Dev diary: damage system.

One of the main and most important issues when working out the mechanics of melee weapons is the damage system. There are many approaches, each of which is necessary for one purpose or another - from the simplest point damage, like in Counter Strike and similar games, to almost absolute match of the player's movements to inflicting damage, as it's implemented in any "adult" RPG. Second one is exactly our kind of case.
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Single-cell analysis identifies a key role for Hhip in murine coronal suture development

Craniofacial development depends on formation and maintenance of sutures between bones of the skull. In sutures, growth occurs at osteogenic fronts along the edge of each bone, and suture mesenchyme separates adjacent bones. Here, we perform single-cell RNA-seq analysis of the embryonic, wild type murine coronal suture to define its population structure. Seven populations at E16.5 and nine at E18.5 comprise the suture mesenchyme, osteogenic cells, and associated populations. Expression of Hhip, an inhibitor of hedgehog signaling, marks a mesenchymal population distinct from those of other neurocranial sutures. Tracing of the neonatal Hhip-expressing population shows that descendant cells persist in the coronal suture and contribute to calvarial bone growth. In Hhip−/− coronal sutures at E18.5, the osteogenic fronts are closely apposed and the suture mesenchyme is depleted with increased hedgehog signaling compared to those of the wild type. Collectively, these data demonstrate that Hhip is required for normal coronal suture development.
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Call of Duty: Vanguard Dev Error 10323 Fix

After a surprisingly uneventful launch, some players are having issues with dev error 10323 in Call of Duty: Vanguard. Unfortunately, like many issues, there’s no helpful text to let players know why they’re getting the error. Additionally, error 10323 seems to be localized to the Xbox Series X version of COD Vanguard. However, there’s always the possibility it might appear on another platform.

Game developers reveal their salaries

#GameDevPaidMe is once again trending on Twitter, with countless video game industry workers around the world sharing their salaries, in hopes of encouraging employers to pay developers fair wages. Workers from different sectors of the gaming industry, and from various game studios such as Bungie, Activision Blizzard, Riot Games, Ubisoft,...

Halo Infinite Dev Hopes The Game Helps Lift Your Spirits During The Pandemic

Halo Infinite is finally here. After years of development and a lengthy delay, Microsoft's first new mainline Halo game since 2015 is out today across Xbox, PC, and the cloud. Halo Infinite head of creative, Joseph Staten, released a statement celebrating the game's launch and commenting on the environment into which it's releasing. "... this game is launching at an incredibly tough time," Staten said. "The COVID-19 pandemic has profoundly disrupted families and friendships. It has radically altered the way we work and collaborate as well as how we interact with each other on a fundamental human level. And honestly, some days, it's been hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel."

New Windows 11 develop examinations Voice Accessibility, Limelight histories

Microsoft released a meaningful Windows Expert Improve Wednesday for the Dev network, evaluating one significant enhancement: Voice Accessibility, in addition to a number of customization enhancements that must rate by Windows customers. Technically, the brand-new attributes supplied in Build 22518 of the Dev Network for Windows 11 are brand-new, untried...

Microsoft is releasing Notepad with a dark mode for Windows 11 Insiders

Microsoft is beta-testing a makeover of its venerable Notepad programme, which includes dark mode, a better search / find and replace interface, improved undoing, and more. While the cosmetic upgrades are pleasant, such as the addition of dark mode, an improved right-click menu, and Windows’ new theme-adopting material, the functional updates will likely be the most significant upgrade for anyone who uses Notepad. The text search tool and the find and replace tool are two separate pop-up windows that are activated by two different keyboard keys in the current version of the programme that ships with Windows 11. Instead of looking like it’s from the XP era, the makeover blends them into a single floating bar.
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Qualcomm QC710 Developer Kit Review

Qualcomm's QC710 Developer Kit ($219), also known as the Liva Mini Box QC710 Desktop and based on ECS's Liva mini-PC platform, is designed as an app-testing platform. But it also shows the chipmaker's challenges as it tries to get manufacturers and application developers over to its ARM-based Windows-on-Snapdragon system. Running Qualcomm's midrange Snapdragon 7c chip, this tiny PC is desperately underpowered in most ways, underscoring that it's really only for hobbyists or Windows-on-ARM application developers. Consumers specifically on the hunt for Snapdragon Windows PCs should check out systems like the Lenovo Flex 5G or the Microsoft Surface Pro X instead.

Android 12L Beta 1 rolls out with fresh updates for developers to explore

Google introduced the Android 12L at Android Dev Summit in October owing to the growth in the number of large screen mobile devices. With the newest form factors such as foldables and Chromebooks in mind, the whole user experience is finely tuned for these devices. Now the 12L Beta 1 has just been dropped for the ecosystem bringing a polished system UI, better multitasking, and compatibility support. All this means a very refined experience for the end-users, as apps will look incredible right out of the box on larger devices.

Visualize your Apache Kafka Streams using the Quarkus Dev UI

This article shows how you can visualize Apache Kafka Streams with reactive applications using the Dev UI in Quarkus. Quarkus, a Java framework, provides an extension to utilize the Kafka Streams API and also lets you implement stream processing applications based directly on Kafka. Reactive messaging and Apache Kafka. With...