Country diary: an army of volunteers is no match for the Himalayan balsam

It’s mid-September and the Himalayan balsam is on the march. A band of volunteers has gathered in the little wild wetland that our group looks after. The railway embankment along one side is brimming over with pink and white flowers. They float above the brambles, froth along the pathways and decorate the streamside. It’s an absolute nightmare.
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Country diary 1946: firstfruits of harvest debate

We do not mind when the Harvest Thanksgiving falls. I am amused by the heated arguments the subject has aroused. It is not a very old custom, and it is not one of the church’s festivals proper. There is nothing of the Saints about it. Someone has taken “firstfruits” to mean early crops. I think it is meant that we are to give of our best. Do the bloated vegetable marrows with name and address scratched on them at a tender age come under the heading? Considerable trouble is expended on them. Nourishment is conducted to them from bottles by means of strands of worsted.
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Diary of an Almost Author

There are few things as magical as reading a book that fully immerses you in a new world. Poetic and profound prose can evoke powerful feelings that remain with you for your entire life, transforming how you see the world. With that in mind, Shondaland is exploring the world of books, from authors sharing their favorite reads to a publisher explaining the need for more transparency in the industry to a nearly published author sharing what it’s like to be on the brink of putting her book out into the world. Happy reading!

‘Secret Prisoner’ exposes horrors from jail diary of his five years behind bars

An ex-prisoner of HMP Wandsworth has published the diary he kept while in prison to expose what he claims life is really like on the inside. The ‘Secret Prisoner’ was a South West London Category B jail for fraud. He says he witnessed horrendous living conditions, including sex attacks and rapes of inmates and the inability to get toilet paper.

Zan's wildlife diary: The raucous wren

THE Eurasian wren – an inconspicuous bird with a powerful song – is one of Britain’s most common birds, with breeding pairs estimated at about seven million. Although widely distributed and easily identifiable due to its tiny size, brown plumage, and perky, pointy tail, it is heard much more often than it is seen.

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Can’t Knock The Hustle: WWE Extreme Rules Running Diary

On paper, this is the least extreme Extreme Rules card of all-time. If you’re a longtime WWE fan, though, you know that the company has a lengthy track record of pulling out great events when they don’t look great on paper. I’m not saying we’re going to get barbed wire, fire, thumbtacks, and all that jazz tonight, but I wouldn’t be surprised if this show ends up being pretty good, even without the usual “extreme” stipulations that we would get.

The Diary Duel

In August 2013, Josh Cheng, a Chinese businessman, was reading the newly published memoir of Li Rui, a senior Chinese Communist Party official, when he got an idea. In the book, which was banned in mainland China because it criticized the party, Li Rui revealed that he had maintained a diary since the 1930s, when he first joined the Chinese revolution.Cheng had secured his copy in Hong Kong. As a one-time secretary to Party chairman Mao Zedong, Li’s personal diaries were sure to offer an invaluable perspective on critical events in modern Chinese history. Li intimated that he planned to entrust the diaries to his daughter, Li Nanyang, so she could find a place for them to be studied after he died. “It’s hard to remember the details of what transpired when I worked at the Central Organization Department,” Li Rui wrote.” But I’ve kept a diary almost every day. After I die, my daughter, Nanyang, will sort it out.” When Cheng, a graduate of Stanford University, read th.

Dirty tricks – Zimbabwe Vigil Diary

Https:// MDC Alliance spokesperson Fadzayi Mahere said: ‘We have witnessed an unprecedented attempt to decapacitate the main opposition by Zanu PF and its proxies. We expect more: the use of puppet political parties, the violation of democratic freedoms and the abuse of the legal system. Yet we remain unshaken.’ (See:

Spa Diary: Chuan Spa at The Langham, Chicago

I arrived at Chuan Spa at The Langham, Chicago with high expectations. I was long overdue for a spa visit. The last time I was in a spa, the world was different, my body was different. I walked through the Moon Gate, a circular entrance designed to be a portal where you leave your cares behind and begin a new journey.

HyunA sobs after reading a diary full of heartfelt letters written by staff members

HyunA has shed tears after reading a diary full of letters written by the staff members. On Instagram, HyunA uploaded an image of herself weeping after delivering the final stage of "Ping Pong" with her boyfriend Dawn. With a series of crying emojis, HyunA shared a batch of photos of herself and Dawn, teary-eyed after reading a diary.

Spa Diary: BIÂN Chicago

Chicago’s BIÂN isn’t just a spa; it’s a new concept in wellness that brings together multiple services and caretakers in one place. It’s an oasis in a busy city where its members can gather to eat, socialize, work out, meditate, rest or receive spa and medical services. It even has a room where they can nap.