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Goated Media – California’s Coolest, Los Angeles Real Estate Marketing Agency is being built by a dynamic Hispanic Couple

Goated media helps with Digital marketing management, social media management, consulting, photography and more. Founded by the Hispanic couple Moises Rosales and Alejandra Hurtado, Goated Media have been assisting brands with developing and implementing Digital Marketing strategies since 2018 to boost their online presence via the use of exciting content and imaginative storytelling.
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FlipHTML5 Catalog Generator Activates Audiences and Business Performance

Directly lead readers to websites or product listing pages by inserting clickable buttons in the catalog. FlipHTML5 recently launched its catalog generator, which helps produce quality catalog content and interest audiences. Traditional catalogs have been replaced by digital catalogs due to their slow delivery, limited distribution, and relatively high costs....
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Everything You Need to Know About the New, Revamped NBA App

Social Media Week Europe gives you exclusive access to live discussions with social media and digital marketing experts in London, 7–8 Nov. Save 20% on your pass today (ends 3 Oct.). The National Basketball Association released its completely overhauled NBA App Tuesday, a product of NBA Digital, the league’s...

Why Saudi Arabia is a Booming Market for D2C Industry

The Middle East region consists of one of the highest chunks of digital natives, a population that grew up with smartphones. These young tech-savvy consumers are massively influenced by social media and are more informed, value-driven as compared to their older generations. They are open to exploring and experimenting with newer brands that relate to their ideals and ideologies. McKinsey’s study found Millennials to be 3 times more likely to see new brands as better and more innovative and 2 times more likely to prefer up-and-coming designer brands. Pushed by the pandemic and stay-at-home restrictions, people have changed the ways they shop, and brands need to adapt and change as per the needs of the people. Many of the world’s consumer brands have accelerated their investment strategies to D2C (Direct to Consumer). The traditional grocery shopping to brick-and-mortar stores with long queues to car parking and checkout have reduced substantially and are being replaced by web-enabled purchases providing safety, simplicity, and speed. This has opened a plethora of opportunities in the retail sector for innovation and improvisation.

Why data-driven linear is the last piece of the marketing puzzle

Pharma spends almost its entire advertising budget — a startling 75% — on live broadcast (or, linear) TV commercials, attempting to convert patients that may not even be watching. Instead of relying on demographics and other failed metrics for planning, marketers need to take a data-driven approach to linear investment to connect the entire television ecosystem, optimize budgets and leverage cross-channel attribution with a single custom patient audience.