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Deltarune Chapter 2 is out on Steam, and Chapter 3 will be the last

The eagerly-anticipated Deltarune Chapter 2 is out now, three years after the release of the original chapter for the game that’s basically Undertale 2. Furthermore, the new adventure is on Steam for free – and the developer says Deltarune Chapter 3 will complete the game. Undertale is one of the...
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Guide: How to access Deltarune Chapter 2’s secret route

Undertale was a game that was all about choice and replayability. In contrast, Deltarune is a game where your choices don’t matter. Or so we were told. When Chapter 1 dropped three years ago, dedicated fans figured out there actually was a way to get a slightly different ending, and ever since Chapter 2 dropped, it’s been clear that some minor choices do carry over. However, there’s something else much more shocking going on that very few players are likely to stumble on by accident. Deltarune Chapter 2 has a well-hidden secret route. Here’s our guide to finding it!
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How to download Deltarune Chapter 2

Deltarune Chapter 2 launched today, and getting into the game takes just a quick trip to the game’s website. has had a timer counting down to the release of the game this evening. After the time finally hit zero, imagery for the new chapter of the game took over the page, and instructions for downloading the game on Steam and were displayed.
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Deltarune Chapter 2 released for free because Toby Fox wanted to help fans

Toby Fox, the man behind both Undertale and its connected series Deltarune, surprise dropped the second chapter of Deltarune earlier this week with a free launch. Since then, he has been very open about its development and what’s to come. He also addressed why he moved to make Deltarune Chapter 2 free instead of charging for it like it seems he originally planned to.

Undertale dev says Deltarune Chapter 2 development is "going well"

Undertale creator Toby Fox says the development of Deltarune Chapter 2 is "going well" and feels "positive" about its progress. Fox posted the little Deltarune update on Twitter along with a shot of a very large toilet sprite created by artist and animator Temmie "Tuyoki" Chang. The next chapter, which doesn't have a set release date just yet, follows on from the free-to-play first chapter that initially released back in 2018, before eventually becoming available on more platforms (including PS4 and Nintendo Switch in 2019).

Deltarune Chapter 2 release date out? All you need to know

The first part of Deltarune was released in October 2018. Subsequently, Nintendo Switch and Playstation 4 versions were launched in February 2019. It is said that Toby Fox’s role-playing video game is similar to Undertale. The game has received positive reviews and some criticisms. Since the first chapter came out, game lovers all over the world have been waiting for the second chapter. Although there is no news yet, Toby has already hinted in March 2020 that the second chapter of “Delta” will be produced. So when will the next chapter air? Learn all about Deltarune below:

Deltarune Chapter 2 Gameplay Announced! – Doms2cents

Have you performed the Deltarune Chapter 1 recreation? Did you like it? If so then there is great news for you!. Toby Fox, the creator of Deltarune Chapter 1, is presently performing on Deltarune Chapter 2 undertaking, a function-playing video clip game. It is the next instalment in the UNDERTALE franchise.

Deltarune Chapter 2: Everything We Know So Far

Deltarune’s first installment was released in October 2018. This was followed by its availability in February 2019 for Nintendo Switch and Playstation 4 versions. Toby Fox’s role-playing video game was said to have a resemblance to Undertale. The game garnered positive as well as a few critical reviews. Since its first chapter came out, game enthusiasts worldwide are awaiting its second installment. Although there is no word about it yet, Toby has hinted in March 2020 towards making of a chapter two of Deltaurune. So, when is the next chapter happening? Know everything about Deltarune below:

Deltarune Chapter 2 progress "proceeding at a good pace"

Here in no temmie at all. It's been nearly two years since the first chapter of Undertale's sequel was released, and understandably, you might be wondering how the rest of Deltarune's development is coming along. Thanks to a development update from creator Toby Fox, now we know. The blog post...

Deltarune Chapter 2 Development Update, New Screenshots Released

Undertale creator Toby Fox has provided an in-depth update about the status of Deltarune Chapter 2, including new screenshots, updates on future installments, and more. The update also discusses the future of Deltarune, looking forward to the third chapter and beyond, as Toby continues to work on the story, art, and other elements needed for the exciting Undertale successor. You can see the screenshots below to get an idea of what the next chapter might look like – though if you’ve played the first chapter, it will be very familiar to you.