Michigan women fight to preserve abortion, 1 chat at a time

UTICA, Mich. (AP) — At a wine bar in suburban Detroit, about a dozen women strategized about how to preserve the right to abortion in their state. This was not a typical political event; there were no microphones, no literature to hand out and few who would consider themselves activists. Among them was a mother of four whose only previous political experience was pushing for later school start times, a busy medical student and a retired teacher who, at 75, has never felt comfortable knocking on doors or cold calling for a candidate. “But I feel strongly about abortion,” said Mary Ann Messano-Gadula. “Women should be able to take care of their own bodies.” Messano-Gadula, who attended the late September “Vino the Vote” event with two friends, described herself as the most shy of the bunch. But she said she planned to do what organizers asked of attendees — post some Facebook messages and text some friends to try to get them to support an amendment to the state constitution guaranteeing abortion rights.
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Sharon Kennedy: Trump’s 'bus and dump' solution to migrants

When Mr. Trump was president, he suggested a simple solution to the immigration crisis at our southern border. According to Miles Taylor, the former Chief of Staff in the Department of Homeland Security, Trump wanted the immigrants “bused to and dumped in” sanctuary cities throughout Democratic states. Apparently,...
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Biden signs bill to fund government, aid Ukraine’s defense vs. Russia, support natural-disaster recovery and avert midnight shutdown

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Joe Biden signed into law Friday a bill that finances the federal government through mid-December and provides another infusion of military and economic aid to Ukraine after lawmakers acted to avert a partial government shutdown set to begin after midnight. The bill passed the House...