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What’s New in Telerik UI for Blazor With R1 2022

Telerik UI for Blazor R1 2022 brings 90+ native components: Map, FileSelect, Dialog, Heatmap, QR Code, ColorPicker, REPL code runner, theming options and more!. Hey, developer folks! It’s Telerik R1 2022 release time and we’re excited to start 2022 with the introduction of multiple new UI components such as Map, FileSelect and ColorPicker; more Data Grid, TabStrip and Editor features; theme and style improvements; REPL code runner; .NET 6 and Visual Studio 2022 support; Visual Studio Code extension updates; and more! The Telerik UI for Blazor component suite continues to expand and has reached a new milestone of 90+ truly native components!
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WhatsApp Desktop is getting a Windows 11 makeover

Back in November 2021, we learned that WhatsApp is working on a new desktop app available via the Microsoft Store. Reports at that time claimed that the app is based on Universal Windows Platform (UWP) instead of Electron and also packs inking and multi-device support. Now, it appears that the development team is moving to WinUI 2.6 and newer to take advantage of the Fluent Design elements in Windows 11.
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50s-Style Countertop Appliances

This Smeg toaster concept has been designed by Alejandra Gutiérrez Rincón as a countertop appliance that harkens back to a different era to provide a nostalgic experience when preparing breakfast. The toaster follows on the design language of the Italian appliance brand it shares a name with and calls to mind the aesthetics of the 1950s with a slightly chunky construction that's paired with chrome accents. The toaster is imagined with a side-loading construction that puts the controls on the main body to allow for a different kind of user experience.
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The WhatsApp desktop app is also getting the Windows 11 design

WhatsApp users have another reason to be excited about. The software is getting a complete Windows 11 makeover. This version of the app is currently in the Beta testing phase. You can now download it directly from the Microsoft Store. Remember when we told you that there are plans for...

Porsche Design Celebrates 50 Years With New Chronograph 1–1972 Limited Edition

This year marks the golden anniversary of Porsche Design, the project begun by Professor Ferdinand Porsche in 1972 to branch the unique Porsche design language to products beyond the automotive type. The first fruit born of this project was the famous Chronograph 1, done in partnership with the Swiss brand, Orfina. In celebration of 50 years, Porsche Design is bringing that watch back in the Chronograph 1–1972 Limited Edition. The soul of the original looks to be preserved rather well with this release, with some big upgrades integrated seamlessly.
Monochrome Watches

The Grand Seiko Hi-Beat GMT SBGJ255 Revives the Emblematic 44GS

Defining a brand identity is probably one of the most complex tasks. As a watchmaker, creating complications and movements is certainly not something easy, and it requires investment and time, but the definition of a style that is unique and immediately recognisable might be even more important. And consistency is key in this path to a signature design. Even though it was presented to the world in 1960, it took several years for Grand Seiko to define the style that would, inevitably, be associated with the brand. To be more precise, this occurred in 1967 with the presentation of an important model, the 44GS. Fifty-five years later, and to celebrate this special watch, Grand Seiko has released a limited edition timepiece directly inspired by this vintage model. And today, we go hands-on with this Grand Seiko Heritage Hi-Beat GMT SBGJ255.

Renovation Design of Qingyang Community Park in the Old Core City by MIND STUDIO

本文由迈德景观授权mooool发表,欢迎转发,禁止以mooool编辑版本转载。. Thanks MIND STUDIO for authorizing the publication of the project on mooool, Text description provided by MIND STUDIO. 迈德景观:随着成都市的快速发展,居民对于社区功能和舒适性要求不断提高,地处城市中心区的老旧社区很难满足居民基本需求。成都青羊社区公园改造希望通过设计语言,为社区居民生活带来色彩与温度。...

New Citroen C5 Aircross Trailer

Visually larger and more modern, the Citroën C5 Aircross introduces a new design language, where the curvy shapes give way to more structured lines. The front end styling has been revised and is now more vertical and modern. The clean lines and vertical planes help to visually widen the...

Unimatic Takes Its Minimalist Design to the Max with New S Series Watches

Unimatic has developed a well-earned reputation for its strikingly minimalistic timepieces. The Italian-based watchmaker’s pieces have lined up well with modern design sensibilities, which has led to it standing out in the saturated space of microbrands. While its minimalist design language has resonated well with collectors, the brand seeks to lean even further into its subtle design and absence of features with its most minimalist line of dive watches yet: the S Series.

Take A Look At Toyota’s Early Design Proposals For The GR Supra Mk5

Toyota has shared with us a collection of early sketches and clay models from the GR Supra development shedding some light in the lengthy process of designing a sportscar. The Japanese automaker also highlighted the work of skilled craftsmen behind the clay models who are still a very important part of the design despite the advancements in CAD drawings, 3D printers, and AI technology.

Serravalle Designer Outlet // Carve

Text description provided by the architects. Hidden in the beautiful mountainous landscape of Piemonte, some little towns stand out as tiny gems in the lush green of the woods. These small agglomerations of few houses tied together inspired Carve for the design of an attractive and iconic playscape concept at Serravalle Designer Outlet.

Future Plans for the Telerik and Kendo UI LESS Themes

Learn more about how the Telerik and Kendo UI LESS themes will be deprecated a year from now and how it will affect you. Today we are announcing that a year from now, with R1 2023, the Telerik and Kendo UI LESS themes will officially stop receiving updates. With this announcement, we are recommending that any customer using the LESS themes migrate to an equivalent Sass-based theme instead—an effort that may be as simple as changing a single CSS file reference.

Reconstruction Design of Wuhan Stray Animal Base Adoption Area / UAO Design

Reconstruction Design of Wuhan Stray Animal Base Adoption Area / UAO Design. Text description provided by the architects. This public welfare project is the renewal and transformation of the adoption area of the association's popular science education base by the Luhu A8 Design Center(A8DC) in conjunction with the Animals Asia(AAF)and the Wuhan Small Animal Protection Association(WSAPA). Including an area of 150 square meters outdoor and 30 square meters indoor.

Neutral Cozy Sweatshirt Capsules

Japanese fashion label WTAPS works in collaboration with Champion on the BLANKS Series that channel both of their strengths in crafting comfortable essential wearables. The wide range of goods is cozy in design and is versatile due to the neutral color palette of the items. The minimally designed apparel references...

Shop the Best of RBRSL SS22 Collection Here

The world of sneakers is a hard one to break into. With standards set loftily high by a handful of leading names, it can be difficult for a younger label to fit in. That’s not the case for RBRSL, though. Founded in 2011, the Italian imprint has opted for out-there visuals to complement its high-end builds to carve out a niche for itself. In short, there’s no mistaking a pair of RBRSL kicks and the RBRSL SS22 collection is further proof of this.

REDMAGIC 7 design revealed as images emerge at TENAA

REDMAGIC 7 is expected to launch soon in China. The reason behind it is that it was recently spotted at TENAA. While the certification had revealed its entire specifications, its images were not available yet. Today, the Chinese certification platform updated the listing with its images to reveal its design (via).