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Women Drugged and Robbed Miami Beach Tourist, Went on Spending Spree: Cops

Two women are facing charges after police said they drugged and robbed a Miami Beach tourist, racking up thousands of dollars on his credit and debit cards during a spending spree. Elizabeth Labbe, 19, and Kimberly Ann Lebron-Martinez, 20, are facing numerous charges including robbery, grand theft, fraudulent use of...
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A Sedalia man facing felonies after being arrested on August 24 has a court proceeding scheduled to be held this week. According to a press release, the Sedalia Police Department took a theft report in the 1100 block of South State Fair Boulevard. The victim reported that someone stole several items from his unlocked vehicle, including multiple credit and debit cards and cash.
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Six arrested in Echols drug raid

STATENVILLE — Six people face drug charges after a recent house search in Echols County. On Sept. 18, Echols County Sheriff Randy Courson and deputies, with help from the Georgia Department of Natural Resources, carried out a search warrant on Mayday Road, a sheriff’s office statement said. The search followed...
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The WANF technique to help you save money

Saving money happens with the culmination of two reasons: a sense of purpose, which answers the question of ‘Why save money?’ and motivation, which answers ‘How do I keep saving money?’. I imagine these two factors as the foundation on which money-saving habits are built. When either one of these is missing, the habit falls apart.

InsurCard Launches Revolutionary Technology for Medicare Set-Aside Program

LANSDALE, PA — InsurCard® has launched a breakthrough insurance technology for MSA recipients. InsurCard’s Medicare Set-aside (MSA) Program helps MSA recipients manage their own insurance settlements — using technology available through the payment card networks. “Our program is a debit card-based product designed for individuals who have received an insurance...

Here’s what to do when your credit card won’t work on PSN

Best answer: There are multiple steps to solve your credit card issues, but the first thing to try is removing the information and re-inputting it. This tends to solve most issues. If nothing works, though, you can always grab a gift card instead. Where do I start?. Billing Information. Troubleshoot.

U.K Citizens to Get Free Crypto Tax Services From, formerly known as Monaco, is a cryptocurrency website based in Hong Kong. was founded in 2016 and has over 3 million users now worldwide. With the launch of a crypto exchange in 2019, started offering many services like mobile wallets, MCO visa cards, crypto investment services, crypto tokens, debit cards, and various other blockchain-powered services.

Curve Card Review: How Good is it for Travel?

Looking for a better way to manage your finances abroad? Here’s my Curve Card review to introduce you to one of the latest bank account disruptors out there. I’ve recently signed up to the Curve card to see how good it is for travelling. I’m sold on the description and USPs but I’m going to take it to Canada next week and put it through its paces abroad. First though, I wanted to take you through the reasons why I think it’s so great.

What is carding, and how to stay safe from it?

Carding, often known as card hacking, is the theft of credit or debit cards, banking information, and other private details. And they are then using that data to generate online purchases of products, gift vouchers, and other items. Carding, in another way, is a type of credit card theft where a stolen credit card is often used to make purchases. Credit cards are taken via data theft, social manipulation, and physical theft. Carding is a technique of buying gift cards or goods digitally using a stolen card. Because of crediting, many people feel unsafe whenever entering their payment details to purchase anything. There are many sites like eracvv that are safe from crediting and that are fully secure to use.

Thermal Printer Kiosk News – How To Avoid Chargebacks and Dispute

From StarMicronics Blog on Thermal Printer Receipts. As a business owner in the modern competitive economic landscape, the bottom line means everything. In today’s blog post, explore what chargebacks are, their prevalence, and how you can use printed receipts to avoid and dispute them – saving you money and increasing your bottom line.

PagoFX shuts down amidst strong competition

PagoFX, the payment transfer company that was promoted by Banco Santander, would be shut down on November 30 and no new users would be onboarded in the meantime. The company was being placed as a competitor to the payments transfer company Wise, but while Wise has gone from strength to strength and has also gone public to increase its presence and propel its growth, PagoFX has not had much traction since its launch 15 months ago. It had launched in the UK last December and had extended its services to Spain in the last few months but it seems that the business did not pick up despite all this expansion. The official account is that it is being shut down based on a “strategic review”.

Coinbase to Roll Out Direct Paycheck Payments Service

US-based leading crypto trading platform, Coinbase, will be releasing a functionality that will allow direct payments of customers’ salaries to their accounts on the platform. According to reports, the new functionality will be integrated next week. However, it will only serve US businesses and their employees, the crypto trading platform announced.

Electric car charging stations installed in downtown Omaha

OMAHA, Neb. (KPTM) — Park Omaha has unveiled new electric car charging stations in different parking locations in downtown Omaha, according to the company's website. The cost for charging is $1 for any time up to four hours, and $2 for each additional hour over four hours, said the website.

Coinbase Launches 'Get Paid in Crypto' Direct Deposit

Coinbase is launching a direct deposit feature. Image: Coinbase. The new feature offers a practical way to receive wages in crypto for millions of US workers. 'Get paid in crypto' is tied to Coinbase's debit card. The feature will go live in the next few weeks. Want to receive your...

The first line of fraud defense

Today, you would be hard-pressed to find an average consumer who doesn’t conduct banking through digital channels. Mobile banking is quickly becoming the preferred method due to ease and convenience. With the ease of mobile banking and the integration of payment channels such as Zelle, Same Day ACH, and even...