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Last chance: 50% off photo magazine deals are about to end

Looking for a great deal on a photo magazine that arrives through your door every month - then this Black Friday subscription deal is the perfect solution! With our 50% off deal you can get photo inspiration and instruction sent to you ever month - or sent to a friend or family member as a gift that they can keep on enjoying all year. This offer was due to finish at the end of Cyber Monday - but now has been extended another day, until 10am GMT on 01 December.
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Share Your Colors: The Artist Building Fantasy Worlds

Alluring dreamscapes, glowing orbs, and jellyfish in space. Welcome to Tithi Luadthong’s imagination. Everyone has a unique story to share, and Shutterstock has the assets that allow you to share it. That’s why this holiday season, we’re inviting you to receive 25% off, site-wide, as part of our Share Your Colors campaign. Simply enter code SHARE 25 at checkout. Click here to learn more.
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Save 20% on a must-have Wacom tablet this Black Friday

If you're new to digital art and looking to get an entry level drawing tablet there's no better than the Wacom Intuos Pro. You can save 20% at Newegg, where the small model has dropped from $249.99 to $199.95. There are a lot of Wacom deals floating around today, but for newcomers the savings on the small and medium models found here are unmissable .
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Fak’ugesi exhibition gallery honours digital artists from Africa, diaspora

Tshimologong Innovation Precinct and BetterShared will end the year on a high note with the launch of an all-new virtual 3D gallery space, which will run between 25 November 2021 and 04 January 2022. The Fak’ugesi exhibition space is an engaging platform for discovering and purchasing some of the best...

Recharger Unwind

Can you recall a better feel when invited to an event or plan by your friend’s parents? Because in retrospective to those moments, we remembered how earnest and friendly they were. Those same feelings come back with Recharger​​​​​​​ Unwind visual identity designed by Caserne. What’s unique about this display is its link to digital artworks.
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Get Over 100 Hours of Digital Art Training for Less Than $10

It's an exhilarating feeling, knowing you can make a living off your art. If you doubt the fact that there's a market for eye-catching imagery, just look at the continuing success of Instagram. Of course, going pro with your work takes a little more investment in honing your skills. There's...

What Is The Best Program To Create Digital Art?

I use a Wacom Cintiq touchscreen. With a Wacom Intuos Pro Paper Edition, you can create impressive art. An annual subscription to ImagineFX magazine. A review of Apple’s iPad Pro and Apple Pencil…. You can download Clip Studio Paint EX for iOS here. Don’t stop creating. Table of contents. 1....

How To Create Snow Pen Digital Art?

You can express yourself very well through digital art. You can brand yourself and reach your target market by creating your own artwork for your own product line. This can be a fun way to get your work seen by the masses. Table of contents. 1. Is Krita good for...

Osama Gharib is an Egyptian Award-Winning Digital Artist

Osama Gharib was born in Egypt, on January 27, 1996, and studied at faculty of applied arts, Prior to immigrating to the Kingdom Saudi Arabia, he was a designer, creating covers and illustrations. He moved to the Egypt in 2019, he worked for major magazines and top brands in various industries and top branding agencies in the MENA region.

Where To Print My Digital Art?

Can you please tell me what kind of paper or finish to type of paper or finish should I use? Printing on a white cardstock paper or matte photo paper would provide a non-glare, matte finish, which is recommended when printing chalkboard style prints. Depending on your preference, you can use any type of photo paper to achieve a glossy effect.

Unity’s biggest acquisition ever

Before we dive in, a heads up: Brian Heater’s really-really-really good robotics column, Actuator, is becoming a newsletter as of December 2. Sign up here! And while you’re at it, sign up for the Week in Review so you never miss an update. Let’s recap the big news this week.

23 fun Christmas gifts for digital artists

Choosing a Christmas gift can be hard. Chances are the digital artist you know already has a Wacom Studio Pro, the latest Huion tablet, or Apple Pencil, so what do you get them this holiday season? Get them a gift to make them smile!. Rather than point you in the...

Everything You Need to Know About Converting Illustrations to Digital Drawings

The use of technology has infiltrated the art world extensively with a lot of artists hosting their creative works on digital platforms. It also appears to be that visits to art galleries and museums are slowly declining in response to the possibility of accessing creative works on virtual platforms. This possibility therefore raises the need for illustrators to identify which of their illustrations can be made into digital drawings as a means of not only preserving their works but also creating a legacy for the future generations.

Interview with KeremGo3D, Creative Digital Artist

Continuing on with the Stock-Wizards interview series, I’m happy to welcome, KeremGo3D, a super-creative and positive Digital Artist, who is also venturing into the book cover world at Arcangel! Let’s get started!. Thanks for taking part in this exclusive interview for the Brutally Honest Blog. Please tell me about yourself....

Artist Profile: Kate Angus

From lined paper and Sharpies to digital drawing, Kate Angus, a senior at CHS, has been drawing for 5 years. In middle school, Angus was fascinated with digital art. They decided to give it a try after asking other digital artists for guidance. “I chose it [digital drawing] as my...