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Lloyd Omdahl: College student debt spiraling upward

Around 100,000 North Dakota students and former students owe an average of $29,000 in private and federal student loan debt. Translated, that means a total of $3.2 billion, according to Lending Tree compilations. While this may be the second-lowest debt in the 50 states, many borrowers are having a tough...
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“We must move forward with the IMF”: the Government’s explanation of the ban on selling tickets abroad in installments

After the central bank issued a provision that prohibits the possibility of buy tickets to travel abroad with interest-free fees, the Government came out to explain the measure. “It is to strengthen internal trade,” said the presidential spokeswoman on Friday. Gabriela Cerruti. The objective is to avoid the outflow of...
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The euro’s death wish | SGT Report

Last week’s Goldmoney article explained the Fed’s increasing commitment to dollar hyperinflation. This week’s article examines the additional issues facing the euro and the Eurozone. More nakedly than is evidenced by other major central banks, the ECB through its system of satellite national central banks is now almost solely committed...

Nickel prices boosted by low inventories and China outlook

LONDON — Nickel neared seven-year highs and tin reached a record peak before taking a breather later on Thursday, both boosted by low inventories that pointed to tight supply and China’s efforts to support its economy which bolstered the outlook for demand. Story continues below. This advertisement has not loaded...

Evergrande founder divests around 9% stake for $ 344 million amid debt crisis

Evergrande chairman Hui Ka Yan digging into his own pocket to try to save the indebted company. According to documents filed by HKSE, Hui yesterday sold 1.2 billion shares of the company at an average price of HK $ 2.23 each – for a total of around $ 344 million – as he tries to follow the word of local authorities to use part of its wealth to repay bondholders. .

Olaf Scholz: Incoming chancellor could face legal challenges over €50bn investment plan | City & Business | Finance

Heralding the 2020’s as “a decade of future investment” the coalition is seeking to pump more funding into areas such as climate change, infrastructure and digitalisation. However, as the coalition agreement itself acknowledges, the budgetary position is going to prove very demanding. A research briefing from Oxford Economics notes: “The deal is short on details on how to pay for all the greening and digitalisation efforts.” Speaking to, the author of the briefing, Chief German Economist Oliver Rakau explained the money could come from moving unused borrowing from this year’s budget into an off-budget vehicle to be used in 2022.

Traffic light treaty: When the new government misunderstands inflation

Traffic light partner Annalena Baerbock, Robert Habeck, Olaf Scholz, Christian Lindner: Remarkable compromise neuroticism. Have you ever tried to agree on a future program for the coming months with your partner, Aunt Erna, Lisa, colleague Bolle and the Netflix group?. I guess you wouldn't even try. And that already gives...

Fear of Christian Lindner

Athens. What Wolfgang Schபிள்uble had to endure because of Greece’s austerity goals: Cartoonists portrayed him as Dracula, newspapers portrayed him as an SS soldier in photomontages, and protesters erected a symbolic gallows for him in Syntax Square in Athens. Lindner wanted to drive the Greeks out of the eurozone. His...

The economy picks its heroes to get the world out of crisis – La Voce di New York

In Germany’s impenetrable silence, the fabric is being woven for a new government which, like it or not, will have a powerful influence on the German economy, but above all, on the European and world economy. And while there is no teacher Germany, it seems that the students, that is, the other European Union countries, have forgotten the obligations of being together.
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Illinois pension shortfall surpasses $500 billion, average debt burden now $110,000 per household

(Editor's Note: View the full reports at Wirepoints). Illinois just reached an alarming milestone: each Illinois household is now on the hook for, on average, $110,000 in government-worker retirement debts. That figure is the result of dividing Illinois’ $530 billion in state and local retirement shortfalls among the state’s 4.9 million households. In 2019, the burden was $90,000 per household.

German coalition eyes return to debt limits from 2023, open to EU reforms

BERLIN (Reuters) – The three parties set to form Germany’s next government want to increase public investment in green technology and digitalisation while returning to strict debt limits from 2023 onwards, according to a coalition deal seen by Reuters on Wednesday. The centre-left Social Democrats (SPD), the Greens and Free...