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Violent thunderstorms, derecho possible in Upper Midwest Wednesday night

6:20 p.m. — Storms forecast to initiate mostly after sunset in northwest Wisconsin Wednesday and then surge southeast overnight. Forecast models suggest a complex of strong to severe storms will erupt in northwest Wisconsin around 8 or 9 p.m. local time before sweeping southeast across the state, reaching Green Bay around midnight and Madison and Milwaukee with a few hours after that. During the predawn hours Thursday, the storms are projected to barrel across the southern half of Michigan arriving in northern Ohio by sunrise. Chicago is still forecast to be right on the periphery of the storm complex and it’s not clear whether it will be clipped or missed overnight.
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Chicago, Milwaukee metro areas at risk for damaging derecho

AccuWeather meteorologists warn that atmospheric conditions may allow for a fast-moving high-wind event that could roar from Wisconsin to Ohio at midweek and impact the metro areas of Chicago and Milwaukee Wednesday evening. The repetitive pattern of severe weather forecast for portions of the north-central United States this week includes...
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Derecho could hit Chicago tonight, bringing strong winds and potential damage. Move that lawn furniture inside.

“Particularly damaging” storms could hit Chicago late Wednesday night after tracking a path across parts of the Midwest, according to the National Weather Service. A derecho, a storm cluster with winds of up to 100 mph that lasts for at least 250 miles, is predicted to move in its classic bowed or concave shape from northern and east central Minnesota into the northern and east central ...

A Derecho May Be Making Its Way to the Midwest — Here's What That Means

As middle America is currently struggling to get through the remainder of tornado season, another extreme weather event is currently stealing the show and affecting several midwestern cities across the board. A super high-impact storm, that's known as a derecho, has been slamming of Minnesota and Wisconsin since Wednesday, and is continuing to travel across the country as of Thursday, putting various communities on high alert. But what is a derecho? And why are people so concerned about it?

Leftover Midwestern derecho could bring strong storms to DC Thursday

WASHINGTON - Residents of the Mid-Atlantic are bracing for severe weather ahead of a destructive windstorm that's expected to move toward the region Thursday. The so-called derecho, or an arcing squall line bowed outwards by widespread damaging winds, is moving across the Great Lakes and Ohio Valley early this morning.

What is a derecho?

MILWAUKEE — There is the possibility Wisconsin could see a rare weather event Wednesday night or Thursday morning. A derecho has the potential to develop and move across the state. The storm has power similar to an inland hurricane. It's capable of blowing down trees, flipping vehicles, causing widespread property...

Major storms could hit Chicago late Wednesday or early Thursday

Strong thunderstorms with potentially damaging winds are expected to push through the Chicago area late Wednesday or early Thursday, though forecasters are less certain the storms will produce derecho-strength winds seen last August. “We’ve seen some reports that this will be like Aug. 10, but we’re not forecasting something like...

Summary of Severe Storms Weds. Night

The top map shows severe weather reports for Wed. and Wed. night. There were 136 severe wind reports, 15 reports of large hail and one tornado in Utah, though I saw a pic. of a tornado in Wisconsin and that will likely be surveyed. The fastest measured wind gust was 78 mph at Weston Wisconsin, but there were many areas that had 50-60 mph gusts and wind damage, which was mostly downed trees and wires. There were a few spots with structural damage, including a portion of the roof of a Family Dollar store coming off at Osseo WI.

Severe storms likely Wednesday night

MILWAUKEE - Wednesday night, July 28 into early Thursday morning, July 29 almost the entire state of Wisconsin will likely be impacted by severe weather with southeast Wisconsin especially in the crosshairs. This is one of the highest severe threats for Milwaukee in over two years. A moderate threat of...

ComEd Working to Restore Power After Storm

Much of the WSPY listening area was spared from the worst of the severe thunderstorms that rolled in early Thursday morning, although there were some power outages reported in Sandwich, Yorkville, and the Montgomery-Oswego area. George Gaulrapp, with Commonwealth Edison (ComEd), says after last year's August derecho storm the company was prepared.

Congressman Feenstra Secures Funding for Derecho Relief

New developments have been made as one U.S. Congressman from Iowa continues to work to secure funding for those impacted by last year’s derecho storm. Iowa’s Fourth Congressional District Representative Randy Feenstra says language has been added to the Wildfire and Hurricane Indemnity Program Plus (WHIP+) Reauthorization Bill, which includes Iowa’s producers that suffered losses from the high wind storm of the derecho. The specific language from derecho was added to House Resolution 267. Feenstra says this is a bipartisan issue.