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Dog the Bounty Hunter Is Looking for Brian Laundrie After Gabby Petito's Murder—Find Out His Newest Lead in the Case

The search is on for the missing Brian Laundrie, who’s wanted for questioning in the murder of fiancé Gabby Petito—and now there’s a dog sniffing around the case: Duane “Dog” Chapman. The famed bounty hunter and former bail bondsman has decided to take up the case himself after he started receiving tips from fans—and on Sept. 2t, he walked right up to the front door of Laundrie’s house, hoping to speak with his parents.
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How do bounty hunters operate in Florida?

SARASOTA, Fla. (WWSB) - With the arrival of Dog the Bounty Hunter in North Point coming to assist in the search for Brian Laundrie, ABC7 decided to find out how bounty hunters are allowed to operate in Florida. It’s not as simple as lacing up your shoes and following your...
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Brian Laundrie's mother called 911 on ‘Dog the Bounty Hunter’

NORTH PORT, Fla. - "Dog the Bounty Hunter" called it "a shame" that Brian Laundrie’s mother Roberta Laundrie called 911 Saturday rather than answer his knock on the family’s front door. Audio emerged Monday indicating that Brian Laundrie’s parents called 911 to report the presence of Duane "Dog" Chapman on...
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Dog the Bounty Hunter Reacts to Daughter Bonnie Claiming He's Racist and Homophobic (Exclusive)

Duane "Dog the Bounty Hunter" Chapman is about to tie the knot once again on Thursday, but not all of his family members will see him say "I do." In an exclusive interview with ET's Kevin Frazier, the 68-year-old reality star and his fiancée, Francie Frane, explain why they did not invite Dog's daughter, 22-year-old Bonnie Chapman, to their nuptials. Dog also addresses Bonnie's allegations that he's racist, homophobic and cheated on Beth Chapman, his late wife and Bonnie's mother.

Dog the Bounty Hunter Gets Brutal Reaction After Claiming He Had 'Pass' to Use the N-Word

Dog the Bounty Hunter star Duane "Dog" Chapman recently came under fire for a rather bizarre comment that he made during an interview. While speaking with Entertainment Tonight, Chapman claimed that he received a "pass" to use the n-word. Naturally, the comment hasn't gone over well with those on social media, who have wasted no time in sharing their thoughts about the matter.

Dog the Bounty Hunter's Brother-in-Law Has Died

The Duane "Dog" Chapman's family is currently mourning the loss of one of their own. On Tuesday evening, the Dog the Bounty Hunter star wrote on Instagram that his brother-in-law, Frank, passed away. Frank was the husband of Chapman's sister Paula. Chapman didn't share too many details regarding his brother-in-law's...

Dog the Bounty Hunter's Daughter Says Family Being 'Ripped Apart' by Wedding Drama

Dog the Bounty Hunter star Lyssa Chapman opened up about the "family drama" playing out with her sisters, following her father Duane "Dog" Chapman's marriage to Francie Frane. Before Duane and Frane married on Sept. 1, Chapman's daughter Bonnie Jo Chapman and Beth Chapman's daughter Cecily Chapman claimed they were not invited, with Bonnie alleging that she was not invited becuase she supported the Black Lives Matter movement. Lyssa was one of Duane's strongest supporters though, insisting her dad is not racist. In her new statement, Lyssa said Bonnie and Cecily are being "conned" by the people they live with.

Duane ‘Dog’ Chapman Fires Back After Haters Compare His New Wife to Late Beth Chapman

Duane Chapman isn’t going to take criticism of his new marriage lying down. The star of Dog the Bounty Hunter recently wed girlfriend Francie Frane. But when the reality TV personality shared photos of his wedding on social media, some followers were quick to compare his new wife to his former spouse, the late Beth Chapman. Dog quickly fired back, slamming critics who said Frane was trying to replace his former spouse, who died of throat cancer in June 2019.

Bounty Hunter Duane “Dog” Chapman Getting Married

(Undated) — Dog The Bounty Hunter is getting married. During Wednesday’s episode of Two Guys from Hollywood podcast, Duane “Dog” Chapman said he’ll marry Francie Frane in a ceremony on Thursday, September 2nd. Chapman’s wife Beth died from cancer in 2019. Chapman said his faith has helped him to realize it’s okay to move on and that “God doesn’t want man to be alone.”

Dog the Bounty Hunter files for marriage license amid family drama

Duane “Dog the Bounty Hunter” Chapman is moving forward with fiancée Francie Frane, recently filing for a marriage license, despite disapproval from his children. TMZ reports Chapman filed for the license Friday in the state of Colorado. Daughters Bonnie and Cecily Chapman, however, have expressed their disdain for Dog’s decision to propose to Frane just 10 months after the death of their mother, Beth Chapman.