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GitHub claims its AI assistant is helping devs write 30% of their code

GitHub announced its AI-assisted code writing feature called Copilot back in June. On the eve of its GitHub Universe conference starting today, the company said that the AI is now helping to write 30% of code on the platform. In an interview with Axios, Oege de Moor, VP of GitHub...
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Report: 70% of dev teams admit to skipping security steps

According to a new study by Invicti Security, 70% of development teams always or frequently skip security steps due to time pressures when completing projects. This explains why, in the average organization, 33% of security issues in remediation at any given time come from production code. Security and development teams...
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A new Xbox exclusive could be on the way from The Banner Saga devs

The Banner Saga developer Stoic Studios is reportedly working on an Xbox exclusive. The new details emerged primarily from journalist Jeff Grubb's show on GiantBomb, where the reporter claimed knowledge of a new Xbox exclusive in development from The Banner Saga dev Stoic Studios. This was then largely corroborated by a following report from Windows Central, which also claimed knowledge of the new project.
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Guardians of the Galaxy Devs Praised for Crediting Trans Dev Who Left

Eidos Montreal has been praised by many gamers after a trans developer revealed that they properly credited her despite leaving the development of Guardians of the Galaxy. Cloe Veilleux had worked on the game for three and a half years and was promoted to Technical Level Design Director. She somehow left the development of the game a year before it released to the public. Her expectations were quite low and she did not even think she would be credited since she left during development. She would at least be on the Additional Thanks section, which would be the better situation. To her surprise, she was properly credited for the job and with her new name as well.

Google opens the door for devs to start making their own Material You apps

You've heard plenty already about Material You, the new super-personalized look Google's introducing with Android 12. It's quickly emerged as the main protagonist in the story of the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro (and it's now available on older Pixels too), and plenty of Google apps have received their respective Material You redesigns. For the moment, though, that's largely where the story ends, as third-party apps haven't gone full Material You just yet — aside from a handful adding dynamic wallpaper theming. That should be about to change, as Google has officially released documentation developers can start using to implement Material You in their apps.

Сurrying 101: A Quick Guide for JavaScript Devs

Currying is a method of creating functions with one or several pre-defined arguments. The essence of currying is simple: to take a function of any arity (number of expected arguments) and make it into a unary function. JavaScript's syntax doesn't lend itself well to such functions, which is why, when it comes to JavaScript, implementations of the curry function tend to be less strict and allow to pass several arguments.

Pokémon Unite devs explained why there is no scoreboard in a match

Pokémon Unite stands out among the genre of MOBA games in more than a few features. It’s quite common for MOBA games to have a scoreboard, however ever since the launch of Pokémon unite, players have been wondering about the lack of an in-game scoreboard. According to developers at TiMi Studios Group, that’s by design. The developers seem to have cracked the code for reducing rage-quitting in their game just by turning off the scoreboard.

‘New World’ devs deny a “currency crisis” and say the economy is fine

Amazon Game Studios has said that the economy in New World is “performing within acceptable levels”, despite claims that the market is in the midst of tanking. As spotted by PC Gamer, the New World community believes the MMO is already suffering from deflation, where – according to Player Auctions – “more money is leaving circulation than can be replaced”. This “currency crisis” means that there’s not enough gold generation in New World, so the price of goods is tanking so that people can afford them.
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Warzone players call for devs to not remove Rebirth Island with Vanguard integration

Warzone players have been begging the developers at Raven Software and Sledgehammer Games to keep the Rebirth Island mode after Vanguard’s integration. With Warzone now in Season 6, players have had a lot of time with the Rebirth Island mode, as it was released back in the first season of Black Ops Cold War‘s integration with the battle royale.

The Witcher was improved by its reduced scope and scale, say former devs

The original Witcher game was improved by its reduced scope, CD Projekt Red devs at the time have revealed. Speaking to The Gamer in a new interview is former lead narrative designer Artur Ganszyniec, who worked on The Witcher at CD Projekt Red back in the mid-2000s. Ganszyniec explains in the interview that the original opening of The Witcher was meant to be twice as long, with various extra locations and characters, as well as an entirely new protagonist in a man named Berengar.

Apple lets devs promote in-app events on the App Store | Engadget

As promised at WWDC earlier this year, Apple today will start letting developers highlight their in-app events on the App Store. You’ll need iOS 15 and iPadOS 15 to see the event listings, and they work as you’d expect, allowing you to see seasonal competitions, livestreams and more. It’s a pretty straightforward feature, but it’s the sort of thing that could encourage more people to install and use their apps.

Marvel’s GotG Devs Explain Chewbacca Easter Egg

The developers of Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy have explained how they were able to get the Chewbacca Easter egg into the new game. The developers of Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy have explained the story behind the very hard-to-miss Chewbacca Easter Egg at the start of the game. Given how cautious Disney is with how the Star Wars brand is used, it’s a fun surprise for Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy players. It’s one of many real-life pop culture references in the game, but it also plays a pretty significant role in the rest of the story.

Apex Legends devs want players to name Ash’s pet rat

Season 11 of Apex Legends is sort of upon us, and whereas many gamers are eagerly awaiting new legend Ash, others are extra taken by her pet rat – and the devs need followers to call it. When the next season of Apex Legends debuts on November 2, gamers will...

Overwatch devs admit Junkrat and Cassidy buffs went too far in latest patch

The latest Experimental Overwatch patch which saw Junkrat and Cole Cassidy receive some major buffs will not go through as originally tested, as the developers believe they’re now “too strong.”. The October 21 Overwatch update received a lot of criticism from fans who pushed back against changes to Cole Cassidy...

FFXIV devs update harassment rules, will issue “in-game restraining orders” against stalkers

The Final Fantasy XIV devs want to do more to combat stalking and harassment, and it seems one of the steps in that process has begun today. The developers have greatly expanded the wording of the rules around harassment, and made clear that stalking can result in an “in-game restraining order” against offending players. Violations may also be penalised if they’re discovered through public in-game communications or a stream.