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Editorial: Dogs are on the agenda in the Texas Legislature, but not foster kids

Most parents don’t take kindly to disapproving glares or unsolicited parenting advice from other parents, knowing that no family is immune to occasional tantrums, injuries and sassy disobedience. But few moms and dads would take advice from a parent whose toddler is dirty with matted hair, protruding ribs, pocked with...
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Celtic’s Dickensian Nightmare – Well Done, The Stadium

OPINION: Interim CEO Michael Nicholson is reminiscent of Uriah Heep, and “team player” tag affirms these fears…. It speaks at last. Well, a statement was produced anyway. We’re getting really good at them eh?. As our “acting CEO” spoke to the fans for the first time since Dom McKay was...

Live events Charleston — what’s coming up

1. Charleston Virtual Game Night: Trivia, Charades, and Drawing over Video; 2. Bacchus & Books Presents Wine Wednesday Featuring Hungarian Wines!; 3. A Christmas Carol; 4. 2021 Champs for the Children 5K 10K 13.1 26.2-Participate from Home.Save $5; 5. Springtime in Charleston 2022;

Stories I Loved: “A Day in the Life” Challenge Winners and Runners-Up

We recently wrapped up our A Day in the Life Challenge here on Vocal. The prompt was simple:. Close to 500 creators participated in this Challenge, and personally, I was floored by the responses. As head of Content Moderation at Vocal, I always have my finger on the pulse of the creative community, and I felt that pulse quicken — creators were excited to share what they do, and more importantly, why it matters. Despite the hardships, many of you said:

Parents in the UAE, put your teens to work

A new 'teen work permit' brings the benefits of employment experience to the Emirates' youth. The UAE government announced teen work permits earlier this month, allowing children aged 15 and older to get part-time jobs. My teenage children think this is terrific news. Similarly, from personal experience, I appreciate the valuable lessons that part-time employment can teach a child.

Financial victims kept waiting eight years for justice

Consumers have been left in limbo for years by organisations that are supposed to be the last line of defence to help them fight rogue financial firms. A Telegraph Money investigation has found that the Pensions Ombudsman, the Financial Ombudsman Service and the Housing Ombudsman have all failed to meet their targets for resolving disputes. They now face accusations of denying wronged consumers access to justice.

‘Someone Stole A Dead Body’. A new case for Stride and Cully. @CathyRy reviews Desire And Deceit by @carolJhedges for #RBRT

Today’s team review is from Cathy. She blogs here Cathy has been reading Desire And Deceit by Carol Hedges. London during 1868 is experiencing the hottest summer on record, wilting under the relentless heat and resulting odours. Detective Inspector Leo Stride, feeling the lack of his daily caffeine from the usual coffee stalls holders who have forsaken London for the much cooler countryside, is summoned along with his colleague DS Jack Cully to the morgue. There was a problem. A body had gone missing.

Riverdale gets Dickensian for Archie's Holiday Magic

© Provided by GamesRadar Archie’s Holiday Magic. The Riverdale gang will get a tour of their past, present, and future in a Hallmark Channel-esque anthology titled Archie’s Christmas Magic. Debuting December 8 (just in time for the holidays), Archie’s Christmas Magic will be taking the classic formula of Charles Dickens’ The Christmas Carol and fitting it into Riverdale lore – with Archie filling the role of Ebenezer Scrooge.

When You’re Strange: 5 Gen X Films That Shaped My Goth Goth Heart

My elder sibling and I grew up with a single mom who, despite her mental health concerns, worked her ass off to provide for us. So she didn’t have much time, energy, or money to spend on activities. Hell, a lot of parents of Gen X kids weren’t very involved in their kids’ lives. In many ways, I am grateful for this freedom because we grew up to be artists. For now, we’ll put all the trauma in a little box and slide it under the sofa.