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Spider Tree Tent combines the comfort of a hammock with a tent

Outdoor adventurers looking for something a little larger than a single person hammock may be interested in the aptly named Spider tree tent providing enough space for three people to be elevated off the ground between three trees. Providing the comfort of a hammock and the security of a tent, the Spider Tree Tent is being marketed as the world’s most advanced tree tent and has a patent pending on its design and features a number of safety, comfort, storage and versatility features.
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Xiaomi Smart Glasses with AR microLED display technology

Xiaomi Smart Glasses are a new smart wearable device created to combine imaging technology together with sensors in a subtle ordinary-looking pair of glasses thanks to the use of microLED optical waveguide technology. The smart glasses weight 51g and have been created to display messages and notifications as well as allow users to except calls, take photographs, navigate and translate text in real-time.
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FireTower rocket stove folding cooker

Backpackers and outdoor adventurers looking for a small yet powerful folding rocket stove may be interested in the aptly named FireTower which has launched via Kickstarter this month and has been designed and created by Belgian designer Arnaud. The compact folding rocket stove focuses on creating a user-friendly camping experience by providing a lightweight cooking stove that is also extremely powerful and efficient. Early bird pledges are now available for the unique project from roughly $57 or £42 (depending on current exchange rates).
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Summary: How Do You Build a Better Machine? You Can Use Artificial Intelligence

Smart machines are created with smart processes. That includes AI, digital twins, and AR. Garg explained the process of creating smart industrial machines using advanced technology. Design News: Is artificial intelligence becoming a major factor in building industrial machines?. A spinning machine handling soft fabrics changes based on humidity and...

BMW i Vision AMBY e-bike unveiled

BMW has unveiled the latest vehicle in its Vision range, the BMW i Vision AMBY, which BMW says gives us an idea of ‘urban mobility of tomorrow’. The BMW i Vision was unveiled at the IAA Mobility event in Germany and it will come with speeds of up to 37 miles per hour.

ELEGOO desktop large scale MSLA 3D printer

The engineers and designers at ELEGOO have created a large-scale, high precision MSLA 3D printer that is capable of printing intricate parts directly in your office. Equipped with a 12.8″ 6K and 5.0″ capacitive screen the 3D printer offers a build volume of 277 x 156 x 300 mm and offers a layer thickness between 0.012 to 0.2 millimetres with a variable printing speed from 30 to 70 mm/h and a Z axis accuracy of 0.00125 mm.
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How Do You Build a Better Machine? You Can Use Artificial Intelligence

As industrial machines are becoming more connected and flexible, the process of building and commissioning the machine is also getting smarter. Machines are built now using artificial intelligence, digital twins, and augmented reality. We caught up with Rahul Garg, VP of industrial machinery and mid-market program at Siemens Digital Industries...

ECR, WPO Launch Design Guide To Promote Recyclable Packaging

ECR Community, the World Packaging Organisation (WPO) and the University of Applied Sciences at FH Campus Wien have teamed up to launch a guide for retailers and manufacturers on how to design effective recyclable packaging that encourages the transition to a circular economy. An easy-to-use guide to circular packaging design,...

Litelok Core bike lock offers the best combination of security and flexibility

Building on the original Litelok bike lock launched back in 2018 the company has now refined the design to create the Litelok Core which is now available via Indiegogo in demand. Offering a combination of unparalleled core strength together with flexibility and ease-of-use, offering the best combination of security and flexibility. The campaign has already raised over $700,000 thanks to over 3,000 backers since it’s launch earlier this year and can be used on both pedal powered and battery powered bikes keeping them safe for your return.

New Bell & Ross BR 05 GMT unveiled

Bell & Ross have added a new model to their BR 05 range, the Bell & Ross BR 05 GMT, this is the first dual time zone in the 05 range. The new Bell & Ross BR 05 GMT comes with a choice of either a rubber strap or a stainless steel bracelet, the rubber strap most retails for $4,900 and the bracelet model for $5,400.

100% Waterproof EDC sling bag keeps your gadgets safe

If you are searching for a way to keep your valuable gadgets safe from harm when adventuring outdoors, you may be interested in a new modular EDC sling bag which is 100% waterproof and specifically designed for outdoor activities and your daily urban life. The IPX7-rated waterproof sling bag featuring a quick release phone pouch and has already blasted past its required pledge goal thanks to over 500 backers on Kickstarter.

Arclight LED bike pedal lights are rechargeable, aluminum and weatherproof

Cyclists may be interested in a new bicycle pedal design which incorporates LED lights in a rugged waterproof design and making new more visible by apt to 57% saying their creators. Designed by Redshift Sports based in Philadelphia the Arclight Bike Pedals features long lasting rechargeable batteries and are housed in a rugged, fully weatherproof aluminum bicycle pedal. The removable like modules can be easily charge from a USB port and the and mistake of all circular movement of the Arclight Pedals attracts the attention of motorists and pedestrians.

onsemi: A New Name and a Sharper Focus

On Semiconductor is now known as onsemi. That’s not a big deal, as that’s what everyone called the company anyway. What is a big deal is that there’s a new sheriff in town. Hassane El-Khoury took over as President and CEO last December and is in the process of putting his imprint on the company.

Embedded Executive: Tom Doyle, Founder and CEO, Aspinity

Are you familiar with “analog machine learning?” If the answer is yes, then you’re likely in the minority. I find myself in the other group. Hence, in this week’s Embedded Executives podcast, I spoke to Tom Doyle, Aspinity’s Founder and CEO. Aspinity specializes in that technology and Tom explained what it is, how it works, and why I should care.

Coffee Watch German engineering combined with recycled coffee

In Germany alone, more than 20 million tons of coffee grounds are collected every year in summer that has now been combined with German engineering to create the aptly named Coffee Watch. The coffee grounds are collected by bicycle couriers from cafés across Berlin, then dried in community workshops and prepared for further processing. The material is made entirely of 100% plant-based ingredients and contains no harmful chemicals and is also recyclable itself.

Rock climbing creative grip training system hits Kickstarter

Rock climbers looking for an easy way to improve their grip while away from the rockface may be interested in a new creative grip training system called the Set Board. Designed to provide a powerful and creative group training system for rock climbers the system is now available via Kickstarter and allows you to level up your home training with most grip systems already on the market. Featuring flat edges, sloped edges, compound slopes, compound pinches side pulls and gastons the Set Board allows you to experiment with different group positions depending on your needs. Early bird pledges are now available for the creative project from roughly $189 or £140 (depending on current exchange rates).
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10 Important Trends in Semiconductor Electronics for Next Year

Today’s trends in the electronics and semiconductor spaces will have a critical impact on 2022 technology and the global economy. While some of these trends will look familiar, others may take you by surprise in the following gallery. John Blyler is a Design News senior editor, covering the electronics and...

World’s largest floating office opens in Rotterdam

The project, designed by Powerhouse Company, uses recyclable timber and sources energy from rooftop solar panels. Dutch architecture firm Powerhouse Company has completed a floating office project in Rotterdam. Developed by RED Company, the three-storey Floating Office Rotterdam (FOR) is designed to be one of the most sustainable offices in the world, and is also the largest floating office in the world.