Historian: Right-wing media is 'safe space for the Big Lie'

In America’s two-party system, “one party is lining up against democracy,” Timothy Snyder says. And “right-wing media, with a few honorable exceptions, is one giant safe space for the Big Lie.” He says the press corps should “make democracy the story.”

Sudan .. Hamdok talks about the challenges of democracy and Hemedti defends the military

Sudanese Prime Minister Abdullah Hamdok announced that the transitional government is continuing its path towards the democratic path, noting that the democratic transition phase in Sudan still faces challenges. In Sudan’s speech to the UN General Assembly, Hamdok said: “We appreciate the UN’s support for the government of the revolution.”

Is American democracy in peril?

Now that the federal election is fading fast in the rear view mirror and the Canadian electorate is satisfied that ours was a fair and just election and that the MPs we are sending to Ottawa are those candidates who won their respective ridings by virtue of the fact that they received the most votes – we can all get back to what we were doing before this somewhat unnecessary interruption.

“Democracy Can Deliver, Democracy Has Delivered”: PM Modi At UN

Guwahati: Calling India the “Mother of Democracy”, Prime Minister Narendra Modi today showcased the country’s credentials on this front before the United Nations General Assembly. Speaking at the 76th such gathering in New York, he held forth the example of India’s political system empowering people and ensuring “equitable development”. “Yes,...

the first feedback from developers is positive

The rumor had been swelling for several months but we didn’t dare believe it too much. And yet, Valve struck a big blow in the video game industry by formalizing the Steam Deck last July. This new hybrid model, like the Switch, can therefore go from portable console to living room console with a simple USB-C connection.

The Dance of Democracy: Flawed Yet Necessary

The last couple of months has seen me participating in three separate elections – one as a contestant, one as a returning officer and the latest one as a voter. All three were unique in their own way. The one I contested saw very enthusiastic participation from across the country with multiple contestants for each post and a very spirited campaign, as well as heated discussions on the electoral roll, the process used for voting, as well as on the excessive campaigning by some candidates.

When machines suck humanity out of the economy – Open Democracy

Travaux par aspiration was the slogan on the lorry. Doing building work with a vacuum cleaner. The noise was colossal and the trench long as this vast machine sucked up rocks, slabs of concrete the size of a diner plate, along with all the sand and gravel under the pavement. It left a clean trench, a metre deep for some 30 metres under our kitchen window, done and dusted in the morning of the last working day in July and with only three people on site.