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How to organize your photos so they’ll last forever

Memories fade, but photographs are forever. Okay, that’s a little cliché, but it’s true. Photographs document the special people and events in your life, capturing the small moments that spark stories, lively conversation, and bittersweet nostalgia. Further, they also allow future generations to connect with family from the past. Whether...
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Friday Camera Deals: 5 Best Bargains on Photo Gear

If you’re in the market for new camera gear, there’s no better time to buy than now with dozens of great deals on photo equipment from Amazon, B&H, and other retailers. But since we know your time is valuable, we’ve combed through all the deals, discounts, and rebates on cameras, lenses, and photo accessories and have picked our five favorite sales on photo gear below.
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How Tom Oswald changed digital photo-sharing with ClickASnap

Every entrepreneur is faced with a challenge: identify a problem facing a unique demographic, and create an innovative product or service that can solve that problem more effectively, efficiently, and cost effectively than others like it. Entrepreneurs within the realm of photography - particularly digital photography and photo sharing -...
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Olympic dreams | Photo of the week

Nebraska volleyball's Jordan Larson stands next to the Olympic rings in Tokyo. Larson is playing in her third Olympics, having earned silver in 2012 and bronze in 2016 as part of Team USA's women's volleyball team. The university will have eight athletes representing four countries at the 2020 Tokyo games....

25 Best Canvas Prints Online Right Now

Looking for some of the best canvas prints online right now? Your search ends here − we have all the information you need to find the right shop. Whether it’s a snapshot you took on your last vacation or a cherished family photograph, there’s nothing like a canvas print to bring those memories to life.

6 Top Tips for Shooting Epic Landscape Photos

(Editor’s Note: This landscape photography how-to from professional photographer Mike Mezeul II is part of a monthly series on Digital Photo where top pros from Nikon USA’s Ambassadors program share their simple tips, tricks, and advice on how to be a better photographer.) To turn an ordinary landscape photo into...
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The best digital photo frame

BestReviews is reader-supported and may earn an affiliate commission. Details. Photographs are sentimental and preserve memories but keeping a stack of them lying around or stored on your phone isn’t practical. To save space and maximize your photo storage options, purchase a digital photo frame. Digital photo frames are the...

4 Tips for Digital Photos’ Maintenance and Storage

Let’s imagine that you got back from your amazing vacation in the Bahamas, and you have a photo library filled to the seams with vacation pics you want to share online. You sit down, open up your phone…and are soon lost in a proverbial sea of disorganized chaos. What steps can you take to avoid this nightmare from becoming reality?

50 Realistic Nature Sunlight Digital Photo Overlays

Natural Sunlight Digital Overlays Backdrops Background Photography nature sunset photo editing wedding Digital download photoshop Overlay lens flare sunshine. 50 Realistic Nature Digital Overlays Backdrops & Background Photography adds beautiful sunlight effects to your photos. This natural light Photo Editing pack contains a wide array of lens flare, sunshine, sunset photography, wedding backdrop, photoshop Overlay, photography backdrop, and sunlight photography that you can use to capture the perfect mood in your image or footage. This photo Digital download has 50 kinds of sun rays in different shapes, sizes, light directions, and color themes. Use for all kinds of outdoor photography, Wedding photography, and party photography.

How to Take Product Photos and Animate them with OFFEO

How to Take Product Photos and Animate them with OFFEO. Edward Weston said, “The camera sees more than the eye so why not make use of it”. A good picture can convey a thousand emotions that we all know, but a great product photo can be beneficial to your website. Earlier clicking product photos and putting them up was considered costly because of the need to hire professionals. However, with time, nowadays anybody can create eye-catching, high-quality images to promote their products online. And with a hint of the right amount of animation things are going to turn in all the right ways for your website. So, let’s dive in and learn more about how to take beautiful product photography and improve your business.

Learn the Basics of Lightroom 2021 with this Free Tutorial

If you want to edit your photos like a pro but you’re still a beginner, check out this comprehensive and easy free tutorial on the basics of Lightroom 2021. Led by pro photographer David Manning, the below 25-minute video is an excellent introduction to many of key editing tools in Lightroom.
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Herbie moment | Photo of the week

Herbie Husker gives a high five to Breanna Alberts, youngest daughter of Trev and Angie Alberts. Trev Alberts was announced as the university’s next athletic director on July 14. Trev Alberts, who is the 16th athletic director in program history, returns to his alma mater after spending the last 12...