Joanna Gaines Shares Throwback Photo With Husband Chip Opening Magnolia Business 18 Years Ago

HGTV star Joanna Gaines marked Throwback Thursday this week by sharing a photo from 18 years ago, when she and husband Chip Gaines launched their Magnolia business. Almost two decades later, Magnolia is a business empire with multiple stores in Texas, a home goods collection, and a cable network. Gaines, 43, offered another entrepreneur a chance to succeed as they have by giving away $50,000.
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How to find and support eco-friendly places on Google Maps

Google recognizes how important it is to be a sustainable business. At its Sustainable with Google event two weeks ago, Google highlighted its efforts to help people live more sustainably using Google products. Features announced included Nest Renew, to help people find eco-friendly commuter routes and even search for eco-friendly products and appliances. But when it comes to supporting sustainable businesses, Google is adopting a more DIY approach. For example, it added features to its My Business listings, allowing business owners to advertise whether or not they accept recycling materials and what varieties. But what about us? Sure we can pick up a sustainable phone, but how can we find and support those businesses going the extra mile to help the environment? There are two ways, and we'll show you how.
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Fashion designer who lost her job because of Covid-19 reveals how she spent £19,000 transforming her dingy house by following YouTube DIY tutorials - and added £67,000 to the value of her home

A fashion designer who was made redundant during the pandemic, soon after buying a fixer-upper home, has revealed how she added £67,000 to the value of the outdated property in just one year – while retraining to be a teacher. Tasmin Blaney, 29, and her partner Phil Bolger, 30, originally...

DIY | 5 Common iPhone Issues You Can Easily Repair Yourself

If you have an iPhone, you know how great it can be at times, but you also know it is not hard to damage. Even if the iPhone 12 and 13 have a ceramic shield that’s four times stronger, there’s still a chance of cracking the screen. Not only that but there are many other problems your iPhone can give you without warning.

Why daffodils are the new tulips

This time last year, I was hastily shoving dozens of daffodil bulbs into every patio pot within a 10ft radius. I’d wound up with bags of the things, freebies from the nursery I’d made my bulb order with that year. I remember my scepticism: it was late October, the grass was carpeted with yellow leaves, the clematis was looking jaundiced. I don’t like yellow in the garden at the best of times, but the notion of a bright and bawdy daff was particularly unappealing.

DIY Halloween Card from Kids

When our daughter was younger, “we” made a lot of holiday cards for our far-away family. These usually consisted of a seasonal handprint or footprint. I’d paint her hand or foot, she’d stomp, I’d decorate the page to look more like whatever holiday animal or character (ghost, turkey, reindeer, etc.). Then she’d draw something inside.

DIY Welding Table Is Portable and Takes a Beating

Sitting inside one Tennessee shop, it was hard not to notice the welding setup. In the center, a massive welding table topped with a 1-inch-thick slab of steel. Never saw one that big. And no army was going to move it. At a shop in Illinois, the owner hoisted a...

Easy DIY Shelf Brackets

This DIY was created from necessity for my specific shelving obstacles I had to over come. In the first photo you can see I had purchased metal shelf brackets and once I put them up I realized how unlevel and bent they were. My shelves were tipping forward and as you can see, the bottom shelf pulled out my large wall anchors. Creating another issue...giant holes in my wall.

PHOTOS: Prof Balunywa tips Early Risers at Club’s DIY Awards

KAMPALA – Makerere University Business School (MUBS) Principal Prof Wasswa Balunywa has underscored the need to nurture children’s talents so as they can ably use them. Prof Balunywa who was presiding over the DIY awards ceremony of the Early Risers Club on Saturday at Skyz Hotel in Naguru, urged the young stars to be cautious about things and learn to discover what they don’t know.

Feels Like Home is NOW Available

A fantastic book by Marian Parsons released this week by Worthy Publishing. This beautiful, coffee table type book, Feels Like Home Transforming your space from Uninspiring to Uniquely Yours. In this book, DIY makeover queen Parsons gives budget friendly tips on creating the rooms and home that fits your personality...

Solo Female Van Life – DIY Promaster – Building Sustainable Income Whi…

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DIY How to Make Bike Rim Trellis for The Garden

Are you interested in gardening in an nontraditional way? You can build a trellis and grow your own crops in a neat and tidy way while adding beauty to your yard. Reusing old bike rims keeps them out of landfills and it allows you to save money while making unique items. You can create a trellis so that you have an item that is both practical and useful. This trellis can then be used to grow your own tomatoes, berries, peas, and more. It adds beauty to your yard and also gives you fresh produce that you can enjoy, as well. Have old bicycle or get it from thrift store to create a trellis and grow your own garden freshies.

How To Make An Effective DIY Natural Sunscreen At Home

Have you stepped out of a building by 1pm on a sunny day? If yes, then you know that the heat emanating from the sun is certainly not a joke. Your skin begins to feel like it is literally burning. Some of us can avoid being under the sun because we spend most of the time indoors, but for those who necessity demands they be out in the sun, you’ve got to protect your skin anyway you can. Wear a hat, use your umbrella, and above all, invest in a good sunscreen. Recipe for homemade sunscreen.

THE BUOYS // Through Rain, Hail And DIY Disasters

The Buoys are well and truly back in town, and they’ve brought a rockin new EP with them. HARD ONS: Now With Added Tim Rogers // MINISTRY: Snapshot Of Dystopia REVIEWS: ICE NINE KILLS: The Silver Scream 2: Welcome to Horrorwood // TRIVIUM: In The Court Of The Dragon // ASKING ALEXANDRIA: See What’s On The Inside // WAGE WAR: Manic // TWELVE FOOT NINJA: Vengeance // THE BUOYS: Unsolicited Advice For Your DIY Disaster.

DIY Bloody Dripping Candles

For my daughter’s birthday this year, which also happens to be near Halloween, we decided to do a vampire-themed birthday party. Since she is 12, we wanted to do some spooky decorations. This project is so easy, and I had my 14-year-old help with this, and we had fun making...

Here’s What Guys Are Pinning on Pinterest (28 Photos)

It’s probably not a revelation to tell you that Pinterest skews heavily female. 70% in fact, according to a recent study. But what’s more interesting is that men and women use Pinterest for vastly different reasons and in starkly divergent ways. Women are using Pinterest in a far more inspirational and motivational way than are men, who are more likely to use Pinterest as a visual bookmarking tool.

DIY How to Make Swimming Pool Out of Pallets

Amazed with the Hay Bale Swimming Pool? You will love this swimming pool we are going to share today!! It is so cool to recycle pallets into this fabulous swimming pool for outdoor fun in Summer! Torben Jung, a Germany guy, shared on Facebook this inspirational DIY project that you may want to have a go, too! This pool project is so great that you don’t need spend too much money and efforts to build, or dig the ground, you can easily disassemble it after Summer. You can get the free pallets from lowe’s or home depot or other home appliance store! To make this cool pool you will need 10 pallets and your entire investment will be less than $80.