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Dinosaurs wreak havoc at restaurant in attempt to find owner

JONESBORO — A group of dinosaurs has been wreaking havoc at Houlihan’s on Red Wolf Boulevard in Jonesboro for nearly two weeks as employees search for their owner. The five toys first made their appearance on Tuesday evening, July 20. Kaitlyn Skaggs-Bond, dining room supervisor at Houlihan’s, said she noticed...
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Dinosaur killer asteroid research says source in solar system

It would appear that we’re a bit closer to the source of the asteroid that killed all the dinosaurs on Earth. Researchers from Southwest Research Institute published a paper this week with research on material samples harvested from the crater dated back to the event that changed the course of life on Earth. Perhaps most surprising among the details shared by the researchers was the high frequency of elements similar to those found in other asteroids that hit the earth relatively frequently, meaning… this asteroid wasn’t quite as rare as we might’ve thought.
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Exceptionally Preserved Fossil Sheds Light on the Evolution of How Dinosaurs Breathed

Using an exceptionally preserved fossil from South Africa, a particle accelerator, and high-powered x-rays, an international team including a University of Minnesota researcher has discovered that not all dinosaurs breathed in the same way. The findings give scientists more insight into how a major group of dinosaurs, including well-known creatures like the triceratops and stegosaurus, evolved.
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No, A Pterodactyl (Flying Dinosaur) Did NOT Fly Over Idaho

Not to bum you out, but this Idaho pterodactyl sighting has been debunked... But if it isn't a pterodactyl, what IS in this video?. I had seen some rumblings of this on Facebook recently, something about a video of a pterodactyl (a flying dinosaur) being filmed flying over Idaho. This might be more exciting than a Big Foot sighting seeing as the dinosaurs went extinct 65 million years ago.
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Prehistoric Fun! Check Out Live And Interactive Dinosaurs 2 Hours From Utica

Have a kiddo in your life that has a fascination with dinosaurs? Maybe you're an all-grown-up kiddo that loves them. You could have some prehistoric fun only a few hours away. On display are what is being called live-sized and interactive dinosaurs with STEAM, which is an acronym for science, technology, engineering, art, and math. That makes it not only fun but educational too. All of that fun is happening at Universal Preservation Hall in Saratoga.
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Omno - Official Launch Trailer

Omno is an adventure game that takes players on a journey of discovery through an ancient world. From sun blasted deserts, to lush forests you'll meet a variety of interesting creatures including turtles, crabs, and even dinosaurs. Dash, sail, and glide across each region as you explore Omno's beautiful environments. There are hidden secrets to unearth, and puzzles to solve along the way. You'll also need to use a magic staff to take advantage of the relics you discover. Omno is now available on PlayStation 4, Xbox, Xbox Game Pass, and PC (via Steam and Epic Games Store). It'll arrive later on Nintendo Switch, although developer StudioInkyfox has yet to announce a release date.
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New on HBO Max in August 2021: The Suicide Squad, Titans, and More

August 2021 will finally see the release of The Suicide Squad on HBO Max - James Gunn's superhero action adventure film that has some of DC's most degenerate delinquents joining a do-or-die mission to hopefully get them out of prison. However, that's not all for DC fans, as season 3 of Titans will also premiere in August and will see our heroes drawn to Gotham City to reunite with old friends and face new threats.

Jurassic Quest roars into San Antonio this fall with 100 animatronic dinosaurs

Jurassic Quest, the largest dinosaur exhibit in North America, is set to stampede San Antonio's own Freeman Coliseum Expo Hall this fall. From September 24 to October 3, journey into the Jurassic age to witness renderings of 100 photo-real, animatronic dinosaurs. Though, yes, no one has ever truly laid eyes...