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In response to your recent column, “Does ADOT mean ‘Arizona Demons of Traffic,’” I want to point out that the characterization of ADOT as “demons” while eye-catching, is grossly unfair to the hard-working men and women of ADOT who spend countless hours every day of the year — including weekends and holidays — to keep our roads safe.
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Rep. McCarthy says Biden's plan will give 'China an advantage'

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy slammed Biden's tax plan Thursday on "Kudlow," saying that Biden wants to make America "not competitive." KEVIN MACCARTHY: Well I don’t know what facts he was trying to state because there were no facts in it. Think about it, you were just talking about the retail sales. This economy is strong from the fact the tax cut we provided, when you were serving, and the deregulation, that is what we’ve been living on. What he wants to do is make America not competitive. You made a lot of good points there and remember what the joint tax said, this will actually raise taxes on those making $30,000. He just broke his promise. But the one thing you haven’t brought up, the global minimum tax, that actual rate will be 19. All those businesses, all the repatriation of the money we brought back into America, he will make it easier for jobs to leave America to go to other countries. He gives China an advantage. Those are the individuals that will win in this process. Then he gives like a guaranteed income. 90% of Americans will qualify for the child tax credit. You make a very good point, they take away requirements. There is no job requirement. There is no requirement for a social security card for your child. It will not be just Americans you are providing he already had more than 1.2 million illegal encounters of people coming across the border. This is what is going to break America because it is a redistribution of wealth.
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Close to Home: Will a new Roaring ’20s end in crash?

It’s hard not to notice similarities between the 1920s and 2020s economy. Does that mean trouble is coming in 2029? Maybe not exactly, but roughly?. For some, it’s beyond strange that we seem to have voluntarily walked back into the Roaring ’20s, dismissing lessons learned then and undoing regulations enacted in the 1930s that restrained financial panics for 50 years.

UNCTAD projects fastest global economy growth in 50 years

Geneva, Sep 16 (IANS) The global economy is expected to bounce back this year with a growth of 5.3 per cent, the fastest in nearly five decades, the UN Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) said. The agency said in a report released on Wednesday that the rebound was highly...

Here are 5 countries that are opening up and living with Covid – Press Telegram

More than 18 months after the coronavirus pandemic, we have decided that it is time for many countries to start and adopt the “live with Covid” model. Some have enviable vaccination rates. Others have determined that the cost of ongoing economic and social restrictions outweighs the benefits. Here are five...
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Data Again Shows That U.S. Broadband Is Painfully Mediocre

For literally twenty-five years we've thrown billions in subsidies, tax breaks, merger approvals, and regulatory favors at U.S. telecom giants in exchange for the promise of amazing, competitive, ultra-fast, widely-available broadband (and oodles of high paying jobs). And time and time again, studies show that what Americans got back in exchange was...something notably less than that.

Khan accuses Grenfell Tower companies of placing profits above safety

The Mayor of London has called for an overhaul of the UK’s building control system, blaming decades of deregulation for allowing companies involved in the Grenfell Tower refurbishment to prioritise “profits” over “public safety”. In closing statements to the second phase of the Grenfell Tower Inquiry on Wednesday, Sadiq Khan...
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Recall ends, but Newsom faces decisions

California’s political news this summer understandably has focused on the now-concluded gubernatorial recall election, but that sideshow has led to insufficient attention on some of the major bills that have moved ahead. This session, more than 800 bills are on Gov. Gavin Newsom’s desk, which is a smaller number than usual.