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Delta pushes for national 'no fly' list of unruly passengers after banning 1,600 from flights

Delta Air Lines is developing a “no fly” passenger list after heightened instances of unruly passengers amid the COVID-19 pandemic. The airline made the announcement on Thursday, saying that the list already has more than 1,600 entries of passengers prohibited from flying aboard a Delta commercial flight. Delta officials also asked other airlines to share their “no fly” lists as well to further protect their employees and other passengers from disruptive incidents.
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Flight Attendants Want to Put Problematic Passengers on 'No-Fly' List

The pandemic has affected many industries, but the travel industry was perhaps hit hardest. First, it was a lack of travelers. Then it was getting travelers to follow new rules and safety regulations put in place to protect them, which has resulted in an uptick in incidents involving unruly passengers. Now, flight attendants are ready to do something about it.
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United ending flights from Rochester to Denver next month

(ABC 6 News) - After just a year, SkyWest Airlines, on behalf of United Airlines, will discontinue its flights from Rochester to Denver at the end of October. The service began October 1, 2020, and is set to end on Oct. 31, 2021. “This is very difficult news for our...
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Flight attendants call for more action against unruly passengers

WASHINGTON - In the wake of passenger and staff harassment on flights amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, members of the Association of Flight Attendants (AFA) testified Friday before the House Transportation and Infrastructure Subcommittee on Aviation to call on the increase in disruptive and unruly airline passengers, the causes, the effect on passenger and crew safety, and the enforcement of U.S. laws prohibiting such behavior.

Brilliant: Delta Proposes National No-Fly List For Jerks

The United States Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has asked airlines to do more to reduce the number of unruly passenger incidents. Well, Delta Air Lines has just made a pretty awesome proposal along those lines. Delta wants a no-fly list for unruly passengers. Since the start of the pandemic we’ve...

Fed up with unruly air passengers, Senators call for prosecution

WASHINGTON D.C.: On Monday, Attorney-General Merrick Garland was urged by two senior U.S. Senate Democrats to investigate and prosecute unruly air passengers, in light of the rising number of disturbances on passenger flights. The two senators, Senate Majority Whip Dick Durbin and Commerce Committee Chair Maria Cantwell, called on the...

Delta asks other carriers to share "no-fly" lists of unruly passengers

Delta Air Lines wants competitors to release their no-fly lists of banned passengers who have exhibited unruly behavior, CNBC reports. Why it matters: Flight attendants and pilot labor unions have voiced their concerns about handling hostile passengers at unprecedented rates since the start of the pandemic. Delta said it has...
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Delta Air Lines calls for carriers to share names of unruly passengers

Delta Air Lines is calling for an industry-wide effort to keep passengers from boarding competitors’ flights after being banned for disruptive behavior. So far this year, Delta says it has submitted the names of more than 600 banned passengers to the Federal Aviation Administration, which has sought to enforce rules against interfering with flight crews. The industry has seen a surge in poor behavior and banned passengers in recent months, with the bulk of incidents related to face mask requirements.

Should Airlines Share Their No-Fly Lists With Other Airlines?

No fewer than two senior vice presidents at Delta Air Lines sent memorandums to members of their teams in which they announced that the names of greater than 600 people who were banned from flying as passengers with the airline were submitted to the Federal Aviation Administration of the United States in 2021 as part of its Special Emphasis Enforcement Program — which was first issued on Wednesday, March 17, 2021 — in response to recent incidents which involved unruly passengers.

Delta Pushes Airlines to Create a National 'No Fly' List of Unruly Passengers, After Banning 1,600 People From its Flights

Delta Air Lines wants to create a national "no fly" list of banned passengers to prevent unruly behaviour onboard aircraft. The carrier has pushed other US airlines to share their lists of passengers who have been banned during the pandemic for disruptive behaviour, according to a memo to flight attendants on Wednesday, first reported by Reuters.

Southwest’s Next CEO Is Reluctant to Share Lists of Unruly Passengers

(Bloomberg) -- Southwest Airlines Co.’s next chief executive officer said the carrier is wary of sharing no-fly lists with other airlines, as advocated by Delta Air Lines Inc. to protect flight crews from unruly passengers. “These are industry issues, and so I’d like to use the A4A as the body...