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'Debris' Showrunner J.H. Wyman on What 'Fringe' Taught Him About Making Sci-Fi TV

From creator J.H. Wyman (Fringe, Almost Human), the NBC series Debris follows two agents – Bryan Beneventi (Jonathan Tucker), an American who’s seen too much, and Finola Jones (Riann Steele), a Brit who’s still trying to find her footing – who are tasked with tracking down the scattered wreckage from a destroyed alien spacecraft, as it reveals itself across the Western Hemisphere. The pieces don’t exactly follow the laws of physics, and their mere existence is a mystery that the world is definitely not ready for.
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Worth Watching: ‘Debris’ and a ‘Voice’ Milestone on NBC, Remembering RBG & Notorious B.I.G., a Solo ‘Snowpiercer’ Adventure

A selective critical checklist of notable Monday TV:. Debris(10/9c, NBC): It’s understandable to be leery of any show posing cosmic mysteries with no guarantee of getting satisfying answers somewhere down the road — thinkManifest, for one — but this atmospheric thriller comes from Fringe‘s J.H. Wyman, so I’ll give Debris the benefit of the doubt for now. The series gets off to a strong start as we meet Bryan (Jonathan Tucker), a CIA agent, and Fiona (Riann Steele), his British counterpart from MI6, already in action as they chase black marketeers selling weirdly energized pieces from a spacecraft that has scattered wreckage all across the Western Hemisphere. From there, it’s off to Kansas, where bodies exposed to the alien space shrapnel have suddenly begun floating in suspended animation. It’s a creepy puzzle, and the agents can’t always trust each other’s or their governments’ motives. Mulder and Scully would approve.
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Debris: Grade the Premiere of NBC's Sci-Fi Drama From Fringe's J.H. Wyman

Debris began falling on NBC’s Monday-night lineup this week. Will you keep tuning into the new sci-fi drama from Fringe boss J.H. Wyman?. Debris stars Jonathan Tucker (Kingdom) and Riann Steele (The Magicians) as Bryan Beneventi and Finola Jones, agents for the CIA and MI6, respectively, who have been partnered for the mission of tracking down the debris — tiny and quite large — of an alien spacecraft wreck spotted six months prior by Finola’s astrophysicist father.
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TV THIS WEEK: Debris, Flash & Wynonna Earp premiere; WandaVision ends; plus Raya, Resident Alien & more

This week is absolutely loaded, with major TV premieres, film premieres and one heck of a big season finale — and that's barely scratching the surface. For real. On the finale front, the first major MCU series on Disney+ comes to what looks to be an explosive end on WandaVision. The show has become one of the first true water cooler hits of the year... and is only the beginning for the next phase of Marvel TV, with The Falcon and the Winter Soldier premiering just a couple of weeks later.
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‘Fringe’ Showrunner Says His New NBC Series ‘Debris’ Is ‘Definitely Its Own Thing’

After a seven-year absence, former Fringe showrunner J.H. Wyman is finally returning to TV. His new series Debris premieres Monday, March 1 on NBC. Like the late, lamented Fringe, Debris is a sci-fi drama that mixes a case-of-the-week investigation with an overarching mythology. But don’t tune in expecting Fringe, Part 2. Debris — which stars Riann Steele and Jonathan Tucker — stands on its own.
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Why NBC's 'Debris' Might Be Very Well-Suited for Pandemic Times

The pilot episode of Debris, a new sci-fi drama from NBC and Fringe executive producer J.H. Wyman, features a number of surprising moments... but only one genuinely unexpected twist. Kicking off with a combination of elements we've seen before — a male and female law enforcement team tasked with investigating the strange (a basic premise pioneered by The X-Files but one that has continually led to new iterations over the years) — here, we have CIA operative Bryan Beneventi (Jonathan Tucker) and MI6 operative Finola Jones (Riann Steele), technically agents for separate countries/agencies but working together to track the emergence of strange extraterrestrial objects that have fallen to Earth.
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Debris Review (Spoiler-Free)

What if The X-Files or Fringe had a grand unified theory that attributed all of the mysterious phenomena its government operatives investigated to one cause? Such is the question posed by Debris, J. H. Wyman’s latest sci-fi offering premiering on NBC March 1. The series’ title refers to pieces of wreckage from an alien spacecraft that induce unexplained phenomena wherever they land, including the conveyance of powers coveted by dark operatives and hoarded by government agencies. It’s a compelling premise, but it looks like it may take some time to gel based on a preview of the pilot.
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NBC’s ‘Debris’ Puts Eerie Alien Spin on Standard Procedural: TV Review

Halfway through the pilot of “Debris,” I realized I had no idea what might be going on, both because of the show’s deliberately opaque design and its tendency to lapse into the kind of corporate conspiracy jargon that binds too many network procedurals. And yet, by the end of the pilot of “Debris,” I realized that was basically fine by me. While there’s no telling exactly where the new NBC drama will go in ensuing episodes — however convoluted, smart, or else perversely compelling — its launch is at least effectively eerie enough to excuse its otherwise basic instincts.
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Debris NBC

Watch the skies! It’s raining space garbage! You have to give “Debris” (9 p.m., NBC, TV-14) credit for a curious premise.
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Where is Debris Filmed?

NBC’s ‘Debris’ is a science fiction mystery series that introduces viewers to two international agents, Finola and Bryan, who are investigating the strange fragments of alien matter that are wreaking havoc on the planet. They must uncover the mysteries that surround the properties and purpose of these fragments before nefarious forces use them for their evil purposes. Since the show is about the impact of mysterious alien matter on the human world, the filming is done mainly in cities to capture the reaction of the typical modern society. Some of the scenes in ‘Debris’ are so well filmed that one might end up wondering where the show is shot. We had the same curiosity so we tried to look for the filming locations. Here’s everything we know!