[Review] Cradle of Filth Bring Spectacular Thrill and Despair on ‘Existence Is Futile’

Within black metal, Cradle of Filth has always been an (ahem), black sheep of sorts. Yet in taking parts of the genre’s conventional sound, they’ve carved out an exciting path for their material. In providing a symphonic edge to their blackened speed, the band’s exploration of the occult and fantastical is nothing short of theatrically delightful. The sort of menace their music offers may not hit like that of an edgy black metal band, but it is without a doubt thrilling.

What’s Behind ‘Squid Game’ Appeal? Debt and Economic Despair

We were struck by the news this week that Squid Game, the South Korean streaming miniseries, has been seen at launch more than any other show in Netflix history. That’s saying something. The show tells the story of a band of strangers who are compelled to play a series of...

Romanian doctors issue 'cry of despair' amid virus surge

Romanian doctors sent an open letter Wednesday titled “a cry of despair” as the country's overwhelmed and deteriorated health care system copes with a record-setting surge of coronavirus infections and deaths.The College of Physicians of Bucharest a nongovernmental organization representing doctors in Romania's capital, said in a letter addressed to Romanians that the medical system has “reached the limit” and that low vaccination rates reveal a “failure of trust” between doctors and the population.“We are desperate because every day we lose hundreds of patients who die in Romanian hospitals,” the letter reads. “We are desperate, because, unfortunately, we...

Brain Meltdown: Into Despair gets release date, new trailer

Developer Onfire Games and publisher CFK have announced that Brain Meltdown: Into Despair will be arriving on the Switch eShop on October 28, with pre-orders available now. In addition, they have unveiled a new trailer for the game. Check it out along with an overview for the 2D platformer Brain Meltdown: Into Despair below.

Despair grips Lebanon as fuel crisis worsens food emergency

Lebanon (MNN) — Families skip meals and go without daily essentials as Lebanon’s fuel crisis causes food prices to skyrocket – again. Food prices are up by 628-percent since 2019. “People are barely making it. A lot of people have enough to get their bread [and] cheese, but that gives...