Musicopia Announces New Director of Drumline Program | Lifestyle

A local entrepreneur with decades of experience teaching students through music will lead Musicopia’s drumline program. Antoine J. Mapp is the new director of the Musicopia Drumlines program. Map, who was on the drum line himself as a kid, said he was grateful for this new opportunity. “Being on the...
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Man arrested for locking up his kids inside water drum

Police operatives from Ipaja Division in Lagos have rescued two children reportedly locked inside an empty water drum by their father. The children were subjected to the punishment for eating a neighbour’s food having been starved and locked inside the house for the whole day. Chrisosamedia reports that the incident...

VIDEO: Inclusivity-focused 50-year-old Kickapoo drum corps to be honored with special halftime performance

Inclusivity-focused 50-year-old Kickapoo drum corps to be honored with special halftime performance. VIDEO: Inclusivity-focused 50-year-old Kickapoo drum corps to be honored with special halftime performance. VIDEO: Shooting victim's parent speaks out. VIDEO: Dispensary Residency Requirements. VIDEO: Two vehicle accident in Republic. VIDEO: SPS transportation changes. VIDEO: Father of Cassidy Rainwater's...

Ben’s Drums: Free untuned and bohemian lofi drum kit by Reason Studios

Reason Studios’ Friday Giveaway of this week is Ben’s Drums, a free lo-fi drum kit Combinator patch for Reason. I released a video this week about how easy it is to record custom audio literally anywhere with your phone and to get that into Mimic, mapped, and ready to go as a drum kit in seconds. To demonstrate in the video I recorded my friend Ben’s untuned and bohemian lofi drum kit. So what did people do after watching a video aimed to empower them to record their own samples? Well they asked for Ben’s drum samples, of course!! But that makes sense, too. There is a certain charm to “Ben’s Drums” as they’ve come to be known. Anyone can get perfectly recorded drum samples from hundreds of professional libraries. Nobody but Ben has “Ben’s Drums.” That is, until now!

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Factors to Consider When Finding the Best Drum Enclosure Provider. When having a church or even a studio and drums are being used then drum enclosure is required. You should consider investing in the right drum enclosure which means that you should look for the best supplier pf the drum enclosure. However, you can find plenty of drum enclosure suppliers which means that choosing the best one can be hard. This page will guide you into picking the best drum enclosure which shows that you should spend your three minutes reading this page. Hence, take your time to understand how to choose the best drum enclosure,

Drum & Wavetable Bundle: 5 Kontakt libraries by Rigid Audio for $14.99 USD!

Audio Plugin Deals has launched a promotion on the Drum & Wavetable Bundle by Rigid Audio, a collection of 5 Kontakt instrument libraries offered at a huge 95% discount. The bundle contains Viego, Felicity, Angus, Sodium, and Retrocade. These five unique and specialized Kontakt instruments deliver more than 1800 expertly...

Isla Instruments releases time-stretch OS update for the S2400 sampler

Isla Instruments has announced another major OS update to the S2400 sampler. Following the previous update, the new version adds old-school workflow features including time-stretch and automatic BPM/pitch detection, as well as a host of other improvements and fixes. For us, the S2400 is a passion project – to recreate...

The Legend of the 100-Round Drum – A Blunder or a Well of Ammo?

Magazine capacity has always been one of those things where a balance must be struck. In the military-rifle category, we’ve constantly seen an increase in the rounds carried. In WWI, it was five rounds, and in World War II, it was eight rounds. Vietnam saw the rise of the 20-rounder, and eventually, with the adoption of the M16, 30 rounds seemed just right. You’re always balancing capacity with size and weight, as well as the ability to shoot from cover and prone. With that in mind, there have always been people who’ve tried to go bigger, and a company called Beta tried to give the military a 100-round drum.

What song forms does Alive Drumming support?

We support all the popular, essential song forms by name – 12 bar blues, 16 bar tunes, 32-bar A1A2 and 32-bar AABA, and about 30 other less common also by name. The list is increasing! We also support identifying these same song forms using stick notation. This simply specifies section lengths in bars, for example, ‘8|8/8|8’, where ‘bridge‘ sections are preceded by a ‘/’ instead of ‘|’.
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Tight as a drum

The career of jazz drummer Albert “Tootie” Heath, the sole surviving member of the talented jazz family The Heath Brothers, spans more than 60 years. Heath is the brother of double bass player Percy Heath and tenor saxophonist Jimmy Heath, and he’s appeared on nearly 100 albums since first recording with John Coltrane for the 1957 release Coltrane.

“Urban Rhythm” Drum & Bass, Jungle and Breaks (Oakland)

Dust off those dancing shoes and join me for my very first FREE EVENT rocking out to the URBAN RHYTHMs of Drum & Bass, Jungle and Breaks in Oakland’s very own Brix 581!. – Cthulhu Brothers (Handsome Dodger b2b Digit) (Dystopia) – MacSabbath DNB (Autopsy) (Dystopia) – Louie (Church of...

Whirlpool Electric Dryer repair WED6200SW0 located in North Canton

Repair notes: Pencil stuck in blower. Removed and is running. Job: Dryer repaired in North Canton, Ohio #SJO9467. CHECK US OUT! Sam’s many positive GOOGLE REVIEWS assures NEW customers that Sam’s Appliance Repair is a wise choice to fix any home appliance. HIGHLY CONVENIENT repair REQUEST SYSTEM lets you book...

BlackMoon Studio Drum Whisky Packaging Label Design for Bali-Based Astidama Distillery

A whisky created specifically for the Indonesian market. Drum is oak aged, smooth, elegant and uses high quality ingredients at a competitive price. A premium Balinese whisky that is a fair match to several imported competitors. Produced by Bali-based Astidama Distillery, Drum whisky is made from malt and matured in oak casks for 4 years. This process creates a unique aroma, taste and finish. Drum has, however, lost its relevance and connection to the Indonesian people, by failing to evolve with its loyal consumer base.
The Drum

Winners announced at The Drum Awards for the Digital Industries 2021

Digital marketers work in a crowded field. As technology advances and creative tools become more powerful than ever, The Drum Awards for the Digital Industries seeks to reward the most effective campaigns and innovations of the last year. This global competition, formerly known as the Dadis, has been committed to...