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DNA Nanoswitch Calipers Created as Possibly World’s Tiniest Ruler for Fingerprinting Proteins

Decoding the identity of biomolecules from trace samples is a longstanding goal in the field of biotechnology, and while next-generation sequencing technologies have made it possible to identify individual DNA and RNA molecules, the same capability isn’t yet available for proteins. But scientists working at the Molecular Robotics Initiative within the Wyss Institute at Harvard University, the Blavatnik Institute at Harvard Medical School (HMS), and Boston Children’s Hospital (BCH) have now used DNA to create what they say may be the world’s tiniest ruler for measuring proteins.
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Biden on CNN: "I should go to the border"

Joe Biden participated in a televised town hall-style event with CNN’s Anderson Cooper Thursday night in Baltimore. I’ll disclose up front that I didn’t watch it. This morning I’m seeing reports of some real gems of answers. Biden answered questions from a hand-picked audience, with the questions coming from participants identified as Democrats and Independents.

Republican party groups outpace Democrats in 2021 fundraising

Republican national party groups have raised $304.2 million in 2021, outraising their Democratic counterparts in an effort to take back the House and Senate. A year ahead of the 2022 midterm elections, both parties are in a fundraising battle. While Democrats currently hold slim majorities in Congress, a president’s party historically loses congressional seats in midterm elections, giving Democrats the harder climb going into the 2022 election season. Plus, President Joe Biden’s waning approval rating and several Democratic retirements could make it difficult for the party to stay in power.

It’s time for Democrats to end party’s civil war before Republicans pave way to victory

In 1980, Democrats fought a bitter civil war between supporters of President Jimmy Carter and Sen. Edward Kennedy of Massachusetts, who took the unusual step of challenging the president of his own party for renomination. Kennedy supporters argued that Carter wasn’t progressive enough. While Carter was renominated, conservative Republican Ronald Reagan won the election.

America's fragile multiracial democracy is at stake

Washington (CNN) — A version of this story appeared in CNN's Race Deconstructed newsletter. To get it in your inbox every week, sign up for free here. Their appeals were ignored. On Monday, a group of House Democrats sent a letter to their colleagues in the Senate urging them to...

Political money race: RNC edges DNC in latest fundraising reports

As it builds resources ahead of next year’s midterm elections, the Republican National Committee (RNC) slightly outperformed the rival Democratic National Committee (DNC), according to the latest fundraising figures released by the two national party organizations. The RNC reports a haul of $12.7 million last month, and $37.8 million for...

Distributed Denial of Secrets is picking up where WikiLeaks left off

Last summer, internal intelligence and communications from more than 200 law enforcement agencies was hacked and released to the public. The disclosures came right in the midst of the nationwide protests after the murder of George Floyd by Minneapolis police, when people all over the country were pouring into the streets to demand reform, if not outright abolition, of policing in America.

Fingerprinting proteins with force opens a new avenue for single-molecule proteomics

As scientists have probed the mysteries of life down to smaller and smaller scales, they have invented tools to help them understand what they observe. Determining the identity of DNA and RNA molecules has now become commonplace thanks to the commercial development of next-generation sequencing technologies, but the same is not yet true of proteins, which are critically important players in nearly all biological processes. Proteins are much more complex than DNA and RNA, and are often chemically modified, making the goal of easily identifying single proteins within a sample (single-molecule proteomics) challenging to achieve.

Reminder: McAuliffe Is the Only Election Truther Running for Governor in Virginia

As we've noted before, Virginia Democrat and longtime Clintonite Terry McAuliffe has sought to cast his Republican opponent in this year's gubernatorial race as an election truther who's bought into Donald Trump's 2020 "big lie." In reality, Youngkin has stated on multiple occasions that last year's election was not fraudulent, has affirmed that he supported certifying its results, and has disclaimed an unofficial rally at which participants pledged allegiance to a flag from the January 6th Capitol riot. Some hardcore Trump supporters may actually hold those things against Youngkin to some extent, but each one clearly cuts against the false narrative McAuliffe and his allies have spun. And as we've also noted before, this pitiful claim is actually a case of Freudian projection. There is exactly one election truther in this race: Terry McAuliffe. For years, he has repeatedly and wrongly asserted that the 2000 election was "stolen," and he's even having trouble letting go of the lie to this day: