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Tom Hardy's new TV project lands first trailer

A first trailer for Tom Hardy's new TV series Predators has been released. The Venom star narrates the new Sky Nature documentary series, which spans five episodes following five different predators across the globe. They include cheetahs in Tanzania, polar bears in Canada, lions in Botswana, pumas in Chile and...
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Claudia Winkleman's new show The Traitors starts with huge twist - Digital Spy

Headed up by Strictly presenter Claudia Winkleman, two contestants were sent packing before the game had even begun, Amos and Kieran. After contestants arrived at the Traitors' Castle in the Scottish Highlands on a steam train, Claudia tasked them with lining up in order of who they thought was least, and most, likely to win the competition.
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The Pact Season 3: Will it happen? most recent BBC drama news

The anthology drama ended its second run with a hard-hitting finale. The Pact’s second season came to an abrupt close on BBC One tonight, carrying a shocking climax that will leave viewers in disbelief and potentially clamoring for more. Pete McTighe (Doctor Who, The Rising), the show’s creator, decided...
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Violent Night Star David Harbour Wants a Sexy Santa Cinematic Universe

Violent Night star David Harbour has actually joked that he desires a Santa cinematic universe starring fellow “daddies” Pedro Pascal and Oscar Isaac. Harbour stars as Santa Claus in the violent black funny Christmas movie that follows Santa safeguarding a household on an estate from a group of mercenaries.

Money Heist star Alba Flores lands next lead role

Money Heist star Alba Flores has confirmed her next lead role, with the star set to re-team with one of the show's directors. Best known for playing Ágata Jiménez (aka Nairobi) in the Netflix series, the actress will appear in and executive produce Ulterior, a new sci-fi thriller, according to Deadline.

Interview With The Vampire Season 2: When It’s Gonna Release?

The Vampire Interview on AMC is doomed to fail. Because of the immense success of both the original Anne Rice novels and the campy ’90s film adaptation, any attempt at a retelling of the story feels like something of a risk. And yet, here we are, with a show that not only ranks among the finest of the year but also manages to do more justice to Rice’s work than any previous adaptation ever has.

Strictly Come Dancing's Darcey Bussell explains why she quit as a judge

Former Strictly Come Dancing judge Darcey Bussell has explained the reasons behind her exit. The former ballet dancer was a Strictly judge for seven years before her sudden departure in 2019. In an interview, she said that she felt her views and those of producers didn't align on how she was going to present herself in the studio.

‘Wednesday’ stars paint their polarizing potential futures in wake of the shocking season one cliffhanger

Warning: The following article contains spoilers for Wednesday. Right now, Wednesday is on Netflix and is reminding viewers of why the mysterious, spooky, creepy, and spooky ooky kooky can be fun. Though we did give it a positive review, it ends on one tantalizing cliffhanger that has left the fate of its crucial characters up in the air. Thankfully, even though the actors are as much in the dark as we are, they have shared some much-needed insight into what the future could hold for their respective characters.

Radio 2 & Radio 4 FM/LW earmarked for emergency announcements/information.

In the event of power cuts this winter, the Guardian reports having seen evidence that both Radio 2 and Radio 4 FM & LW will be used to broadcast emergency announcements/information should parts of the UK have to have their power cut this winter:. What has changed since last month?...

Jake Gyllenhaal's Disney movie flops at box office

Jake Gyllenhaal's latest film Strange World is expected to lose $100 million after registering as one of Disney's worst opening weekends. Premiered on November 23, the film was due to attract Thanksgiving cinemagoers in the US, but debuted with $11.9 million across 4,174 North American theatres at the weekend, going slightly up to $18.6 million over the five-day holiday period (via Variety).

Daniel Radcliffe’s Absurd Remarks Regarding Locking Emma Watson’s Lips

In the “Harry Potter” films, sparks could also fly from other objects, rather than wands. Hogwarts students experienced amazing life situations like crushes and first kisses as they grew up despite the fear of a particular genocidal wizard gaining control. It was harder for actors Emma Watson, Daniel Radcliffe, and Rupert Grint to create those lighthearted scenes in a world approaching a grim future than it was to make a forgetting potion under Professor Snape’s watchful eye.

Riverdale: Has The Teen Series Been Unfairly Criticized?

Soon after Riverdale Started airing in 2017, it quickly became the punching bag of the internet. Whenever a show is canceled on Netflix, there is an uproar as it should have been Riverdale Instead it was canned. An example of this is canceling community As a result of COVID, as reported by Digital Spy. This line of reasoning is a controversial point because Riverdale Not a Netflix original.

Wednesday Season 2 : Gwendoline Christie announces the continuation during an interview ?

Since it was put online on Netflix, the new original creation featuring Jenna Ortega keeps gaining in popularity. In less than 24 hours it has become the most watched series in the world on the streaming platform with the red logo and subscribers are eagerly waiting to know if the season 2 of Wednesday will be ordered by the American company.

Is the Addams Family Hispanic?

In the Tim Burton–directed series (co-created by Alfred Gough and Miles Millar), teen Jenna Ortega plays the title role of Wednesday Thee Addams, who must solve a murder mystery involving her new high school, her parents, and some of her friends. The eight episodes of Wednesday’s first season resolve...

Wednesday Season 2: Gwendoline Christie Teases Her Return

Wednesday Season 2 is almost all but confirmed for Netflix, and one of the stars of the show’s first season, Gwendoline Christie, has teased that she could be returning for the second season. She revealed this during a recent interview with Digital Spy, and I have to say, I really hope she does return as Principle Weems because she was brilliant in the role.