Demon Slayer Cosplay Time Travels With Cyberpunk Nezuko

Demon Slayer as a franchise has always taken place during a fictional era in which a feudal take on Japan is blended with the world of supernatural as flesh-eating beasts stalk the night, and it's no surprise that one of the fan-favorite characters of the Shonen franchise has proved to be the demon influenced sister of Tanjiro, Nezuko. With one Cosplayer deciding to bring Nezuko into the future by giving her a cyberpunk makeover, it's clear that the series has earned its place as one of the biggest Shonen franchises to arrive thanks to Weekly Shonen Jump.
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Demon Slayer Pops Off with These Gorgeous Zenitsu Nails

Demon Slayer has introduced the world to some of anime's most colorful and idiosyncratic characters, with Zenitsu perhaps being one of the weirdest, which is a particularly big accomplishment considering the swordsman pals around with a brawler who wears a giant boar mask. Though Zenitsu is most assuredly the scaredy-cat of the group of members of the Demon Slayer Corps, he has still garnered quite the following thanks to his strange personality and his lightning abilities that he has been able to utilize even when he is unconscious thanks to the intense training that he's done in his life.
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Demon Slayer season 2 is not coming in August 2021

With another month down, we’re moving that much closer to Demon Slayer season 2’s premiere. The hit anime has caused quite the stir with its story centered on Tanjiro Kamado, a young demon slayer whose fall into the profession came on the heels of his family’s slaughter. With his sister...
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Designer demons: A review of XII – Inner Demons

I backed XII: Inner Demons on Kickstarter. It’s been out for nearly a year, but that’s what you get when there’s no pressure from a publisher to review a tabletop RPG quickly enough to be relevant to the launch date. And despite being out for a year, I think Witch...

Zilliqa Price Prediction 2021-2030: Is ZIL Coin A Good Investment?

What is Zilliqa price prediction 2021-2030? If you are interested in this question, then you are in the right place. This article will also tell you what Zilliqa cryptocurrency is, and where to buy Zilliqa coins, by the way, the best place is StealthEX. All this and much more in our new article. So let’s start!
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Interview With an Author: T.L. Huchu

T. L. Huchu (he/him) has been published previously (as Tendai Huchu) in the adult market and his previous books The Hairdresser of Harare and The Maestro, The Magistrate and the Mathematician have been translated into multiple languages and his short fiction has won awards. Huchu grew in up Zimbabwe but has lived in Edinburgh for most of his adult life. The Library of the Dead is his genre fiction debut and he recently talked about it with Daryl Maxwell for the LAPL Blog.
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Demons star Jack Viney cops two-game ban at AFL tribunal

Melbourne's Jack Viney has been slapped with a two-match ban for serious misconduct after the AFL tribunal found him guilty of pressing and holding his elbow into the neck and throat of Gold Coast's Sam Collins. The suspension rules Viney out of Monday's game against West Coast plus Melbourne's round-22...
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Demon Slayer Season 2, Everything You Need To Know

The Demon Slayer is back in season 2! Fans of the show have been waiting for this day to come, and now they can finally start watching. This post will talk about what you need to know about demon slayer season 2. There are spoilers ahead, so read at your own risk!
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Washington’s Dallmeyer captains big school softball list

It was a tough year to decipher who was the top softball player in the big school trio covered by the Southeast Iowa Union. Although nobody’s year ended at the state tournament in Fort Dodge, there was plenty to be proud of among the area’s three big schools. Fairfield came one win away from making back-to-back trips to state. Washington finished above .500 and took third in the conference, and Mt. Pleasant just narrowly missed out on a spot in the regional semifinals.