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Ukraine leader defiant as drone strikes hit Russia again

KYIV, Ukraine (AP) — Drones struck inside Russia’s border with Ukraine on Tuesday in the second day of attacks exposing the vulnerability of some of Moscow’s most important military sites, experts said. Ukrainian officials did not formally confirm carrying out drone strikes inside Russia, and they have maintained ambiguity over previous high-profile attacks. But Britain’s Defense Ministry said Russia was likely to consider the attacks on Russian bases more than 500 kilometers (300 miles) from the border with Ukraine as “some of the most strategically significant failures of force protection since its invasion of Ukraine.” Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said Russian authorities will “take the necessary measures” to enhance protection of key facilities. Russian bloggers who generally maintain contacts with officials in their country’s military criticized the lack of defensive measures.
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Russian offensive continues in Donbas

CST12:25 (GMT) -0500. He said at his usual press conference that the most favorable lines and positions were occupied in the course of the operation. Konashenkov reported that the Russian Armed Forces attacked a camp of foreign mercenaries in the Ukrainian region of Kharkiv and destroyed 79 artillery units in firing positions, personnel and military equipment in 183 areas.

Ukraine used home-modified drones to strike Russian bases

Ukraine has for months requested long-range missiles and drones from its Western allies, but the U.S. and Europe have so far refused to meet those requests over fears they would be used to strike inside Russia. Without additional resources to build up its long-range capabilities, Ukraine may need to continue to rely on the modified drones — and Moscow is now likely attempting to track those.

Latest drone strike hits oil facility 80 miles from Ukrainian border

KYIV, Ukraine — Drones struck an oil facility near an air base in Russia on Tuesday, a local official said, just one day after Ukraine used drones to hit two military bases deep inside the country, one of the most brazen attacks of the 9-month-old war. Ukraine has not...

Latest National News Russian troops take part in tactical drills in Belarus | Law-Order-the wall street journal

Russia said on Thursday that its troops were conducting tactical exercises in Belarus, amid fears that Moscow was putting more pressure on its ally in the war in Ukraine. Belarus has said it will not go to war in Ukraine, but President Alexander Lukashenko has in the past ordered the deployment of troops alongside Russian forces near the Ukrainian border, citing threats from Kiev and the West.

Lots of money, no concept: Germany's military modernization faces hurdles

Germany is having a hard time increasing its defense procurements despite a special €100 billion ($107.2 billion) fund to bring the country's weapons and equipment back up to standard following decades of attrition since the end of the Cold War, according to experts. It was only three days after...

Drone attacks hit Russia for second straight day

A drone attack Tuesday struck near an air base in Russia, a local official said, a day after Ukraine used drones to hit two military bases deep inside the country in one of its most brazen attacks in the nine-month war. If Ukraine’s forces are confirmed to have been involved in the latest strike, it would add to signs that Kyiv is willing to bring the war closer to Moscow and to President Vladimir Putin.