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Is Hideo Kojima Teasing the Death Stranding Sequel?

A few months back, Norman Reedus had teased that he could be working on a sequel to Death Stranding. We haven’t gotten any updates in months, but a recent post from game director Hideo Kojima has fans wondering if this is our first teaser for the DS sequel. Kojima posted...
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Death Stranding Director’s Cut Is One of the Best Video Games of 2021

When I first played Metal Gear Solid back in 1998, I realized right away that it was different. This was an ambitious game that really understood what it was trying to accomplish, and it didn’t care if it had to reinvent the wheel in order to get its systems to work. It proved that, even with limited resources, creator Hideo Kojima was an outside-the-box thinker, willing to experiment with things that hadn’t been done in a video game before then.
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Death Stranding 2 would be in negotiations according to Norman Reedus

The suite de Death Stranding by Kojima Productions would be expected. The info comes from actor playing Sam Bridges, hero of the first opus. Norman Reedus indeed discussed with Vitória Pratini de chez AdoroCinema following a panel discussion on The Walking Dead. On this occasion, he mentioned the license:. I...
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Fall sale on Steam: the most prominent discounts on AAA video games

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Death Stranding 2 Potentially Teased by Hideo Kojima

It looks like Death Stranding 2 has potentially been teased by iconic game director Hideo Kojima. Over the course of the past year, many fans have been been trying to figure out what Kojima and his development team at Kojima Productions might be working on next following the release of Death Stranding in 2019. And while Kojima has yet to say officially what he's doing next, a recent tweet from the longtime creator might indicate that a sequel is on the way.

Hideo Kojima suggests his new video game after Death Stranding: A photo with Norman Reedus?

If Death Stranding has a sequel or not, time will tell. Meanwhile, it’s time to take the pieces of the puzzle and try to fit them together correctly. Those pieces of the puzzle are provided by Hideo Kojima himself. on his social networks, where he not only shares his thoughts and ideas, but also images of his day-to-day life. The Japanese creative has just shared a tweet that hints at the possibility that it is a new video game with Norman Reedus.

Black Friday 2021 on Steam: the best deals and discounts on PC games

Black Friday does not escape for Valve either. Steam celebrates its usual fall sales until next time December 1 at 19:00 (CET). During the promotion you will find a multitude of discounts in a large part of its catalog. We tell you some of the most outstanding ones. Steam kicks...

Death Stranding 2, Norman Reedus Rumors Sparked By Kojima Photo Tease

Rumors that Death Stranding 2 may be in development have once again surfaced after fans suspect an on-set photo from Kojima shows Norman Reedus. Fans suspect that a Death Stranding sequel may be in development after director Hideo Kojima teased a photo confirming work on his next project has begun. While the creator hasn’t disclosed just what his next move may be, eagle-eyed gamers spotted who they believe to be Death Stranding star Norman Reedus within the on-set image, fuelling speculation that Kojima is working on Death Stranding 2. This isn’t the first time that a sequel has been hinted at, leading many to believe the game is currently in development.

'Death Stranding' Creator Hideo Kojima Teases Mysterious New Project

Game designer legend Hideo Kojima used his Twitter account to tease a mysterious new project he’s been working on just a couple of days after his company Kojima Production announced it’s expanding towards film, TV, and music. The cryptic tweet tells fans that Kojima has been revising a script and a development plan, although the director doesn’t precise if his new project is a game or something else.

Death Stranding: Director’s Cut details its new features

Kojima Productions has prepared a trailer just for the Gamescom 2021 opening ceremony just to show what the Director’s Cut de Death Stranding. The least we can say is that there is something to renew the experience. Of course, it will be a optimized version for PS5, but in addition...

A Death Stranding movie takes another step toward reality with Kojima Productions' new LA office

Death Stranding developer Kojima Productions is expanding its reach to TV and film with a new location in Los Angeles. The new division's purpose, according to the announcement from Kojima Productions, is to "explore opportunities beyond game development" in areas including movies, TV shows, music, and beyond - though it will work with game developers as well. That may include potential adaptations of existing Kojima Productions properties, as teased in this initial statement from Riley Russell, the boss of the new team.

Kojima Productions establishes new TV, film, and music division

Kojima Productions has finally taken a double-footed leap into the world of TV, film, and music production, with the announcement of a brand new division entirely focused on the eccentric studio’s future multimedia output. As reported by, the new arm of the Death Stranding developer will conceive, develop, and...