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National Mutt Day: Reasons Why Mixed Breeds Are The Best

For ages, dogs are considered man's best companion. Their unique attributes and characteristics make them very special, something other species can't match up to. But, among them, who is probably the best? Beyond doubt, it is the mutt. One of the healthiest and cheapest breeds out there, the humble mutts...
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Short, Stout and Running All About: Corgis Make Perfect Family Pets!

The Welsh Corgi dog breed is a tiny purebred herding dog breed that was brought to Wales by Flemish weavers, and is one of the oldest dog breeds. There are two separate breeds: the Pembroke Welsh and the Cardigan Welsh, who are both part of the herding group of dogs. They have strong herding instincts and need lots of mental stimulation to avoid obesity and socialization issues. There are physical variations between the two breeds, although Cardigans are bigger in general. The Pembroke is the more popular of the two, although it is still on The Kennel Club's list of Vulnerable dog breeds in the United Kingdom. Much like the dachshund, spitz, pomeranian, Swedish vallhund, keeshond, and collie, Corgis are popular for their small size, intelligence, and medium-length coat.
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Canine Fitness Training Leads to Healtheir Dogs, Happier Humans

Pets recognize all the same health benefits of physical activity that humans do: increased performance, decreased risk of injury, lowered stress levels, better sleep habits and a healthier body and mind. With more than 50 percent of dogs in the U.S. being overweight, and 20 percent of those being considered clinically obese, it’s clear to see why canine fitness products are a growing market. In addition to health concerns, common problem behaviors and issues such as anxiety, boredom chewing, nuisance barking and more pressing behavior concerns, can be linked back to a lack of exercise and training.

F1 vs. F1B Golden Doodle: Which Is Right for You?

Here’s a guide to picking your next four-legged pal. Imagine you walk into a dog breeder’s home, and you spot two Golden Doodle buddies — which one are you choosing?. My guess: If you’re like most people, you’ll probably go for the cuter one. And who can blame you? Of course, both are cute, but clearly, one is cuter.
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July 31 is National Mutt Day

America has a long history of affection for mutts. Two of cinema’s most famous dogs – Spike from “Old Yeller” and Higgins from “Benji” - were mutts adopted from shelters. Heroic mutts such as Balto, the sled dog who brought lifesaving diphtheria medication to remote corners of Alaska, are immortalized in bronze statue form. Even the currently fashionable “doodles” selling for thousands of dollars are a mix of two dogs (which is really just a mutt).

National Mutt Day: Top 5 reasons why mutts rule!

(KTAL/KMSS) — Saturday, July 31 is National Mutt Day, a day to celebrate and focus on our mixed-breed canine friends who often get overlooked because of their uniqueness. National Mutt Day inspires people to learn more about adopting one, and it also brings attention to the many great mixed breed dogs in need of homes. Just like purebred dogs, a mutt can still learn, obey, and train like one.

The 5 Reasons Health Insurance is a Must-Have for Your Dog

Health insurance for pets is taking the world by storm – in fact, as the science of veterinary medicine advances each day, so too do new standards take residence. Unfortunately, this new technology and understanding can come with rising costs. However, there is no true price tag we can put on the quality of life that we provide to those in our care. While some dogs can make the big bucks by performing in competitions or even television, most of our beloved pets are… well… freeloaders.


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Dog DNA Startup Announces $75m in Venture Funding

Newswise — ITHACA, N.Y. – Embark Veterinary, Inc. – a canine genetics startup company that graduated from Cornell University’s McGovern Center business incubator in late 2017 – announced $75 million in venture funding on July 26. Founded in 2015 by Adam Boyko, associate professor of biomedical sciences in the College...
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Our View: Celebrating ‘National Mutt Day’ and shelter pets

Tired of ads? Subscribers enjoy a distraction-free reading experience. Today (July 31) is “National Mutt Day.” We didn’t bother looking up who decided that, because there’s no need. We’re talking pet dogs, puppies and lovable “man’s best friend” wannabes waiting for adoption at the local shelter, so who cares why it’s National Mutt Day?
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Does your state require dogs be harnessed in the car?

What type of dog restraint law does your state enforce?. Does Your State Require Dogs Be Harnessed in the Car?. We bring our dogs everywhere. If we’re hiking, they’re trekking with us. We’ve figured out all of the dog-friendly stores and cafés in town. And, we wouldn’t consider a road trip without our trusty canine co-pilot. Nose prints on the windows are a sure sign of an excellent journey—or are they? Distractions behind the wheel contribute to thousands of accidents per year. In addition to texting, adjusting radio dials, and eating, a loose dog in a vehicle can be a dangerous distraction. Additionally, an unsecured dog can become a projectile in the event of an accident or sudden stop, which can cause serious injury—or death—to the dog and passengers in the car. Preventing your canine companion from distracting you while on the road—and keeping them safe for the drive—can be as simple as using a seat belt harness or securing your dog in a crate while in a vehicle. This includes dogs of any age. If you have a young dog, you should still harness or crate your puppy in the car. While using a pet harness in the car is recommended by pet safety advocates and veterinarians, is a dog seat belt required in your state by law?

Mutt’s Rule - National Mutt Day is July 31

“As an adult, the first dog I had was a rescue mutt that I encountered at the local non-profit clinic where I was volunteering before vet school. Akasha and I were immediately connected, and we spent the next 16 years together. She was my ‘heart’ dog,” Katribe said. More recently,...

Best 11 Natural Treats to Improve Your Dog’s Health

There is no question that our pets need to eat, and there are several foods that can be terrific for their health. If you want to improve the overall health of your furry friend, we recommend choosing a few natural dog treats that look at the ingredients you will be giving your pet.

Can Dogs Safely Eat Hardboiled Eggs: An Overview

We have a long list of human foods that we should never give our dogs, such as almonds, grapes, and chocolate. But eggs, particularly hardboiled eggs, are great for our pets. Dogs have had eggs as part of their diet for a very long time. So the answer is YES —dogs can eat hardboiled eggs, and most dogs will love the taste, too.

Dogs in the city: on the scent of Zimbabwe's urban history

Dogs are political. Their very existence in modern cities has goaded those in power into trying to discipline them - and their owners. This has happened in the past too: for instance, authorities trying to modernise Paris in the 19th century regarded stray dogs as belonging to the "city's criminal, dirty and rootless dangerous classes - to be slaughtered". But similar campaigns against stray dogs in Bombay in 1832 resulted in civil protest, used as an opportunity to challenge aspects of colonial rule.