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3 Super-Flattering Makeup Hacks To Hide Crow’s Feet—They Work So Well!

Makeup can provide a number of functions within your life: to improve your confidence, transform your appearance, express your creativity, and even to minimize the appearance of aging skin. If you’re using your makeup to reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and crow’s feet, there are certain techniques you should follow in order to smooth the skin and allow your complexion to appear bright, hydrated, and youthful. We spoke with celebrity makeup artist and founder of GLAMAZON Beauty, Kim Baker to get the rundown on the best hacks for reducing signs of aging through the use of makeup, and her tips will have you looking better in seconds.
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Best Anti-Aging Hand Creams to Buy in 2021

Your hands age faster than any part of your body. Its no wonder as they are probably used the most and contain thin kin with low elasticity. Thank goodness there are tons of amazing anti-aging hand creams out there that will help you battle dark spots, wrinkles, and dryness. Best of all, a lot of them are available over the counter. We are going to give you some budget friendly options as well as some you might consider splurging on.
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3 Skincare Ingredients To Maintain Glowing Skin This Winter

Thanks to chilly outside temperatures, central heating and a serious lack of sunshine, the winter months can be hard on the skin. As a result, you might find that your usual skincare routine just isn’t cutting it anymore and you need to switch things up to restore that summer glow.

Everything You Need to Know About DIY Eyebrow Lamination

Long gone are the days of the thin, low arched eyebrows, a la the early ’90s. Beauty lovers everywhere remain in deep reverence of bushy brows. After all, brows proudly roamed wild and free during the pandemic when salons were closed, and it seems “the fluffier, the better” look may be here to stay forever, as full eyebrows frame the face and can even make you look more youthful.

I Swapped Out My Regular Moisturizer for One With Vitamin C and Here’s What Happened

If I’m honest, summertime is my skin’s season to shine. My complexion is glowier, bronzier, and just all-around more radiant. And for those glorious few months, I feel good about my face. I’m aware the sun and the steamy temps have something to do with that, but I’d willingly be a sweaty mess any day if it meant having dewy skin. Once the fall chill hits, however, my complexion does an about face. All that sun-kissed splendor fades to a pasty state, and a dull dryness settles in like a dark cloud that casts a shadow over my face for the next three seasons. In an effort to brighten up, I’ve tried everything from chemical exfoliants and masks to acid-rich serums. But they’ve all left me red and blotchy. What can I say, my skin has feelings.

22 Best Dermatologist-Approved Face Washes Your Skin Will Love

There’s nothing like the feeling of clean skin after washing your face—but dermatologists know not every facial cleanser is crafted for the same type of skin. Some facial cleansers can contain overly drying ingredients, while others are oil-based to replenish moisture, but may be too much for someone with oily skin. The key to finding the best face wash for you is to learn your skin type and find a facial cleanser that meets your skin’s needs. You may not be using the right wash for your skin type. “Most people believe that an effective cleanse is one that leaves the skin feeling tight and squeaky clean, but this is generally a sign that the skin has been stripped of its natural oils and in fact, the cleanse was too harsh on the skin,” says Marisa K. Garshick, M.D., a dermatologist located in New York City. “While it is important for a cleanser to eliminate dirt and build-up, it is also important that the skin isn’t left feeling dry or irritated.” As for how much you should wash your skin: It may be less often than you think. “The vast majority of individuals over 30 should wash their face every night to get the sunscreen and grime off,” says Heather Rogers, M.D., medical director of modern dermatology. But, if you wake up with oily skin, or don’t feel like your skin is overly dry from double washes, you can suds up in the morning too, she says. How to choose the best cleanser for you When choosing the best face wash, Dr. Rogers suggests avoiding harsh products or manual exfoliation (like sugar scrubs or products with exfoliating beads) that can leave micro-cuts in your skin and irritate it. Additionally, avoid overly-drying bars of soap and opt for a liquid, gel, or cream cleanser, based on your skin type. Dr. Rogers notes to check the ingredient list for familiar ingredients, like water or aloe, and avoid products that try to do too much. “I like cleansers that don’t have a huge number of ingredients,” she says. Plus, she warms against products that tout labels like clean, natural, or organic, which aren’t standardized well in the beauty industry. And if you’re hoping your cleanser will not only clean but also ward off breakouts, you’ll want to check for active ingredients like benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, or alpha hydroxy acid, says Heather Richmond. M.D., F.A.A.D., a board-certified dermatologist in Houston. Ingredients like hyaluronic acid and glycerin are particularly important for those with dry or sensitive skin to restore moisture, adds Dr. Garshick. Additionally, Dr. Richmond notes that those with oily or acne-prone skin should opt for a foaming or gel-based cleanser, and those with dry or mature skin can use an oil-free or cream cleanser to “help minimize stripping of oils and moisturize while cleaning.” Dr. Garshick adds that those with acne-prone skin should opt for a gentle cleanser if they’re using any anti-acne ingredients that promote drying. What’s your skin type? The easiest way to determine your skin type? Wash your face. Dr. Rogers suggests taking a moment after you wash your face to see how your skin feels. Notice if it feels totally fine, tight and dry, or greasy, and you’ll likely have your answer. And it’s especially important to check in with yourself over time and see how your skin is changing. “As we age, we all get dryer,” Dr. Rogers says. “Even if you’re super oily as a teenager and in your 20s, your skin dries out as you get older.” Some common skin types include: Normal. Those with normal skin don’t feel necessarily dry or oily after washing, Dr. Rogers says. Oily. Dr. Richmond explains that this skin type is typically from overactive oil glands. “Your skin is likely to have a greasy sheen to it, and you might feel like you have to wash your face more often,” she says. This is more common in those under 30 years old, Dr. Rogers says. Acne-prone. Most often presented with oily skin (though those with dry skin can also be acne-prone), this skin type is characterized by patients whose pores tend to clog, Dr. Richmond says. Acne-prone skin will often look like clogged pores, whiteheads, blackheads, and red bumps, adds Dr. Garshick. Dry. People with dry skin tend to have skin that appears flaky or red and feels tight and itchy, explains Dr. Garshick. Dr. Rogers adds this skin type is more common in those over 30 years old. Mature. Often synonymous with dry skin, mature skin typically shows a greater appearance of wrinkles and is due to the lack of oil produced by aging skin, Dr. Richmond says. Combination. Just as it sounds, this skin type means portions of your face are typically dry, while others are more oily. Dr. Rogers explains this most often appears as a more oily T-zone (forehead, nose, and center of the chin) and dry in other areas like the cheeks. Sensitive. Those with sensitive skin may be due to a procedure, allergies, or have skin that is easily irritated. “Those patients tend to have burning or stringing with many products and often have to stick with gentle or hypoallergenic cleansers,” Dr. Richmond says.

