After cheating scandal: Selena Gomez resigned from church

That clearly went too far for her! The star pastor Carl Lentz made negative headlines in November: The clergyman had cheated on his wife and as a consequence lost his job at the famous church Hillsong Church. While his buddy Justin Bieber (26) has not yet commented on the scandal, his wife Hailey (24) has already unfollowed the pastor on Instagram. Another celebrity lady now took a more drastic step: Selena Gomez (28) is from Carls Church withdrawn!
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La Plata Family Medicine announces new providers

La Plata Family Medicine welcomes Dr. Justin Possner, Dr. Kristin Ault and Terri Allen to its team. Possner is a board-certified family physician and has been practicing since 2010. He works with geriatric patients, patients with complex medical needs and patients seeking to lose weight. He is an advocate of preventative medicine and using the fewest prescription medications possible.
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Tropical Storm and Depression form in Eastern Pacific.

HONOLULU (KITV4) - Tropical Depression Nine-E and Tropical Storm Hilda have formed in the Eastern Pacific, far from Hawai'i. Both are NOT imminent threats but are expected to gain strength over the weekend. ****************************************************. According to the 5:00 PM HST Update from the National Hurricane Center, the center of Tropical...
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NASCAR Star Bubba Wallace Proposes to Long-Time Girlfriend: ‘Here’s to Forever’

NASCAR star Bubba Wallace took to his Instagram on Friday (July 30th) to announce that he proposed to his long-time girlfriend Amanda Carter. “Soooooo yeah…I have no idea why the hell I waited so long!! Here’s to forever babe, love you @amandacarter17!!” Bubba Wallace wrote in the post, which featured gorgeous snapshots of him proposing to Amanda by a waterfall with her dog.
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Study Suggests Sitting Can Negatively Impacting Mental Health

It goes without saying that the past year has put a strain on mental health worldwide. Not only have we been dealing with a pandemic, but it's led to changes in our day-to-day lives that have subsequently affected our mental health, as well. In a new study published in the...

4 Photographers Who Overcome Adversity and Are Truly Inspiring

For more stories like this, subscribe to The Phoblographer. Every photographer has hurdles to clear throughout their journey. For hobbyist and pro alike, difficulties arise. Most struggles relate to a level of skill or a difficult client. However, some photographers have to grind through a host of barriers. From difficulties with mental health to working with a physical disability, some photographers overcome great adversity. The Phoblographer has published some powerful stories over the years, with many of them highlighting photographers’ strengths. Below are some of our more memorable and inspiring stories.
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What Is Identity Disturbance?

Identity disturbance is used to describe an inconsistent or incoherent sense of self. It is associated with borderline personality disorder, as identity disturbance is one of the criteria for the condition. Identity disturbance often shows up as consistent and remarkable changes in a person’s beliefs, values, and behaviors that significantly...

When employers don’t heed mental health, workers’ risk of depression goes up: study

Adelaide, Australia — Employers who don’t prioritize worker psychological health increase their workers’ risk of major depression symptoms, results of a recent study led by researchers from the University of South Australia show. The yearlong study involved nearly 1,100 randomly selected adult full-time workers in Australia. Using a computer-assisted telephone...

Reducing Number of Drugs in Older Adults Shows Benefit 6 Months Later

Drug optimization in older adults improved outcomes in this retrospective study. Polypharmacy in older adults has implications for safety and economics, as well as posing clinical risks, and the optimization of drug therapy is one of the cornerstones in geriatrics. A recent retrospective study examined the effect of drug rationalization...
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Using Research to Improve Focus

In my profession, all actions should be backed by science. The term ‘Evidence-Based Practice’ (Evidence-Based Medicine is used in healthcare as well) refers to the integration of best available research, clinician experience and expertise, and patient goals, values, and perspective. This framework can be applied to creators as well.
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FRAZIER: Mental health is as important as physical health

I have written several columns pertaining to mental health — and it’s not just because hubby is a counselor. I was an advocate before we met. I had gone through some dark days and knew firsthand how important it was to seek out help. But there are so many who are still afraid and caught up in the undue stigma of mental health that they continue to suffer in silence.
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ENGLISH SPEECH | CARA DELEVINGNE: Battling Depression (English Subtitles)

Learn English with Cara Delevingne. Cara Delevingne spoke out about her depression as well as her struggles in the modeling industry while being interviewed by Rupert Everett at the Women In The World conference in London. Cara Jocelyn Delevingne is an English model, actress, and singer. She signed with Storm Management after leaving school in 2009. Delevingne won Model of the Year at the British Fashion Awards in 2012 and 2014. In this speech, she also quotes: "What I've discovered is that this world is a very vast, a very wonderful and beautiful one. And there are so many things to discover, but the most important journey I think all of us will go through is the journey in ourselves, to find our truth, to find who we are and what makes us happy." Watch with big English.
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Typhoid Rosie Releases "All I Need"

Brooklyn, NY's Typhoid Rosie has unveiled "All I Need," the third single off of the band's upcoming album 'Queen Of Swords', out August 13. "All I Need" is another fine example of the empowering and thought-provoking bangers that Typhoid Rosie specializes in. The aural equivalent of a candy-coated razor blade, the track is a wee bit less “punk” and a tad more "pop" than the other two previously released singles ("Queen Of Swords" and "Defend Your Temple") while still sounding very much like Typhoid Rosie. With a strong hook/chorus and a provocative story behind it, the single also features guest vocalist Coolie Ranx (Pilfers, ex-The Toasters, Grand Theft Auto, etc.) who sings the second verse and pre-chorus duet with frontwoman Rosie Rebel, while also contributing gang vocals.