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“I could feel my face was torn” – Hearn describes dog attack

VICKSBURG, Miss. (Vicksburg Daily News)–The graphic pictures of the aftermath of the dog attack against Ann Hearn show a devastating and vicious assault. She received various cuts and bruises which caused so much blood to flow from her head she couldn’t see. “I thought he took my eye out” said Hearn to the Vicksburg Daily News.
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1-year-old in hospital following dog attack on Nakusp beach

One-year old RosieMay Fitchett was allegedly attacked by a dog at a Nakusp beach on July 15. According to the GoFundMe page set up to help with medical costs. The family was at the beach for their weekly picnic and RosieMay was in her aunt’s arms when a dog on a leash bit her face.
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Pack Of Dogs Mercilessly Maul Woman Who Had Arm Amputated Before Her Death: Report

A pack of dogs is believed to have mauled a Tennessee woman last week, resulting in her death days later. Cocke County police said on Facebook Monday that autopsy results are pending for Amber Miller, 29, who died on July 18. On July 12, a neighbor found Miller leaning against a tree in a front yard following an apparent dog attack. The neighbor took Miller to the hospital, where she died six days later.

Man, 72, Loses Thumb in Alleged Dog Attack

A 72-year-old man had his thumb bitten off in an alleged dog attack after it broke free from its owner, according to a report. The Daily Record reported on Thursday that the man was rushed to the hospital after the dog allegedly attacked him in Blackburn, a town in Scotland, on Friday July 16.

Why you don’t have to cope with the aftermath of a dog attack alone

It’s an experience no-one should ever have to come to terms with, but the reality is that dog attacks happen – and when they do they can have serious and long-term repercussions on physical and mental health. While dog attacks are rare, the resulting injuries – both physical and psychological...
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Victim of fatal dog attack identified

Amber Miller, 29, of Newport has been identified as the victim in a fatal animal attack on July 12 in an incident report released by the Cocke County Sheriff’s Office. On July 12, a deputy was dispatched to the emergency room of the Newport Medical Center where she made contact with two witnesses who said they found the woman sitting on the property of 522 Jimtown Road who had been apparently attacked by dogs.
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14-year-old girl seriously injured in Fort Worth dog attack

FORT WORTH, Texas - Fort Worth police are investigating a dog attack that left a 14-year-old girl injured. Investigators say the girl was attacked in the face and suffered significant injuries. She was taken to Cook Children’s Medical Center. The girl was seriously injured Tuesday afternoon after Fort Worth police...
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Good Samaritan saves woman from dog attack in Robbins

Robbins, N.C. — A woman survived a dog attack Tuesday afternoon largely thanks to the help of a kind passerby. Suzanne Luther, 71, said she was driving along N.C. Highway 24/27 in Moore County when she saw a woman beside the highway being mauled by several dogs. She pulled over, honking her horn to scare off the animals.