Fenty Skin’s New Treatment Is The Closest You'll Ever Get To A Rihanna-Level Glow

If there’s anyone that knows about getting camera-ready, it’s Rihanna; so it only makes sense that the singer and entrepreneur’s latest skin care launch is all about achieving instantly smoother, brighter skin. On the first day of the month, the mogul blessed the masses with a new Fenty Skin face mask aptly called Pre-Show Glow. The mask is a 10% AHA treatment that helps transform skin by smoothing and refining the look of pores, brightening dark spots, and evening texture. Not only that, but it promises visible results in just one minute.

How to Get Rid of Cellulite in 2021

Cellulite is a harmless skin condition that makes your skin appear dimpled and lumpy. This collection of fats pushes against the connective tissues beneath your skin surface. This skin condition is prominently found in women. You can see the cellulite most commonly on your thighs and abdomen. Cellulite is classified...

This Subtle Self-Tanner Trick Will Help You Fake A Vacation In The Middle Of Winter

Anyone that’s ever tried spray tanning at home knows it requires practice and a certain level of skill (read: don’t do it on a whim unless you want to hide inside for a few days). And while you might finally feel confident applying tanner to your body, mastering your face application is half the battle. The process is similar, but there are a few things to keep in mind when learning how to use face self-tanner. Hint, hint: Retinol is a no-go during application.

If You Use Retinoids In The Winter, You Need This Mask

Every morning as of late, I walk into my bathroom, assess the peeling skin around my nose (fine? Kevin Durant’s ankle?) and, while leaning over the sink to get a good look in the mirror, limply repeat some affirmations. They are as follows: Upping your tretinoin prescription in the winter made sense. Tretinoin makes your skin more sensitive to sun, and you’re not in the sun when it’s cold out. You upped your tretinoin prescription because it’s helping your cystic acne. If you stop using your tretinoin, the tretinoin cannot do its job. Dryness is easier to treat than adult acne. Do not try to treat it with more stuff, because the stuff will make your face burn and you will regret it.

Can Milk Baths Be Used To Treat Dry Skin?

Winter is coming, and that means the temperatures are dipping. With the colder weather, dry skin becomes more of a problem. If you suffer from extra dry skin and have tried all of the latest lotions to come into the market, there's an ancient treatment that just could do the trick: milk baths. Legend has it that Cleopatra's secret to a glowy complexion was milk and honey baths, per Very Well Health. The ancient Romans took regular milk baths, and during the late 1800s to the early 1900s, people turned to washing their face with buttermilk.

Healthy Fresh-Faced Skincare Loves from Dermalogica

I’m all about that ultra-clean feeling when it comes my skin and I’m a firm believer in double cleansing to keep the skin clear and healthy. These days so many makeup brands have formulated their products to last longer throughout the day which I love, however it also means you need make a little extra effort to remove it all the end of the day. Cleaning your skin thoroughly is must for me to maintain healthy glowing skin.

It can be overwhelming knowing what's best for your face. So let's take a look at the top skincare Items for flawless and radiant skin...

We all know how important it is to take care of our skin. But, with so many options out there, it can often feel overwhelming trying to figure out what works best for us. This article will break down some of the top skincare items every woman should have in her bathroom cabinet. As well as other essentials she should consider adding on or investing in.

16 Under-the-Radar Products Sephora Employees Wish More People Knew About

Sephora is one of the best one-stop shops for all things beauty. Its shelves and site are brimming with hundreds of the same products from all different brands, so it can be daunting trying to decipher which products you should take home with you. For a bit of an inside scoop, we chatted with Sephora employees who shared their favorite under-the-radar products that you need to pick up.
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What causes dry eyelids?

Dry eyelids can result from a common skin condition, such as atopic dermatitis, or environmental factors, such as dry air during the winter. Dry skin on the eyelids can be uncomfortable, but there are several effective ways of treating the condition at home. More severe cases of dry eyelids may require treatment from a doctor.
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Skin in the game: Two common skin problems and solutions for men

When I was on the junior varsity basketball team in high school, I wasn't surprised when I developed a case of itchy, flaky athlete's foot. After all, I was an "athlete," so I assumed it was a sign of dedication and hard work. I was shocked when my mother told...

How to fake a good night's sleep with skincare

It is a well known fact that getting a good night's sleep is one of the best defences for overall health, but as it turns out the same rings true for the age-old notion of beauty sleep, especially when it comes to matters of skin. Recent research by Boots own brand No7 and insight company Kantar has found that 41 percent of women who noticed increased signs of ageing blamed the changes in their skin on reduced sleep.