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Santa Monica College Continues Communication, Media & Design Series September 21

Santa Monica College (SMC) continues its Communication, Media & Design Series this fall with a line-up of presentations by industry professionals who will talk about their work and developments in the fields of communication, media, and design today. The series returns on Tuesday, September 21. All presentations in the series...
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Building flowcharts with GoJS

If you’ve worked with charting libraries before, you might be familiar with a few popular ones like D3.js, Chart.js, or ApexCharts. These libraries allow us to programmatically draw basic charts like bar charts, line charts, and histograms, as well as advanced charts like scatter plots. However, a common function that these libraries lack or provide minimal support for is creating flowcharts.

Multiperspective Diagramming

Welcome. This guide is designed for engineers of all kinds who want to use multiperspective diagrams to document and share how their systems work. Multiperspective diagrams are diagrams that have multiple perspectives of the same resources. The resources (boxes) are defined in a model independent from these perspectives. The diagram author then uses the resources in the model to create perspectives. These perspectives visually show how the resources are related and interact in different ways.

10 Types of Venn Diagrams That Help You Visualize Relationships

Venn diagrams provide a creative way to show the relationship between multiple theories, concepts, or subjects. Here, we'll go over the many Venn diagram variants you can make using Visme. But since the layout for Venn diagrams is the same no matter what tool you use to create them, you can make the same type of diagrams using other software and sites as well.
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HR diagram: how we learned that stars evolve

Just like you and me, stars change over time. By studying the characteristics of stars, like their temperature and luminosity, astrophysicists figured out how stars evolve over time. This amazing insight is the primary lesson of the Hertzsprung-Russell (HR) diagram. Human beings, as the species Homo sapiens, have been around...