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The 10 Top Dog Breeds here in Massachusetts

We all know that our own dog is from the best breed there is and no need to even look at this list. However, who can resist to see if our pup's family heritage made this list. Below are the Top 10 Dog Breeds in Massachusetts based on a report from Trupanion.com, one of the leading pet insurance companies in the county. Agree or disagree with their list, dog lovers know every dog has great qualities, enrich our lives and our loving members of our families.
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Dogs in the city: on the scent of Zimbabwe’s urban history

Dogs are political. Their very existence in modern cities has goaded those in power into trying to discipline them – and their owners. This has happened in the past too: for instance, authorities trying to modernise Paris in the 19th century regarded stray dogs as belonging to the “city’s criminal, dirty and rootless dangerous classes – to be slaughtered”. But similar campaigns against stray dogs in Bombay in 1832 resulted in civil protest, used as an opportunity to challenge aspects of colonial rule.
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What it takes to be a canine champion

Dog agility trainer and Pickerington resident Jenn Crank says dog agility is like American Ninja Warrior for dogs. In agility shows and competitions, handlers – the owners – guide their dogs through predetermined obstacle courses using their body language and verbal cues. Every course is different, so the handler must approach each one strategically.

Wisdom Panel Unveils Next Generation Dog Breed Detection System

Wisdom Panel, the world’s leading pet genetics brand, recently announced the development of a new breed detection system, called BCSYS, to offer the most accurate and comprehensive genetic testing for dogs currently available. The next generation breed detection system created by the Wisdom Panel team, a segment of Kinship Partners,...
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13 Classic German Dog Breeds That Make Great Companions

Guten tag, cute German hunds! Or, hello, cute German dogs! We love dogs from all over the world—be it Chinese dog breeds, Japanese dog breeds, Australian dog breeds, Italian dog breeds, or Russian dog breeds, so German dog breeds are in good company. Our list includes dog breeds that originated in Germany or regions that are now known as modern Germany. Learn about the German dog breeds that will steal your heart—and quite possibly your pretzels and sausages.
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15 Best Dogs for First-Time Owners

Becoming a first-time dog owner is a truly rewarding experience. You’re gaining a new loyal best friend and have a wonderful adventure before you. That said, we’d be remiss if we didn’t acknowledge that the process also comes with some little curveballs as you learn the ropes of pup parenthood.