Christmas Shopping for Children With Depression

Toys offer meaningful experiences for children who struggle with depression. Toys that encourage identification and expression of feelings are helpful. For children, toys are their words and play is their conversation. Shopping for toys during the holiday season always takes a bit of resourcefulness. You need to learn what’s new,...
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Following 5 precepts of Buddhism can help stressed out people avoid depression

CHIANG MAI, Thailand — Could becoming a Buddhist be the secret to avoiding depression and mental health issues? A new study finds that those who follow the five precepts of Buddhism are less likely to develop depressive symptoms — even if they’re under high levels of stress.

Buddhist Precepts Reduce Stress and Buffer Depression: Study

Along with 10 "perfect virtues" known in Pali as Pāramitās, Buddhists observe an ethical code known as Pañca Sīla, or "Five Precepts." Observing Buddhism's Five Precepts involves abstaining from killing, stealing, telling lies, sexual misconduct, and taking intoxicants. Living by a moral code is associated with...

The Believers’ Guide to Fighting Depression

About The Believers’ Guide to Fighting Depression. In this biblically grounded seven-day devotional for people struggling with depression, you will find encouragement and practical resources related to the difference between perception and reality, depressed moods, thoughts of death, loss of appetite, disturbed sleep and concentration, tiredness, fatigue, and psychomotor changes, and feelings of worthlessness and guilt.

White depression comes home for Christmas

44% of the population suffers from symptoms of anxiety, depression either sadness on the Christmas time, according to the World Health Organization. It’s deep nostalgia that many people feel throughout these dates is called white depression either blues of Christmas. “It is not a full-fledged pathology and you will not find a trace of it …

Jesus Saved Anorexic Teen From Anxiety And Depression

An anorexic teen shared how Jesus saved her and changed her way of life and her view of the world. “I am so thankful to have found Jesus,” she said. Mia Dinoto has been diagnosed with OCD and anxiety at a young age. Since she was eight, she would experience panic attacks and great fear.

Depression: 10 foods that can boost your psyche

To support therapy, patients with depression can pay attention to a healthy diet. Certain foods have a particularly good effect on the psyche. 1 / 10Nutrients influence our brain metabolism and ensure a balance of the messenger substances norepinephrine, dopamine and serotonin. They regulate physical well-being, feelings of happiness, feelings...

My Demon, My Jesus: An Extraordinary, True Story of Surviving Suicide, Defeating Depression and Demonic Oppression, and Discovering Real Joy by Blue Tapp

My Demon, My Jesus: An Extraordinary, True Story of Surviving Suicide, Defeating Depression and Demonic Oppression, and Discovering Real Joy by Blue Tapp. A near-death experience, a botched suicide that worked… then didn’t. God had another plan. “My Demon, My Jesus” is a Christian memoir about the author’s...

Can gaming ‘addiction’ lead to depression or aggression in young people? Here’s what the evidence says

The coroner found Oliver had a “gaming disorder” as defined by the World Health Organisation, although he was not diagnosed as such during his life. The WHO’s classification of a gaming disorder is based on a person’s attitude towards gaming, rather than time spent gaming. Simply, gaming becomes a disorder when it starts to interfere with a person’s healthy daily functioning.
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When sadness lingers: Understanding and treating depression

It’s normal to feel sad, down, or low at times. But these feelings can sometimes linger. They can get worse, too, eventually making it hard to do basic daily tasks. If you’ve had a depressed mood or a loss of interest or pleasure in most activities for at least two weeks, you may be experiencing depression.

Researchers test promising technological treatment for youth depression

New research shows promising results using neurotechnological approaches to treat depression in youth. The research, led by Simon Fraser University (SFU) professor Faranak Farzan, is published in the Journal of Affective Disorders Reports. Researchers investigated the clinical and neurophysiological effects of using brain stimulation followed by cognitive exercise for treating...