

On Monday, former Amazon delivery contractor Ahaji Amos filed a lawsuit against Amazon over fair standards of labor. According to Protocol, Amos had filed the lawsuit after setting up a corporation in North Carolina to deliver packages for Amazon and alleged that Amazon made it impossible for her corporation to become profitable or independent due to its unrealistic performance standards.

OSD Black Trevoce 12 EQ DSP Subwoofer Review

OSD Audio’s powerhouse Trevoce 12 delivers deep bass from a compact cube. And with onboard DSP and app-based control, users can tune the sub’s output for best performance in their listening space. OSD Audio is a maker of many audio-related things, its extensive product line covering most bases...

Electrosmith Intros $40 Platform For Creating DSP-Based Eurorack Modules

Has introduced a new DSP platform for building high-fidelity audio modules, the Daisy Patch Submodule. The Daisy Patch Submodule is a DSP platform for Eurorack synthesizer modules. It features a fast STM32 processor, high fidelity stereo audio codec, and enough RAM to allow 10 minute long buffers – all with standard signal levels and conditioning for the Eurorack ecosystem.

TikToker arrested for using police van for video clip

Lodhran police on Wednesday arrested a TikToker for using an empty van of Punjab police to make a video clip for social media. According to the 24News HD TV channel, the police traced the social media activist through his viral video account. The report said that the accused stood over...

Gunmen abducts expatiate, kills police orderly in Edo

An expatriate attached to Hartland construction company has been allegedly kidnapped by unknown gunmen while his orderly was killed. The incident occurred on Monday evening at the Idegun Secondary School in Etsako West local government area. The gunmen were alleged to have stormed the Idegun Community in the Anwain clan,...

SDR Cube Transceiver

Portable, standalone SDR transceiver for SSB, CW and AM using embedded digital signal processing. with a Softrock as the RF front end for QRP operation. Live bandscope, high-performance T-R switching,. multiple VFOs & memories, General Coverage Receive and bandswitching control are among the many advanced features. Expansion port supports external...