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Don’t Look Up Is a Primal Scream of a Film

Adam McKay conceived of Don’t Look Up as a warning. Once Saturday Night Live’s head writer, he had gained attention as the director of anarchic Will Ferrell comedies such as Anchorman and Step Brothers before receiving Best Picture nominations for darker satires about the Great Recession (The Big Short) and the vice presidency of Dick Cheney (Vice). “I kept getting this itchy feeling that there was just a giant shadow over all these stories,” McKay told me. “I was like, I have to do something about the climate.” The initial idea came from the political commentator and former Bernie Sanders speechwriter David Sirota, who said to him “something to the effect of, ‘The comet’s gonna hit and no one cares.’ It was very offhand, and that idea just kept coming back and bugging me.”
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Jonah Hill and Meryl Streep Looked to the Trumps for Don't Look Up

Jason Orlean is never without his Birkin bag. Not in the Oval Office, not at any campaign rallies, not at the end of the world. In director Adam McKay’s new climate change disaster comedy, Don't Look Up, now streaming on Netflix, Jonah Hill brings the ridiculous character to life, playing the First Son and chief of staff (nepotism, baby!) to Meryl Streep’s President Orlean, a narcissistic, ridiculous leader of the free world.

‘Don’t Look Up’ Cast and Character Guide: Who’s Who in the Netflix Comedy? (Photos)

In Netflix's satirical comedy "Don't Look Up," starring the environmental activist himself, Leonardo DiCaprio, two astronomers attempt to warn citizens of Earth of a coming comet that will destroy the planet. Their plan to appear on various media outlets to spread the news is somewhat thwarted by newscasters who have trouble believing them, as well as the current President and her Chief of Staff.

How a real NASA patch anchors Netflix's 'Don't Look Up' in reality

— "Talking about your office, the Planetary Defense Coordination Office, you've got the patch there. In fact, I was observing a little Latin phrase at the bottom, what does that say?" "'Hic Servare Diem,' which means 'Here to save the day.'" That exchange, between a NASA commentator and a scientist...

Don't Look Up is destroyed on impact, leaving little more than one-liners and a brilliant return from Jennifer Lawrence

Don’t Look Up comes from the mind of Vice and The Big Short director, Adam McKay, whose migration into the rosebush of political satire seems about as unexpected as the 2016 election result that, even 5 years down the line, he cannot seem to stop contesting. In a film that blurs the line so erratically between fantasy and realism, it is often hard to judge where the allegory ends and the television skit begins.

‘Don’t Look Up’…or You Might See One Bomb of a Movie Hurtling Right Toward You

Adam McKay knows you’re angry. He’s angry, too. The writer-director partially responsible for some of the greatest comedies of the 21st century — and what is comedy, really, but a more socially acceptable form of expressing aggression — is steaming mad about the state of our nation, our hemisphere, our world. McKay is pissed over what passes for discourse, the way that news has become reduced to empty-calorie infotainment, and how catastrophes such as pandemics have become politicized to death (or 800,000 deaths). He hates social media, though really, who could blame him for that? He frets over the way...
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Chingy's 'Right Thurr' lands in new Leo DiCaprio, Jennifer Lawrence Netflix movie 'Don't Look Up'

“Right Thurr” is a gift that keeps on giving for St. Louis rapper Chingy. His breakthrough 2003 song “Right Thurr” lands a huge placement in the just-premiered Netflix movie “Don’t Look Up.’ The scene featuring “Right Thurr” is at the beginning of the flick in a scene with Leo DiCaprio, Jennifer Lawrence, and Lawrence’s very unfortunate bangs as they monitor an extinction level event comet hurling towards Earth.

If we can’t beat the apocalypse, at least we can laugh at it

Life is full of questions: Chicken or egg? What is deja vu, really? Did Han shoot first? Does that tree in an empty forest make noise, after all? Or there’s this one, which I haven’t quite been able to solve: What explains our collective impulse to come home from work, change into cozy PJs, pour a big glass of Chardonnay, and flick on Ye Olde Netflix so we can watch elaborate fantasies about our own species’ extermination?

Everything you need to know about Netflix’s final star-studded original movie of 2021

Netflix has a ton of great original movies to stream. Don’t Look Up is not one of them. I can’t stress this point enough about the new star-packed film from director Adam McKay that’s now available on Netflix. It is so painfully un-entertaining, so full of sound and fury signifying nothing, and so condescending toward the targets of the film’s ire that a much better and more accurate title for this one would have been Don’t Watch This. Indeed, this is a climate change screed — starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Lawrence, Meryl Streep, Jonah Hill, and a bunch of other high-profile actors — that’s so unfunny you really have to force yourself to finish it. The only sort-of redeeming quality about it is the message, but we’ll get to that.

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