Templeton High School Athletes of the Week

Coaches comment: Gabe is a senior defender and a leader of our team. Gabe plays a critical role in both leading our team on the field and displaying a high level of sportsmanship. He is respectful of every team member regardless of skill and ability. He is a great representative of the Eagles soccer program. – Templeton High School Boys Soccer Coach Brad Rubin.
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GeoCubed takes next step in UK lithium project

GeoCubed, a joint venture between Cornish Lithium and Geothermal Engineering, has chosen the UK-based engineering group Ross-shire Engineering (RSE) to provide engineering, procurement, construction, and commissioning support for its United Downs Pilot Plant, a project to recover lithium from geothermal water in Cornwall, UK. The joint venture company said it...
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Model Airplane News

Unexpected Engine Problems & Solutions

After building a Balsa USA Fokker D7 1/4-scale biplane and doing the final setting up on the engine prior to taking to the field, I discovered a violent vibration problem with not one but TWO brand new engines!. Good Results on the Test Stand. I first ran my original engine...

GET Corp. is joining DLE to collaborate with AirGo in energy-efficient Drone Delivery solutions

Portland (OR), US – Global Energy Transmission Co. (GET) enables battery-powered drones to fly forever by safely and quickly recharging while still in flight. Drones simply hover for a few minutes in one of our large wireless charging areas produced by GET Wireless Charging Station, which can be installed kilometers apart along flight routes, and inside. GET’s solution elevates drone-driven applications to a new level of autonomy, while providing high utilization of the drones, enhanced security, and all-weather operations. AirGo and GET have agreed to work on lightweight and energy-efficient solutions for the drone delivery industry, such as smart and fully automated delivery platform.

Accuser targets Soojin’s MOM, (G)I-DLE fans and Knetz question bullying rumors

With Soojin’s accuser now targeting the former K-pop idol’s mother, (G)I-DLE fans and Knetizens are questioning the bullying accusations that cropped up against her in early 2021. During that time, several idols were targeted with rumors that they were school bullies. While a majority of the allegations turned out to be false, Soojin’s case is the most tragic. The ex-(G)I-DLE member shared that the rumors were untrue and even pointed out loopholes in the accusations. However, instead of helping her prove her case, her label Cube Entertainment put her on a hiatus and then revealed that she had left her group.

The best visual chemistry in each idol group

Just yesterday, netizens explained why fans love seeing BTS members V and Jungkook together. According to netizens, this is because V's and Jungkook's visual combination is exceptional as they have clear visual contrast but at the same time, it is harmonious. This might be the reason many idol groups receive...

Prototype Results Show High Sorbent Durability and Consistent Recoveries

E3 METALS CORP. (TSXV: ETMC) (FSE: OU7A) (OTCQX: EEMMF) (the "Company" or "E3 Metals"), an emerging lithium developer and leading direct lithium extraction ("DLE") technology innovator, is pleased to announce the results of the first 50-cycle test performed using its Lab-Pilot Prototype (the "Prototype") that began operating in October. The Prototype is E3 Metals' largest scale DLE system to date with two separate trains capable of brine flow rates of up to 120L/hr.

Templeton High School Athlete of the Week

Coaches comment: John displays great leadership and sportsmanship in both training and games. John is always encouraging his teammates and has a strong desire to compete. His work ethic and enthusiasm are infectious. John makes our team better with both excellent soccer skills and strong leadership. – Templeton High School Boys Soccer.

DLMC E-Learning Application Support and Development (ELASD)

The DLMC programme is responsible for sustaining the Defence Learning Environment (DLE) and the design, development and delivery of sustainable pan-Defence Learning Management & Delivery Information Services. In support of these twin objectives, DLMC requires an e-Learning application support and development partner to: a. Deliver application operation and support a MOD-specific instance of Moodle 3.9 Learning Management System, integrated with Mahara, Alfresco and Learning Locker, hosted on the MODCloud Internet Connected Environment (ICE) on an AWS platform, b. Deliver functional change and provide advice/guidance on how Defence can meet business needs through the exploitation of learning applications and technologies.…

Kawasaki Develops Forty-Percent-Hydrogen Mixed-Fuel Technology in Gas Turbine DLE Combustors

Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd. (Kawasaki) announced today Hydrogen mixed-fuel combustion technology up to 40 percent in gas turbine DLE combustors*1 that enables stable combustion with low NOx*2 emissions has been developed. This advanced technology can be adapted for use with existing DLE combustors in operating Kawasaki gas turbine generators, encouraging effective utilization of existing facilities. Kawasaki is confident to significantly contribute toward achieving a future carbon-neutral society through practical applications of hydrogen energy.

Malaysian drone insurance company VStream Revolution is joining DLE to expand its global reach

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia– VStream Revolution is participating as the lates member to Drone Logistics Ecosystem to collaborate and support existing members in risk-assessment and insurance of their activities/operation in the drone delivery industry. They are one of the front-runners in the drone insurance business in Asia with experience in consulting of drone related projects across ASEAN region. AirGo Design and VStream Revolution are currently discussing potential collaboration on the implementation of a risk assessment program for AirGo’s standardised/smart DroneBox™ cargo delivery containers. VStream was invited by the Ministry of Science, Technology, and Innovation in Malaysia to contribute to the devastating impact of lethal flash flood in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor. They are spearheading the emergency response unit for the flood relief efforts by mobilising our drone team for aerial surveillance and monitoring critical locations for landslides and blocked access to roads and rivers due to blockages, as part of recovery efforts by the authorities.

Printing Industry Leaders Announce Joint Showcase At PPAI

HUNTSVILLE, Ala., Jan. 6, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Marabu North America and LSINC Corporation are proud to announce the upcoming joint showcase of their digital printing products at the Promotional Products Association International trade show in Las Vegas, Nevada January 11-14. The companies will feature printing on LSINC's Perivallo360m ® direct-to-object, digital printer using Marabu's industry leading Ultra ®Jet DLE-A digital UV inks. The Perivallo360m ® offers a patented articulated print head design, providing the ability to print on contoured surfaces - a feature unavailable in any other printer of its kind. The printer has been calibrated to maximize the performance of Marabu's Ultra ®Jet DLE-A digital UV inks.

Radio Shack Updates Over Christmas

Over Christmas, I got busy with some radio shack updates, including a MIDI controller and firmware update for the ANAN. It’s nice to have a few knobs and buttons on a receiver, even if it is an SDR running on a PC. So, I pulled out my Behringer CMD Micro Midi Controller and hooked it up to the ANAN-7000 DLE MKII. I bought this MIDI DJ controller a few years ago and used it with my Afedri radio running PowerSDR.

E3 Metals Appoints John Pantazopoulos as Chairperson and Thanks Liz Lappin for Her Years of Service with E3 Metals

E3 METALS CORP. (TSXV: ETMC) (FSE: OU7A) (OTCQX: EEMMF) (the "Company" or "E3 Metals"), an emerging lithium developer and leading direct lithium extraction ("DLE") technology innovator, today announces the appointment of John Pantazopoulos as Chair of the Board. The Company would also like to thank Liz Lappin, former VP Corporate Affairs and Exploration, for her dedication to E3 Metals over the past 5 years. Liz will remain on in an advisory role to assist the Company in the transition and key stakeholder relationships.

Love Science – Football Handbooks |

Let us point out two interesting articles from the Guardian on Covid that were published in the last 24 hours. The first relates to improving the situation in AfSud Reservation (According to the authorities anyway), the second is a brief article on Omicron Reservation. @ yul and genius. We should...